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  1. Perfect. That's exactly what I needed — I just wasn't sure where to look. Many thanks!
  2. The title pretty much says it all… in Designer for the Mac, there's a toggle-able option under 'View -> View Mode' called 'Clip to Canvas', which enables you to have a pasteboard area around the document, which is a huge help in my migration from Illustrator, but I can't for the life of me find an equivalent in the iOS version and my weak Google-Fu has failed me. Does it exist? If so, where do I find it? If not, can we have it please…?
  3. Really? Plug it in to transfer files? That's… disappointing. I have literally never plugged my iPad into my laptop, and I'm not about to start now. Would it not at least be possible to specify that the iOS version stores files on something like Dropbox, so the files are automatically synched to a shared location?
  4. Sorry if I've missed a post about this -- I did look! Is there no easy way to access your iPad Photo files in the desktop version of the app? I see all my recent files when I launch the iOS app, but don't see a way to access them on the Mac without exporting to a specific iCloud/Dropbox location from iOS first. Surely the pount of Apple's iOS/MacOS integration is that this stuff should be accessible from either platform?
  5. This is one of my biggest handicaps when trying to migrate my workflow from Adobe apps: tab to input, plus Enter/Return to confirm. It's a massive timesaver to be able to go to (say) a colour fill and just type 20-TAB-100-TAB-100-TAB-0-ENTER to create and confirm/apply (in this case) a decent CMYK red. You might only think this is a matter of seconds, but I use this input method hundreds of times a day in multiple dialogues and palettes, so those seconds very quickly add up.
  6. Just want to +1 this. The Affinity team have been excellent at working through the deal-breaking issues that keep me on Illustrator, and I think the lack of a glyph palette might be the final hurdle. C'mon, guys… bring it home! ;-)
  7. Actually, [number] gives you the equivalent 10% of opacity, SHIFT-[number] gives the equivalent 10% of flow.
  8. I'm really keen to ditch Illustrator and move to Designer, but I have two clients whose workflows require me to supply live AI documents. It occurred to me that I could probably sell them on the idea of my using Designer as long as they get files they can work on at their end, but EPS files exported from Designer seem to have all text outlined by default and there's no way to turn it off. (I've also tried PDFs, but these don't respect the text blocks, with text remaining editable, but broken seemingly randomly into lines, words and sometimes individual characters as separate objects.) This is actually a pretty big deal — I certainly can't afford to antagonise these clients, and I'd need to be able supply them files they can work on in AI before I could switch to Designer… Am I missing an export option, or should I make a feature request?
  9. CS6 runs under El Capitan, but you need to install a legacy version of Java to get it to work. You can find the installer here: https://support.apple.com/kb/DL1572?locale=en_US
  10. I've owned a number of scanners, and operated many more, going back over twenty years, and I think every single one incorporated a descreen option into the scanning software… I don't recall ever trying to eliminate moiré outside the scanning process.
  11. I'm slightly baffled as to: 1) Why you would buy any apps without first checking what platforms they were compatible with. 2) Why you would think installing any app on your iMac would mean that it was available on your iPad Pro. FWIW, touch is not the optimal control system for precision design work such as you'd do in Designer — you're much better off with a mouse! (Astropad is a great concept but is pretty laggy over wifi. I'm told it's much better using a wired connection over USB, but haven't yet tried it.)
  12. Just to briefly follow up — I have a significant number of fonts with multiple variants and I need to be able access the entire range of glyphs to get at the alternate letterforms, not just obscure or rarely used characters…
  13. A quick search has answered my question on the lack of glyph access (potentially a deal-breaker for me and, I suspect, for anyone whose primary design field is typography) but I don't even seem to be getting 'smart' (typographers) opening and closing quotation marks, even in fonts which I know support them.* Am I missing a setting somewhere? Thanks! Jim *Both in the current App Store release, and the latest beta.
  14. I have a Surface Pro 3 and I find it barely useable. Even with Windows 10, the thing flicks between tablet and desktop modes all the time. Tapping in a text field is a crapshoot as to whether the on-screen keyboard will appear or not. If it doesn't, half the time the icon on the taskbar to manually invoke the keyboard has vanished. Rotation lock activates itself and can only be turned off with a restart. The stylus is too small to use comfortably as a drawing tool, and brush lag in MangaStudio is terrible. I thought I might use it for some media consumption, so I installed Plex, which will only play one minute of content unless I pay for a Plex Pass, something none of the other Plex-enabled devices in the house do. In short: it was a complete waste of money. If the iPad Pro ends up costing me a couple of hundred more, it'll still be better value for money than the Surface if I can actually use the thing.
  15. I imagine many of us have seen the short video of Designer running on an iPad, and yesterday's iPad Pro announcement seems to be begging for an affordable Adobe alternative. I know development resources are limited, but are there plans to bring Designer (and Photo?) to the iPad? Thanks! Jim
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