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  1. My searches of the Forums are not finding anything recent on standard templates for Avery labels. Do such things exist, and if not, why not? Avery address labels are industry standard and it seems odd to make eveyone recreate their own. Specifically, I'm looking for the two major Avery templates for Avery 8160/5160 Address Labels and Avery 8871/8371 Business Cards. These templates exist on the Avery website so is there a suggested way to import them into Affinity Designer? They have pdf, ps, .ind Adobe formates available. Thank you, Ann
  2. I have now resized this image in both Affinity and P/S Elements, and Affinity is stretching the image rather than maintaining the aspect ratio. I'm working on an ad for print. An artist sent me a huge 46.294" x 29.486" image. When I try to Document/Resize Document, and change the first dimension to 1.75", the second jumps to 0.652". The lock in engaged. The correct action by P/S Elements is to set that dimension to 1.135". I should mention that I had to crop the image first because the studio was showing in the background. Why is Affinity Photo squashing the image? image_cropped.afphoto
  3. Is there a place to set the default units to inches? I'm constantly changing all the tools from pixels to inches.
  4. I'm just wondering if there is a manual. I'm excited about Affinity Photo, but I really hate video tutorials. They take way too long. I just need to quickly read how the crop or gradient tools are controlled, being an advanced Photoshop user. Thanks,
  5. Is there a manual?

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