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  1. Hi Rondem, Thanks for letting us know. I've reproduced this and passed it on to development.
  2. Unfortunately we don't currently support base64 encoded images, so it won't show the image (which is the bulk of the SVG). I'll get it passed on to development as an improvement.
  3. Thanks for the file - I believe it should be switching the Fill mode blend mode to Normal and then applying the 'Erase' to the actual Layer group. However be aware that you will still need to do a boolean subtract operation on the actual objects to get the actual shapes you require (you may need to duplicate one of the 'Erase' objects so subtract it from the base square layer.
  4. Thanks for the file! It appears as though the Symbol object in the Symbols Panel was likely causing the crash, as I was also getting a crash when trying to delete that. I will pass that on to development to see what they say. Anyways I created a snapshot of your document, and then created a new document from that snapshot (without the symbols) and that was able to save for me! You should be able to continue working with this document! g6_resaved.afdesign
  5. The controller on the toolbar is set to 'None' instead of Automatic, Brush Defaults or Pressure, so there is no controllers working in conjunction with the tablet - sorry I should have also noticed that in your first video! If you change that to Pressure or Brush Defaults you should be good to go!
  6. Hi Ashf, Thanks for the videos - I've reproduced this and will get it passed on to development.
  7. Hi Zbigg, You posted your question at 9:44pm (on a Bank Holiday in the UK) so there was no one around to respond. Is this issue issue reproducible for you every time you edit g6? If so could you attach a copy of that file, along with a screen recording showing the steps you're taking to edit and then save? Without this we cannot investigate what may be causing the crash.
  8. Hi Erika H, We're aware of some crashes that can occur when creating lots of strokes in a short amount of time using the Vector Brush Tool (almost like sketching hair I guess). Does that sound like what might be happening when you're noticing the crashes? Or are you finding it happens when drawing intricate curves using the Pen Tool? If you're able to catch a screen recording that demonstrates the crash we can take a look into it. If you could also attach the crash report that appears afterwards that would also be helpful! Thanks
  9. Hi giftedchair, Thanks for letting us know. I've reproduced this and will get it passed on to development. PaRunk, If you save and reopen your document does the incorrect curve go away? If not does the corner apply correctly if you save and reopen directly after the combine?
  10. Hi Jeffreydevey, It's hard to tell from the video, but if the brush you've used doesn't have any Size Variance set (set to 0%) then adjusting the Pressure Curve will have no affect on the brush. If you click the 'Properties' button to the left of the Pressure Profile for the stroke selected, you can then manually up this to what value you would like - this will then cause the Pressure Curve to take effect. If you want to do this for more strokes you will be better editing the Source Brush, or saving yourself a copy.
  11. Hi Wowbagger, This is something we're aware off and with development to be fixed. Please note the crash (as you've said) is only for System Palettes. You can rearrange Document and Application Palettes without a crash.
  12. Hi Schlafgraf, Are you using the app in Separated Mode? We're aware of an issue that is causing the focus to switch to a different window when using the entering text/using text dropdowns whilst in Separated Mode. If you use the regular Windowed Mode for now you should be able to avoid these issues.
  13. Hi evtonic3, Thanks for letting us know - I've tried this in a few builds (1.7.3, 1.8.1 and 1.8.3) and they're all the same so its definitely not a new issue! I'll get it passed on to development.
  14. Hi BRlombardi, Would you be able to attach a copy of the document shown in the screenshot please? These issues are normally reliant on the document, so without these we cannot reproduce it.
  15. Hi madPXL, Thanks for letting us know. I've passed it onto development to look into.
  16. Hi GRSJeremy, Would you mind attaching a copy of the Quicksand versions you are using please? I've downloaded the current ones from Google from the link below and they're v3.004 which are all fine. https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Quicksand
  17. Hi Jeffreydevey, I've reproduced this and passed it on to development. Thanks for letting us know.
  18. Hi Tamas, Unfortunately you need to be much more explicit about what you mean when you say 'not working'. Please see the post below when reporting issues: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/71-bug-reporting/ However please be aware that Stroke Alignment is only possible with closed curves - open curves cannot have the alignment changed.
  19. Hi jeffreydevey, This is something we're aware of and with development to be fixed. Thanks for letting us know - I'll get your comments passed on to.
  20. Hi DJ, Would you be able to attach a copy of the offending file please so we can take a look?
  21. Hi Bajqo, Looking at your video the bottom set of Panels (Transform, History and Navigator) aren't actually attached to the Side Pane ( you can see the X button in the top left of the group as tho they are floating). This means that when you redock it, the Transform panel group is covering up the buttons. Just grab that bottom set and snap it below the Slices/Layers panels and you will see the buttons/bottom of the panels.
  22. Hi kspencer, Thanks for letting us know - this is something we're aware of. The field will actually accept the input correctly, it is just the highlighting that is incorrect on that field
  23. Hi PaRunk, This is something we're aware of. If you save and reopen your document after the combine operation the Corner Tool should apply correctly. Alternatively after applying the corner, saving and reopening should also show the results correctly.
  24. Hi Stieglerc, Please see this post here:
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