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  1. shutter

    Downloadable Affinity keyboard shortcut cheat sheets

    Are these not available as higher res PDFs to print? Looks like a jpeg re-saved as a PDF, which I find doesn't print the nicely. While I have the shortcuts cards in the two books, I would like to keep another copy at work. And the .afdesign files to customise don't include all the modifiers & layer control pages, or the expressions, and gestures. Thanks.
  2. shutter

    AD - Multiple copies of assets inside symbol

    Still happening in 1.6.0. Was it meant to be fixed in the latest version?
  3. shutter


    Another slice request. 1. Ability to re-order the slices in the palette, just like you can with layers. 2. Ability to copy and paste text using the keyboard shortcuts. Currently can only copy/paste using the contextual menu. Using the keyboard shortcuts would speed things up significantly. Otherwise loving it. You guys are on a roll.
  4. Using the system wide cmd-tilde, as used by most Mac applications, would be a nice addition.