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  1. Hey @edwardsson Thx for your reply. I also was hoping 1.8 might address it... or even 1.8.1 but nope. I've done some further tests now. I've clean installed my MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad. Set everything back up and it still isn't doing it for iOS or iPadOS. So there must be some sort of bug still in there. Not sure how I can make a Serif person aware of this post though. I've attached some screen dumps which show that the MacBook is now doing it right, iCloud is doing it right but iOS and iPadOS are not. The filenames correlate to the device it came from. All is up to date to the newest software. Cheers
  2. Hi @edwardsson, Were you able to find a solution to this problem in regards to iOS or iPadOS? I have the exact same issue. I also have Publisher but it doesn't seem to populate across iCloud Drive at all... it's only on my Mac (don't have my Mac with me right now so no screenshot, sry). Cheers iPadOS: Safari:
  3. Yep, +1 However, I now have another issue since updating Designer, Photo and installing AP. The folders for Designer and Photo both have a blue Designer symbol now and if I turn Photo in iCloud off it'll take both, Designer and Photo away. While if I only turn off Designer It only takes Designer away... So: Designer, Photo, and Publisher ticked: Designer and Photo folders can be seen only. Both are carrying the blue Designer branding Publisher unticked: no change at all Designer unticked: Designer folder disappears and Photo folder remains, however with blue designer branding on it All unticked: No folder shows Only Photo ticked: Designer and Photo appear, but again, both carrying the designer branding. Deactivate iCloud-drive and reactivate: Designer and Photo with correct branding, however, Publisher still not there. When reopening iCloud drive, both folders are carrying Designer branding again. I'll see if I can take some screenshots later. Don't have the MacBook with me at the moment and my work mac has it's iCloud drive MDM disabled Cheers Edit: As promised, some screenshots are now attached. Thx
  4. Hey guys, Thanks a lot for your replies, mostly appreciated! Sorry, I should have mentioned the hardware used, my bad. Yes, I am using a Magic Mouse so it makes sense. Cheers
  5. Hi MEB, Thanks for your quick reply! Yea, I have used it occasionally, however, as said before It would make it easier to zoom out to have a look at it "from the far" and then you can quickly zoom back in again. It is well workable as it is at the moment just thought I'd bring this suggestion up as Apples "smart Zoom" feel would help to bring in a continuity to AF. It does zoom with double tap already however to the last worked on area or somewhere aimless (at least it feels aimless sometimes, or there is just a step I am missing to make it work). However, I am not a power user by any means, so other peoples requests are probably more important . Thanks anyway and maybe, hopefully one day... Cheers
  6. Hey Affinity team, First and foremost, congrats on the great gig at the WWDC17!! Now, I have searched for this feature... ok only for like 20 min. however I couldn't find anything that would indicate that this already exists or is planed to be introduced. If it does, a hint would be great and I'll go back to my box ;-). I can also imagine that it will be all the way on the bottom of your list but here it goes, my first request or better wish :-). I would really like to be able to zoom to where the mouse is. This is available through ought the entire macOS workflow that you can, at least with the Magic Mouse, just double tap on an item and you zoom mouse centred. This is a fantastic feature when you zoom out to be going over your work and find something here and there you would like to adjust. So: Working close on a detail -> double tap -> zoomed out to some previous % -> go with the mouse on an item you identified to be edited further -> double tap -> zoomed in again. I understand that the zoom level might be to high or low but at least you are within the vicinity of where you want to go as of currently you just zoom in to the last selected spot or some random place of the canvas. This is at least my experience. Again if this exists in some way I am happy to learn :-). Cheers, JMS
  7. Hi there, I have not really been testing, however, I just came across same issue again. Open a AD file on Mac without external devices to show colleagues. Closed MacBook with project open Connected to external monitor (extended not clamshell) Canvas black while everything was visible in the Navigator (bottom right) So, still something odd going on there. Cheers
  8. Hi Lee D, just FYI and to add info for you guys to this topic, I have the same issue. Hardwar/Software used: macOS: 10.12.3 AD: 1.5.4 MacBook Pro: A1706 (Late 2016) Graphics: Intel Iris Graphics 550 1536 MB USB C Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter Apple Thunderbolt Display. Cheers EDIT: I checked for updates last night just to make sure when I post it this morning all is up to date. You guys are either incredibly fast or it was a coincidence that just after I had hit sent that the App Store informed me of a fresh update released today :P . Either way, I'll be testing it and reporting. First check just now looks to be stable. Thanks heaps B)
  9. Hi there, I am using a Canon EOS 50D and have the same issue just to throw some more camera models in... Cheers
  10. Hi Chazzy, This bug is already known and was brought up quiet a while back: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/17323-affinity-photo-folder-in-icloud-missing-double-click-opens-afphoto-in-designer/?hl=icloud I have created a folder in iCloud and named it "Affinity Photo". It works but would still be nice to be fixed properly one day. Cheers
  11. Hi budaloco, I've just tried to reproduce your issue. Everything seems to be working fine for me! Are you using a beta version of Affinity or maybe of OS X? This might be useful information. Cheers
  12. Hi Chris_K & Andrew Tang, sorry for my lack of response but thanks for your quick response. I thought I had my setting set up to email notify me if I get a reply. Will have to check this one again :) . Chris_K, It was only that one file so far I remember. However, initially I had it saved in the Designer iCloud folder which would open it in Designer instead of Photo. So I then moved it to the desktop for that time being as I was in a hurry and it came up with that message. Since the workaround I haven't had an Issue with it again but will keep you guys in the loop in case it happens again. Andrew, no, I have no beta installed. I don't use this machine for Beta testing, I have a seperate one for that to keep one system clean ;) . Hope this info helps a bit? Let me know if you need to know any more and I will try to get it back to you guys. If I find the email notification option that is :lol: . Cheers
  13. Hi again, I could get it going now with System Prefs -> Security & Privacy -> Open anyway. Screenshot of message attached. Sorry, on the verge of getting sick so not on top of my game... However, this shouldn't happen anyway, should it? Cheers
  14. Hi there, I was working a bit with AF Photo, saved the file to my desktop and just tried to open it again but get that message in the Title. A bit odd how I think. This does not happen with AF Designer files though. Any suggestions? Cheers, Jan
  15. Hi There, I have the same issue with iCloud Drive. I have admin rights on my mac and bought both apps at the same time. Only AF Designer created a visible folder AF Photo looks like it did but it redirects to AF Designer when chosen. It would be awesome to have this fixed so far this is an actual bug. Don't know if it's working as intended which I can't believe though. Also, .afphoto files saved in the AF Designer folder in iCloud drive open in AF designer despite it being .afphoto. In the context menu AFdesigner is even the first choice. So this definitely looks odd to me. Thanks for taking the time having a look at it. Cheers
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