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  1. Sorry both for the delay in responding. I was under the impression that sculpt allowed you to close a curve, however I was wrong. So there is nothing wrong with your beta. However I will pass it on to development as an improvement.
  2. Sean P


    It sounds as though you haven't held down the Alt key to create the Compound object, as mentioned in Step 1 on pg. 91. Clicking 'Add' will create a regular curves object that cannot be released at a later date. Clicking 'Add' with the Alt key held down will create a Compound object that you can later use 'Release Compound' with. I've just tried this in and it is working as expected.
  3. Hi Pattou, I've just tried this myself and found that it doesn't crash even when running in French. I wonder if there is something set in your preferences. Would you be able to upload a copy of the following location please to this thread? %AppData%/Affinity/Designer/1.0 (Beta)/ Thanks!
  4. Hi TestTools, As this has already been mentioned, it is a known issue that is with development to be fixed.
  5. Hi TextusGames, This is a known issue that is with development to be fixed.
  6. Hi SteveP110, Looking at your screenshot it appears you have no size variance set - so the pressure will not change according to the graph. If you up this then you should see the Pressure Curve begin to take effect.
  7. Hi Mathz, Unfortunately the issue is currently open with development. I'll get it bumped with them.
  8. Sean P

    Custom Pressure Curve Issues

    Hi Sullyman, Could you attach a file please? Also if you could include the full screen in the video that would also help - currently I can't see what the pressure curve is that you are using.
  9. Sean P

    Boolean Operation Gaps

    Hi Sullyman, Do you have an example file you can attach with a few quick steps on the operations needed to reproduce this please? We'll only need a small portion of the document so feel free to delete other areas if you don't wish to share the whole file! Thanks
  10. Hi hubob, Could you attach a copy of some of the offending PDF files please?
  11. Hi hubob, Even removing the artboard still causes the issue in Word. However removing either the Embedded Document or the Transparency in the document will cause the export to place without the rasterisation in Word. I replicated the document layout in and that is giving the same results as As the PDF is going out as vector (verified in Acrobat) I would contact Microsoft about this issue.
  12. Hi grargemeister, I've just been trying this myself and I can't reproduce it. I've found that the on-screen keyboard never appears automatically when I click in a input box, and despite changing the Windows settings (such as show on-screen keyboard without keyboard attached) I still couldn't get it to display. Even clicking the taskbar button to display it still wasn't producing any form of freezing like you have mentioned. Is this still an issue for you in the most recent beta? If so could you do a screen recording showing this issue please? Thanks,
  13. Hi Dave, I've tried this myself and have been unable to reproduce the issue. Would you be able to attach a copy of your file you were modifying (either the 1.6 or the 1.7 format) and a video that demonstrates the crash? Even if you have to record for a little while before you get the crash!. Also could you check the following folder and attach any of the crash dumps from around the time it would have crashed? %AppData%/Affinity/Designer/1.0 (Beta)/CrashReports/reports Thanks!
  14. Sean P

    Removing guides

    Hi MagratG, This isn't a bug - guides are removed when they are dragged off the page and not the ruler.
  15. Hi Rondem, I'm unable to reproduce this - do you have a document you could attach that demonstrates this please?
  16. Hi MagratG, Thanks for letting us know - this is a bug that I'll get passed on to development!
  17. Hi DegasBrush, This is a known issue with Designer that should be resolved in the next build.
  18. Hi Stokestack, >|< is spot on with his answer. This isn't a bug, but is a way the rounded rectangle is designed to work with the 'Absolute' option.
  19. Hi hubob, Do you have some example files you can attach please? What do you mena the PDF outputs as vector graphics, but they get rasterised by Word Is that Microsoft Word?
  20. The issue has been fixed by development in the current Mac beta (I just checked your file and it exports as vectors) - this will be available in the next Windows build.
  21. Sean P

    Serious PDF bug AAAAGGHHH

    Not a problem! Glad you're sorted!
  22. Hi Iaing, Is this still an issue for you in the latest build? I've just tried it myself but cannot reproduce it.
  23. Hi Dominik, Thanks for letting us know! This should be fixed in the next beta!
  24. Sean P

    bugs and suggestion

    Hi Paul, Welcome to the Affinity forums! Unfortunately I've been unable to replicate the two issues you've mentioned. Do they still occur in the newest build? If possible would you be able to do a couple of videos that demonstrate you reproducing the issues please? It allows us to see what exact steps you are doing so we can try and reproduce! Thanks
  25. Sean P

    Few issues with Designer .106

    Hi Seneca, Thank you for the files - I've reproduced the artefact and will pass it on to development. With regards to the double clicking, this is something I noticed a while back and is already with development!