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  1. Thanks for that! I've been poking it a little bit more and I think I might now see what you're seeing - the only thing is that I've had to scale the artboards in the linked document. Does that sound like something you would have done at some point? Especially if you've copied an existing artboard and then scaled it to be the size you want? I've attached a video showing the behaviour I'm getting now, along with the files I've used. Something elses I've noticed (at least on Windows, Mac didn't do it when I opened the file)was that if I update the linked file (for example adjusting the artboard size), and don't save the file that contains the links then when I reopen it I'll get a broken link that needs updating. I'll also get this reported and double check Mac. When I then update the objects are too big, and then fall out of their bounding boxes causing redraw errors. I can confirm that updating that document using 1.9.0 is fine - but 1.9.1 and 1.9.2 is not. I will note that I think the Symbol scaling is a red herring as that seemed fine, but the artboard scaling is whats causing problems. ScaledArtboards.mp4 Scaling.zip
  2. Hi herrkjeldsen, Sorry for the delay in responding - Unfortunately I've not been able to reproduce this even with your AppData. Frustratingly there aren't any crash logs being reproduced either. Is this still crashing for you using 1.9.1? If you rename the '1.0' folder to '1.0 old' in AppData does it still crash for you?
  3. That's great to hear! There is definitely something strange with the document as I said in the other thread, so I've passed on this information to development as well! Thanks again for your help.
  4. Hi postmadesign. Sorry for the delay! That's not a problem, would you mind trying your document in the 1.9.2 beta please? There was a few issues that were affecting symbols and assets transforming incorrectly when placed inside scaled containers such as artboards and groups that have been fixed, so it certainly sounds like this is what you're seeing. Thanks,
  5. That's not a problem - I've split this thread and put it into Publisher. Thank you for the files I was able to reproduce the scaling breaking after updating the bleed in the AFdesign document and have passed this on to development to investigate.
  6. Hi frizzle_Bacon, We're still looking into this but its tricky without your user data. You said the application crash and you restarted and all your assets were gone - do you remember exactly what you were doing when it crashed? Was you adding some objects as an asset or was you exporting your assets to a new file? Do you now have your Assets Panel repopulated? If so can you go to %AppData%\Affinity\Designer\ and zip up the 1.0 folder and attach it to our internal Dropbox using the link below: https://www.dropbox.com/request/sBgyWLdY8APdr3gTUExF It is important we get this after you've re-added the content. It feels like there is something very specific in your assets that is causing them to export incorrectly and create files that cannot be important. And also possibly causing crashes when attempting to add content corrupting the Assets Panel. Again if you have a specific document that is causing a crash when using 'Add from Selection' to add it to your assets that would be very helpful to get.
  7. Hi Tony Hall, Would you be able to attach a copy of the document shown in your video please?
  8. Hi HANDJOJO, This is not a bug. There are two types of Boolean objects: Regular and Compound. With a regular one the geometry is committed so you and becomes one object and baked in so cannot be edited. The second is compound where the original objects are retained and can be edited. Due to the limited space of the UI on the iPad we couldn't reveal everything on menus, so if you want to create a Compound Boolean you need to long press the 'Add' operation in the Edit menu. At which point you will see 'Compound created' and you can then still edit the existing objects. Please see the help topic on the iPad called 'Creating Compounds'.
  9. Thanks for the files - I can reproduce the import fail with the provided afassets, but unfortunately the user data doesn't contain any assets that have been re-added. Are you able to re-add your assets and reproduce exporting a category that no longer re-imports? Also are you signed into My Account at all and if so what assets had you sync'd? Ideally it would help if you had a bunch of working assets you could supply, that were then failing when re-exporting - if you can get a screen recording that would also be great!
  10. Thanks for that - I'll get it passed over to development to look into. Regarding your machine are you using NVIDIA G-sync at 144hz at all?
  11. Thanks for the file - it looks like the sheer amount of nodes on the 'Save Water Drink Beer' and 'I Just Want To Die' contoured objects are causing the exporter to take a long time in calculating the nodes required. Deleting these layers allows me to export - see attached file resaved without them. I've also highlighted the huge amount of nodes. I'll pass it on to development to investigate, but I would definitely look into trying to clean up the geometry for those objects. As it looks like they're just the sticker backgrounds you could probably remove most of that interior geometry. as its only the outer shapes that you really need. to de stickers_tabloide_Resaved.afdesign
  12. Hi Takudzwa Nyoni, Apologies for this, Are you signed into and using assets installed using 'My Account'? Would it be possible for you to zip up and attach the contents from %appdata%\Affinity\Designer\1.0\ to the link below the please? It will contain your user data (including current assets) so might be quite large, however will give us access to the contents of your assets panel, so if you could have it in a state that contains this and not empty that would be great! Once we've got the app data what category are you exporting from that is causing the file to fail to reimport? I've had another user mention this, but unfortunately the contents I've exported did work, yet their export didn't. If you could also attach a afassets file that is failing that would be great as I can pass that over to development. Lastly with regards to it disappearing, is there anything you've noticed happening prior to this? If you're able to reproduce it would you mind attaching a video recording showing the issue please? I've seen a couple of users mention similar issues with assets to want to try and investigate these, so all files, receipes to reproduce or information is greatly appreciated. Here is a Dropbox link to our internal account that should allow you to upload the data: https://www.dropbox.com/request/ThUUNQVDQseEmMAlmPnF Thanks,
  13. Thanks for that! I can reproduce that here. There is definitely something strange going on with your file - I cannot even open it on Windows as its reporting it contains features from a later version! I'll get this passed over to development and see what can be done.
  14. Hi Bernd Maier-Leppla, In addition to the reset, you can actually disable the rotation behaviour via the Cmd key using Preferences > Tools > 'Enable Canvas Rotation with Cmd+Scroll Wheel'
  15. Hi evtonic3, Thanks for the update, glad you're sorted.
  16. Thanks for raising this issue - we have closed it as "by design".
  17. Hi HandJoJo, This is not a bug - it is designed to show you the rough size range based on the variance settings you've got set in Dynamics.
  18. Did you start your document from opening a PSD? It looks like the Metadata (all 600,000 lines of it ) has come from that PSD, and is widely reported issue with Photoshop from what I could see. As that data is contained inside the XMP I don't believe there is a way to strip it (certainly not from within Designer) unfortunately. You will have to export out without ticking 'Embed Metadata'.
  19. Hi drivehappy, I've created a link below to our internal Dropbox that you can attach the file to: https://www.dropbox.com/request/xROQMFJxzwJCypEfouM8
  20. That's a great shout DM1! Alice75000, try clearing History from your document as then try Save as Copy as shown above and see if you can attach that file.
  21. Hi Ghost-Order, This isn't screen tearing you're seeing, its just the renderer renders to the screen in Tiles, so you're just seeing those tiles getting updated.
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