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  1. On one of my Mac last night the Finder froze, unrelated to Publisher. Only way to relaunch it was to do a hard restart. Once back in the Publisher folder suddenly appeared in my iCloud Drive folder. With the correct icon no less. However no such luck on any other device (Mac & iOS)
  2. I've tweeted and email Affinity but have yet to hear a response, which is quite unlike them. This is somewhat of a problematic issue to save a file into a folder one cannot see - I know it's saved in the Mobile Documents folder, but not being able to see it doesn't fill me with confidence the file won't disappear.
  3. You're lucky you have the correct icons. This is what I seeā€¦
  4. The Affinity Publisher folder is not visible in the iCloud Drive folder, though oddly I can save a document to said folder. With the document open using the Reveal in Finder menu command reveals the document with the following path: iCloud Drive > Affinity Publisher. Also, the folder is shown with the correct icon and name in its title bar - Affinity Publisher. Yet when navigating back up the folder path (iCloud Drive) is the folder not shown. I've tried turning off/on iCloud Drive in the iCloud System Preferences. Affinity Publisher is shown in the document list of apps which can store documents in iCloud Drive. And it's checked. I have installed Publisher on two Macs from the Mac App Store, one which had the beta and the other that did not.
  5. shutter

    Downloadable Affinity keyboard shortcut cheat sheets

    Are these not available as higher res PDFs to print? Looks like a jpeg re-saved as a PDF, which I find doesn't print the nicely. While I have the shortcuts cards in the two books, I would like to keep another copy at work. And the .afdesign files to customise don't include all the modifiers & layer control pages, or the expressions, and gestures. Thanks.
  6. shutter

    AD - Multiple copies of assets inside symbol

    Still happening in 1.6.0. Was it meant to be fixed in the latest version?
  7. shutter


    Another slice request. 1. Ability to re-order the slices in the palette, just like you can with layers. 2. Ability to copy and paste text using the keyboard shortcuts. Currently can only copy/paste using the contextual menu. Using the keyboard shortcuts would speed things up significantly. Otherwise loving it. You guys are on a roll.
  8. Using the system wide cmd-tilde, as used by most Mac applications, would be a nice addition.