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  1. Thank you, yes all working now, super fast fix, thank you for the great support
  2. I have updated to Affinity Photo on my mac to version 1.6.6 and tried to open preferences but it crashes the program, Im running High Sierra on a Macbook pro, any suggestions? i have rebooted my mac but still does it.
  3. I had the same thing with the inpainting brush....I mistakenly had an adjustment layer active, easily done but you learn from your mistakes.
  4. Thanks for the info JMS, Yes this bug seems to have been around awhile. Hopefully, it will be rectified soon.
  5. Has anyone got any suggestions?
  6. I bought Affinity a few weeks ago and when installed it created an Affinity designer folder in my Icloud drive, the folder is visible on Icloud.com and on my Ipad. When I upgraded to 1.5 and Affinity Photo Icon was created on my local icloud drive but doesn't shoe up on Icloud .com on my Ipad. I wonder if anyone had any suggestions? it's no big deal as I can save files to the designer folder but I just wondered why it was behaving this way. Thanks

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