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  1. One shouldn't get desperate for that reason. There are are quite a few instances when things work with Windows and not Mac, and vice versa. I have no experience with Mac though. Did you tell MEB that you were on Mac? Now, which tool in Nik do you use mainly ? If B-W is your essential concern, there is a free tool in Topaz studio which gives pretty good results, and some official tutorials can be found in AP. After all, you might give a try to the previous edition of AP in order to see if nik works any better ! You might also check if your version of Nik works with a windows setting on a friend's computer. If I get any worthwhile tip, I'll let you know. Cheers.
  2. I am no wizard but here are my suggestions: uninstall Nik again and hunt for any remnants of previous installation(s) which might interfere with the latest: it happens! Install from the original Google site (no mention of DXO), following the excellent official YouTube AP Tuto "Installing Nik Collection" (3 min 31, 21 Feb 2017) which worked perfectly with me for the reinstallation(Windows 10 pro, 64 bits). Do not have any link with DXO (registration, forum or questions...). I have the latest Windows version of AP and it works perfectly. I don't think you should keep an old version for this sole reason and I trust Serif will find a solution if there is a link between AP and Nik. MEB is probably the best link with Serif in the mean time. Ideally, Nik coll should remain available and updated (not at an "Adobe price !!!) in the future... Keep me informed. Best regards.
  3. Hi Harry82 and MEB, this hypothesis is valuable, like others I guess. My experience: when you have such a problem (which has happened more than often in my case), take your time to uninstall everything that has something to do with its source. As far as I can remember, when AP crashed after my attempt to reinstall Nik collection, everything was going fine until I received a message about some password (?) in which the letters "DXO" appeared briefly before AP crashed. This went fast, I know I am no wizzard and english is not my native language, but I didn't get the message...I couldn't help though to make a link between this new event and the fact DXO is involved in that deal between Google and Nik collection...Or is it pure paranoia ? Or pure coincidence ? Looking forward to learn the outcome...hopefully ! Best regards, Guy.
  4. I have been using Nik Coll since it became free and appreciate it . The sad news is that Google sold it to DXO which intends to make an update next year: I'd be surprised if it would still be for free. I have been told that DXO intends to include Nik Coll. in photoshop and LR as a "free" plugin. No doubt that DXO will attempt to "push" its new baby to users of other brands of software. I personally have no intent to drop AP for this sole reason, of course.. Has AP any plans ? I had to reinstall Nik Collection last week -due to a stupid error of mine I think- and got a message saying that AP had to stop. I finally managed to reinstall N coll after several attempts, including a total "cleaning". Anything to do with Harry82's problem ? Regards.
  5. Hi Hubert, Thanks for your fast answer: my problem is solved and I'll have a peaceful night thanks to you and Gnobelix (Germany). As a bonus, I had a glimpse at some nice pictures of the "plat pays" which is quite familiar to me: I was born in Li├Ęge, worked there until 2001 and then retired in Cabestany (near Perpignan). I kept a sailing boat in Nieuwpoort until 1996 and I am quite familiar with the coast and the N.sea. Hence my pleasure at seeing your images...Best regards, Guy.
  6. Hello! I apologize for my "basic" english :french is my native language. I had to reinitialize W10 pro last week and lost part of what was added to my Affinity Photo 1.6.1. 93. When I made an attempt to re-load my macros, I received a note saying that I had already downloaded those free macros in november (which is the case) . Is there a way to get those macros back and if so, how should I proceed? Best regards, gpzt.
  7. Hello, With the "old version" of Affinity Forums, typing my name brought automatically my password on the following line. This doesn't work with the updated version and I regret it. Still possible, and what is the procedure ? Regards, gpzt
  8. Hello, I usually shoot using RAW ( .RAF with my 24.3 Mpx Fujifilm X). I turned to AP early this year and enjoy it thoroughly. Develop Persona looks OK with me but I have some friends who keep telling me that Derawtizing with AF is totally outdated and that there are much better methods. Before turning to AP I used RawTherapee that I appreciated but for facility reasons I would like to use AP and all its personas. I must confess I am unable to see any difference between develop persona and RawTherapee, hence my search for some advice ! Besides, Capture 1 and the likes are too expensive for old retirees like me... Please forgive my english: french is my native tongue ! Regards, gpzt.
  9. Thank you Dave for this fast and unequivocal answer. That' s what I figured but I needed some reassurance. I purchased AP in January and believe me, the learning curve is quite steep with all those (excellent) tutorials in english for a newbie whose native tongue is french ! Best regards, gpzt.
  10. Hello ! I have been told that "develop persona" cannot be considered a fully non destructive Raw treatment. If so, would it be wiser to start "develop persona" with a copy of the raw file ? Best regards, Gpzt.
  11. Hello! I am currently using FastStone Viewer as my cataloguing tool for AP. I was wondering if you have plans to include any such specific tool of your own in the future. If not, do you have any suggestion ? One more question: I appreciate having " Nik Collection" in AP but I am worried about its future, now that this free version is owned by Google which does not show any plan to provide any maintenance and/or updates. Looking forward for your answer. Cheers, Guy Poizat, Cabestany, France.