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  1. Hi Franzk I've just tried this myself and have been unable to reproduce it. Does it happen in a new document for you? What Colour Format and Profile is your document using? Thanks,
  2. Hi MousePods, Touch For Gestures Only stops you using your fingers for interacting with certain objects. This is to aid in palm rejection to avoid accidental deselections from your hand etc when using an Apple Pencil. This is by design.
  3. Sean P

    PDF export NOT FIXED

    I can confirm this is a known issue that is with development to be fixed! Thanks
  4. Sean P

    PDF export NOT FIXED

    Hi Auxi, Are you referring to your previous post below? I asked you a couple of questions but you did not respond. However I presume the issue is that all artboards are appearing on one page (please ensure you are as descriptive about the problems you are encountering so we can provide better help) then that is a known issue that is with development.
  5. Hi Aikinai, I've just tried this myself and cannot reproduce it. Could you attach a document that exhibits this problem (prior to the expand so we can test it) or record a video showing you creating and expanding the stroke causing it to grow.
  6. Sean P

    Document export naming

    Hi SageBlue, Would you be able to record a video showing you reproducing this issue please? I've just tried it myself and after renaming a document on the Welcome screen and then doing Save as Copy (or even Save) will keep the name you've given it.
  7. Hi Ferenc, This looks like an unfortunate situation caused by by the zoom level making the Rotation handle appear in front of the value. I'll see if development can get it to draw on top. In the meantime adjusting the zoom level slightly should allow you to see the value.
  8. Hi Chocolatier, Thanks for letting us know - strangely I can reproduce this when using the Adobe PDF printer, but not a physical printer. I'll get this passed on to development. In the meantime can you tick the 'Rasterise Entire Page' option in the Rasterise section of the printer dialog, this should allow you to print your page without the artefacts you are currently getting.
  9. Hi Eddo1971, Unfortunately I'm unable to start Versaworks as I don't have a compatible device. However I would ensure you have a Solid Line Style set with no pressure rather than a Textured or Dashed Line. It sounds like one of those is causing it to get sent to your device expanded like you are seeing.
  10. Do you notice that your wacom starts to draw straight lines? There is a known issue that if you change focus away from Designer and return it can cause the Wacom to only draw straight lines and panning stops working. It sounds as though it might be this you're encountering.
  11. Sean P

    Typography issue in 1.7

    Hi Circularcond, Welcome to the Affinity Forums! Unfortunately this is a known issue that is with development to be improved.
  12. Sean P

    Basic functions don't work

    In addition to what DM1 has posted, moving gradients is not an issue for me. It sounds as though your holding down to long before moving the gradient. If you enable 'Show Touches' you can see when a long press is trigged (by the touch marker shrinking). Would you be able to do a screen recording with Show Touches enabled demonstrating the problems you are getting please? ScreenRecording_06-24-2019 13-19-35.MP4
  13. Hi joel_ec, Thanks for letting us know. I've reproduced this and passed it on to development.
  14. Sean P

    Export Issue on 1.7.1

    How long does it take for you to export the file in 1.7 compared to say 1.6? Do you have a copy of the file prior to it being resaved in 1.7 so I can check my end for the differences.
  15. Hi Eltons, I've just tried this on my Late 2013 iMac running Mojave and I'm getting a progress bar. Note that the progress bar is styled to use the 'Accent Colour' in System Preferences. It sounds as though yours is set to Graphite, so will clash with the background.
  16. Hi Kobold, This is a known issue that is with development and it seems to only affect the first stroke you draw after doing an undo operation - any subsequent strokes should be ok.
  17. Hi Geandro, Is this still an issue for you? Was this working in 1.7 and then went wrong? Was you using a Wacom tablet at all?
  18. Sean P Bleed limits

    Unfortunately no news yet!
  19. Hi Carlos, Could you use QuickTime to do a screen recording showing the crash you are getting please and attach any of the files you are trying to attach? Could you also attach the crash report that is shows up after the crash please? Thanks
  20. Hi Kent, This is a known issue that is with development to be sorted. I've passed your comments on.
  21. Sean P

    Export Issue on 1.7.1

    Hi Schnak, The bleed issue is a known issue as mentioned and with development to be fixed. How long is it taking for you to export? I've done it on my side (although only doing the arrière-plan) slice and it took 1.5-2 minutes. In your file it is set up to export that PDF 3 times so the export was taking about 5-6 minutes for me.
  22. Thanks for the file helenmk, I've reproduced the issue and got it passed on to development.
  23. Thanks for the files! I've reproduced this and will get it passed on to development!
  24. That's not a problem - whenever is convenient for you!
  25. Sean P

    1.7 update issues

    Ahh wonderful! Thanks for letting us know.