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  1. Thanks Gabe I thought perhaps I could add a driver as a plug in? I can scan an image ok on my printer and open It in Affinity. I was just trying to make the job shorter as in Photoshop which I have just given up using.
  2. I'm new to Affinity so I may be missing something. I thought I could just use Aquire Image and scan a document into Affinity Photo, (a bit like photoshop) but what I am getting on screen seems like a triple image overlapped in black and white instead of colour. Can anyone help please? See below scanned image compared with actual.
  3. Got it all installed and working satisfactory. Using it only for purchases at moment. Have now moved off Lightroom and Photoshop. Whoopee no monthly payments. My wife and I are happy "retirees" also and like you I don't use iCloud. Thanks again for your help. It is much appreciated.
  4. Thanks Callum I'm researching this now as it sounds like it's just what we need. I haven't used Family sharing before and am going though the motions to ensure there are no pitfalls in us using it. I'm not a geek but open to trying most new things. Your advise is much appreciated and I will let you know how I make out. Best regards Kogios5
  5. I am thinking of buying Affinity Photo. My wife and I both use Photoshop at the moment. Can my wife also install and use my copy of Affinity Photo on her Mac, using the same licence? Were are both retired and there is no commercial use involved.
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