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  1. Hi MEB, Have you any news on this problem? Would really like to get it sorted. Thanks Mikep
  2. Thanks MEP any help would be most welcome. Thanks Mikep
  3. Hi MEB, This situation with Affinity and plugins on my machine gets more bizarre by the moment. I have just downloaded Luminar 4. Along has come Luminar 3 and Luminar 2018. Thats fine they are all there in Affinity. When I chose Luminar 4 a box pops up saying "plugin started" (see screen shot) the problem is nothing happens! Then I cant close Affinity or my computer, I have to press and hold the start button on my Mac to close the computer and start again. This is the exact same situation if I choose any Nik plus in. This is what I explained to Chris B. I have uninstalled all programs, Affinity, Nik and Luminar and then reinstalled but I still get the same result, I cant get Affinity to open an image in any plugin. I would be very grateful if you could offer ant advice on how to solve this problem. Regards Mikep
  4. I replied to your email but just in case you didn't get it, Its v1.2.18 Regards Mikep
  5. Hi Chris, Thanks again or replying. My question is, where doses this leave me? There must be a problem somewhere. I don't think it's with my computer, so I am totally lost. As I said yesterday, my workaround solves the problem, I can use any of the DXO Nik plugins so I think there must be a problem may be with Mac OS Catalina 10.15.5 and Affinity photo? What is Apple Core? Thanks again Mike
  6. Hi Again Chris, just took that photo into Affinity, developed it and took it into SEP2 and this was the result....weird ! Mike
  7. Thanks Chris, this is a typical raw file shot with my Canon 70D. it won't open in Silver effects pro 2 after being developed in Affinity photo. As I said in my work round Nik works, so am not sure why it won't open from Affinity as its the same file but from another location? thanks Mike IMG_0668.CR2
  8. Hi Chris, I seem to have a problem with Apple, Affinity photo and DXO Nik. First I use an iMac desktop that is totally unto date with software versions. Also two weeks ago I had my iMac updated with an ssd drive. I did exactly what you said, uninstalled and reinstalled Nik and it worked (this problem I am about to explain has been on going since I down loaded DXO, I uninstalled Affinity photo and reinstalled about a month ago so everything is "brand new"). After doing EXACTLY as the link you sent me said to do. I opened Affinity and imported a raw file. I developed it, went to filters plug ins Nik and clicked on Silver effects pro. Silver Efex Pro 2 opened, the bar opened and whipped across, then the bar hung, never moved. this is the exact same problem that I have experienced all the time with Nik. The next problem is a real pain, I close the Nik window but I cant close Affinity, that coloured wheel just spins. I press the start button on the Mac asks close or reboot, click close and nothing happens. I have to hold the start button in to get the Mac to close. So in conclusion, all my software Apple, Affinity are unto date. DXO Nik has Been uninstalled and reinstalled but doses not work from Affinity. I have a work round that involves exporting an image into a folder on my desktop then right click and open in which ever DXO nix plug in I want and it works! Any help you could offer would be very much appreciated as this problem is driving me mad! Thanks for replying by the way much appreciated. Mikep
  9. Hi, I have the above Nik plug in I bought in Jan. 2019. It worked in the passed but not now. When I go to filters, plug ins the Nik software is there. I choose say silver Efex pro 2 and it opens, the first bar zips across the screen then the second bar just hangs per screen shot below. I then close the Nik screen, but when I try to close Affinity it won't. I have to resort to holding the start button on my iMac desktop to close the computer and start again! I know Nik is working because I can export an image to a folder on my desktop and then open in what ever Nik application I choose. Have uninstalled and reinstalled Affinity but still no luck. I sent a request to DXO but I dont think it went for some reason, not the easiest company to deal with I am sorry to say . Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Mike
  10. Hi, I have just downloaded 1.7 to my iMac and can't move any further. When I right clicked the downloaded file it took me to the App Store and I had to buy RAR extractor. This isn't telling me how to download the update. It says open archive file, when I do it still dose. not open the file. Have never had this problem with previous updates. Please help Mikep
  11. Hi, I cant find any information on preparing a photo for printing. Can you help? Regards Mike
  12. Sorry no one has answered my question. Will Affinity photo make Nix and other plugins work in Affinity? Not asking to much am I? Mikep
  13. Hi, I would like to know if Affinity photo is going to make the Nix collection work properly in the program. I have just read that Dxo have purchased the collection from Google and intend to relaunch it sometime in 2018. I use the Nix collection and find it very good, but in some of the add ons we suffer from colour cast so you have to keep coming out to see how our adjustments have worked. I will defiantly want to get the updated version when it gets realised, even if it has to be paid for. I do hope Affinity. has plans to make it work properly, as not to would be a very short sighted move. Nix has many adjustments that Affinity hasn't and is a very useful add on to have. Mikep
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