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  1. Lee, The link was from this page... at the bottom of the post. I've attached a screen shot of the posts. . When you open the link and look at the list of cameras the TG5 is on the list. I don't know what LibRaw and LensFun libraries are but your Moderator refers to them. Please clarify. Thanks
  2. It is my understanding that Affinitiy Photo can now process Raw Files for the Olympus... I found this link on one of the Support pages on your site: Submitted by lexa on 29 June, 2018 - 16:25 Changes (from 0.18) 84 cameras added compared to 0.18 (1014 total): Olympus E-PL9, E-M10 Mark III, TG-5 However when I open my Raw Files in Affinity Photo they still look horrible, dull, washed out and lacking rich colors compared to the same JPG File. If I open the same files in other programs like DXO PhotoLab The Raw files lo
  3. Ultimately I would like to completely migrate from Adobe InDesign and never use it again. I have far too many active files created in InDesign that I would want to be able to Open and work on in Affinity Publisher. I have completely stopped using PS CS 6 now that I have Affinity Photo and would hope the same can happen with InDesign/Affinity Publisher. Like so many, I am so over Adobe and their Licensing model. Floyd
  4. Yes, it would be great if support could be added at some point for the Olympus Tough TG-5. It is a great little, tough camera. Has nice features and the undrwater shots are excellent.
  5. Walt, thank you. That makes complete sense. I may send a request to get it supported.
  6. When I open a Raw File from my new Olympus TG-5 the image looks horrible. Colors completely dull and muted and the focus is soft. I've opened the same file in my other Imaging Programs like DXO Photolab or Luminar 2018 and PS6 and they look completely different, Sharp, Bright, Color Rich. What an I doing wrong in Affinity?
  7. I am another new user who would love to see a users manual. It is just so much easier to have a pdf manual opened on my iPad while working within the program on my iMac
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