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  1. Thank you, Sean. I have no evidence that it returned after installing Big Sur - it may have been there earlier. Owing to Covid I have only recently been able to work again with my principal client for whom I use Designer a lot. However I have been using Publisher on an almost daily basis ever since you launched it and never had this problem. I don’t use sexy fonts in my work so I only have the standard macOS array + four others used in my client’s house style. It seems I’m not the only user affected this way, but I may be the most vocally irritated by it. In addition to lost work my greatest frustration is that for a long time I have relentless promoted Photo, Designer and (more recently) Publisher here in France and probably won you a great many customers. However, I haven’t seen anyone from Serif trying to help or keeping us informed. It reminds me of the blank silence many of us met at  when MacBook keyboards simply didn’t function for hundreds of thousands of users (2016-2019). Many then said goodbye to Mac. If you want your existing customer base to be your best ambassadors you really need to help us to help you and give us products that WORK and allow us to work! Corny phrase: “You only had one job - let people save their work”. Best - Christopher LONG
  2. Still not a word from Serif... so I suspect they don’t read what we say and this forum is just a play-pen (sand-box?) for us users... Sad, because I had such high hopes that a British software developer would show the way into the future...
  3. Just a quick question... does anyone from Serif read our comments and queries on this forum or is it just read by users? If the latter and Serif in unaware that its products don’t work for some/many of its customers, then the situation is truly serious. My solution for today will be to use a friend’s computer but I suppose I’ll have to go back to Adobe by the end of this week.
  4. Thank you, but I’ve seen these explanations in the past. My work doesn’t involve any special fonts so the only ones I have are the standard ones supplied with macOS. Affinity surely can’t can’t be expecting me to buy a font manager in order to use Designer. And in any case, Publisher manages without that... and so does every other sand-boxed and paid-for app on my computer. And if Designer only works if you buy it from the publisher, it ought to be withdrawn from the App Store. What we need is a fix. Otherwise the product is totally useless and a waste of €50.
  5. I have just lost three hours of work because of this problem and although I have been a super-loyal fan of Affinity I really could not now recommend Designer to any professional working to a deadline and a budget. This problem first arose for me about two years ago and has now re-emerged under MacOS Big Sur (Beta). I now cannot save any Designer file anywhere on my hard drive. It's really depressing that Affinity products (that so many of us have tried so hard to support) let us down so fundamentally. You do the work AND YOU CANNOT SAVE IT!!! Please tell us NOW, in words of one syllable, how to fix this at our end or else fix it yourselves in an update SOON... but if you want us to carry on using Designer, FIX IT...
  6. Affinity Serif is a British software development company of which most of us are very proud... and which  regards very highly indeed.
  7. Agreed. Just feel a Lightroom equivalent media bank might be more profitable product for AS?
  8. You seem a bit stuck in the world of print! We’re looking at now and tomorrow... Publisher’s options allow for mobile device designs!
  9. The Affinity suite is superb and I think you have huge support from professionals. All we really need now is an application, a 'bank', to contain all the images, sound, video, text, etc., that we inevitably need in order to make use of Designer, Photo and Publisher. We can do nothing with any Affinity application without being able to draw on audio/visual resources. We can no longer rely on Adobe's classic Lightroom and most of us deeply dislike Adobe's subscription approach. PLEASE give us an Affinity MediaBank in which we can store and organise multimedia that can be easily imported into Affinity applications. Thank you!
  10. Congratulations, dear Affinity! Hugely impressed by Publisher (despite its beta limitations) but now more than ever wishing that my 'assets' (mostly images) were just a click away from Photo/Designer/Publisher. Until Affinity produces 'Affinity Album'/ 'Affinity Library'/ 'Affinity Assets', do we yet have the ability to load a number of assets into a storage area where they can be pulled into use as needed? Please say that you'll take all our needs 'in-house' so we can leave Adobe behind us and don't have to think too hard where to go first thing in the morning!
  11. I've just started using AD and have had a three or four crashes yesterday night and today... I think the Paste command may have been involved and I know the Shape tool was involved but can't remember the exact circumstances... Will let you know if I get the same thing again and am now aware of watching out for what provokes problems! In all cases the recovery system worked OK and I only lost the last action (presumably the one that provoked the crash).
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