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  1. Hi Sean, I just uploaded the file to your Dropbox. Hope this helps find what's wrong. Thank you!
  2. Just updated the app to v1.6 today, and it quitted unexpectedly when I opened the first file in Export persona. I tried several times but got the same result. I had to bring the v1.5.5 back from my backup, opened the same file, deleted all slices except the default one in Export persona, resaved it, then updated the app again. I don't know how many slices are too many for the v1.6 but the newly saved file (with fewer slices) seems to open fine with v1.6 in all personas. I'd very much like to move onto v1.6, but I feel like still hang onto the older version for now since I have many files with multiple slices. I appreciate if someone can look into this issue. Thanks,
  3. When I try to resize an artboard without resizing the contents inside the artboard, I can do it by dragging the corner of the artboard but NOT by changing the width/height number in the Transform panel. If I do it, it changes the size of the artboard and contents all together even if I check the "Lock Children". I think being able to resize an artboard to the exact pixel size without affecting the contents inside is important and dragging the corner of the artboard doesn't quite do the job. This doesn't happen on the version 1.5.5, so I guess it's a bug in this beta?
  4. Is there a way to import preferences and tools settings from 1.5.5 to beta, so that I can compare from the same starting point?
  5. Hello, I am a graphic and web designer using Mac, and I was looking for alternatives to Adobe CC. After doing some research, I purchased Affinity Designer early this year and recently downloaded Affinity Photo, but I decided to stick to Adobe. I want to tell you why because I like Affinity apps overall and am still hoping to move to Affinity one day. I found Affinity Designer has good features such as better process on exporting slices, fonts organized by my groups, and a media browser integrated with iPhoto (I like this integration a lot). I’m not a big fan of the process of making an own brush, though. My overall experience was good until I realized there was no smooth tool. I often make hand-drawings on iPad app and convert them into vector graphics, and the smooth tool is crucial to have. About Affinity Photo, the lack of pattern overlay layer just makes me not go for it. Everything else so far seems good to me, though. Adobe cloud library and syncing with Typekit are nice and useful but I can live without them if I have to. So, the only reasons I will still stick to Adobe for now are those two: missing smooth tool in Affinity Designer and missing pattern overlay layer in Affinity Photo. I really hope you consider adding these features sometime in the future. Thank you!