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  1. Hi, I have just downloaded 1.7 to my iMac and can't move any further. When I right clicked the downloaded file it took me to the App Store and I had to buy RAR extractor. This isn't telling me how to download the update. It says open archive file, when I do it still dose. not open the file. Have never had this problem with previous updates. Please help Mikep
  2. Hi, I cant find any information on preparing a photo for printing. Can you help? Regards Mike
  3. Sorry I did mean Nik collection
  4. Sorry no one has answered my question. Will Affinity photo make Nix and other plugins work in Affinity? Not asking to much am I? Mikep
  5. Hi, I would like to know if Affinity photo is going to make the Nix collection work properly in the program. I have just read that Dxo have purchased the collection from Google and intend to relaunch it sometime in 2018. I use the Nix collection and find it very good, but in some of the add ons we suffer from colour cast so you have to keep coming out to see how our adjustments have worked. I will defiantly want to get the updated version when it gets realised, even if it has to be paid for. I do hope Affinity. has plans to make it work properly, as not to would be a very short sighted move. Nix has many adjustments that Affinity hasn't and is a very useful add on to have. Mikep
  6. Hi Simon, I was the person who started the discussion on a full landscape workflow. I want to buy the video, but the one thing that is stopping me is why do we have to pay in $? As you know currency goes up and down all the time and we get penalised by which ever card we use to convert to another currency. Can we not pay in good old £? The other point I want to make is, you need to find a better way of announcing the realise of new videos. I found this purely by chance as I was scrolling through various posts. This is in your best interests to let members know when you add new videos. Regards Mikep
  7. Hi, Thought I would share the email I just got from Anthony Morganti. I sent him a message to see if he was interested in making videos on using Affinity photo, this is his reply. "Hi Mike, Yes, Affinity Photo is in my plans for early next year. I've had several requests for videos. The little bit I've played with it, it appears to be quite powerful and I agree, the price is a bargain! Thank you for watching my videos. I truly appreciate it!" It seems other people have requested videos as well, this is really great news as Anthony is a really good teacher, I have followed his videos on Photoshop and Lightroom for years. I really think this is great news for all us "beginners" that have been struggling to learn Affinity Photo. I hope all beginners like my self will watch his videos and be able to move forward. Great news! Mikep
  8. I really wish someone would do an in depth black and white conversion from a raw file. I think I have seen all the black and white videos and non of them give a complete workflow and show what Affinity photo has to offer in this area. I really think black and white is being neglected, please help. Regards Mikep
  9. I hear what you say Patrick, but the book has a heading "Opening and Saving images", and there is nothing about saving. As this is a very important step I think it is a very bad omission from the book. As a complete beginner this step should be in the workbook. The book its self is excellent, but missing this important area is a mistake. Mikep
  10. Thanks MEB, I think I have got it now. Will print your reply out and put it in the workbook. Thanks again Mikep
  11. Thanks for your reply, I guess I must be thick! I am sorry I am struggling with this. What I want to do is take a raw file make adjustments, develop it and then make various other adjustments in the photo persona. I want to save the image complete with all its adjustments intact. If I then want to go back and alter any adjustments I want to be able to open the file make an alteration and then save again. Sorry but I am finding this area very complicated. Mikep
  12. Hi MEB, This is one link I cant find the other Beginners - Opening & Saving (Affinity Photo). I just want a clear understanding of how a save an image after I have made adjustments. I am a beginner as I am sure you know. We have made contact before and I appreciate your help. I was waiting for the workbook (which is great), but having a chapter heading "Opening and Saving images" and nothing about saving is very disappointing to say the least. As I said in my post in the index at the back of the book there is no link to saving images, I think this is a big mistake, or maybe it is hidden in another part of the book I have not read so far. Thanks again for replying Mikep