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  1. I have this very strange issue with text on a path. when trying to change the font, it doesn't update the font initially typed wtih. Meaning, if i type in ARIAL, then try and change it to TIMES, the TIMES font is shown over top of the ARIAL font. I have included two screen shots. Had to take picture...screen cap wouldn't work to show the error. I have tried this selected the font, or even selecting the object and changing the font..same out come. Gary
  2. Found it right after i posted...thank you for the reply. Need more coffee. Cheers! Gary
  3. Would be nice to have a BRUSH manager for both DESIGNER AND PHOTO. Rather than being stuck with order of import. The ability to save favorite brushes , and rename brush groups! Gary
  4. Thank you for posting this. This does work, but they still need to have a manager for brushes , assests, palettes and so. With resources growing, this needs to be addressed. Making up custom brushes from your favorites and so . Appreciate the post. Thanks Gary
  5. Thanks Walt, Was just thinking more of a manager where you can go into to do all these adjustments rather than a menu. Completely customize the Brushes, assests, gradiets, palettes and so on.
  6. When i try and export current spread as a JPEG, i get a blank white page. PDF works fine. Gary
  7. never mind..sorry to bother...figured it out on PDF...but still can't get printers marks on JPEG Gary
  8. Exporting as PDF i can turn on Printers marks, but if you turn on text as outlines the artwork disappears. Gary
  9. The JPEG problem seems to be sorted..thanks for help. I have included BLEED on export options, but no crop marks are been shown in the JPEG File. How do you get these? Gary
  10. I have turned of meta data I just reloaded it and it now seems to be working. Thank you for checking. Tried with and without METADATA on....all good. Gary
  11. These would be fantastic tools to addon. Some very big time savers in there.. Also CAD TOOLS would be brilliant. Need to stop using ADOBE, this tools would do that. Gary
  12. I am having the same problem with TIMES ROMAN on PC, newest version of DESIGNER. I see it when i use a SHIFT ENTER to goto the next line. Not with the standard return. Gary
  13. Great job on this program Affinity! I have one question...why doesn't DESIGNER and PHOTO load as fast as PUBLISHER? Keep up the great work on this program. Will be purchasing for sure. Thanks Gary
  14. Well here is hoping the 1.7 is faster...either way the programs are looking fantastic..Here is hoping for more. Gary
  15. In designer i have noticed when selecting fonts for editing , the selection doesn't show on various fonts. Some do and some don't. So you are guessing as to what is selected. Gary
  16. thegary

    Selecting type doesn't show with some fonts

    I have this listed in my post. The first image shows how ARIAL selects fine. The second image shows AMTYPEWRITER mdITC and is also selected, but not showing.. Gary
  17. thegary

    Selecting type doesn't show with some fonts

    Thats the point..its is selected..and yes its very hard to work when you cannot see a selection. This happens with about 10 different fonts i have found. No other programs have issues with these fonts. Gary
  18. It would be great that when you have alot of artboards and they are named accordingly, you can select to save each artboard as a seperate file in one go. Rather than selecting each artboard and outputting ..very time consuming. I can't find the option, you can do this in illustrator and saves tons of time. Gary
  19. thegary

    Selecting type doesn't show with some fonts

    @Chris_K @walt.farrell So i have given you guys the details and samples, what are you thoughts.? Gary
  20. @walt.farrell @chris_k I have uploaded the files you requested...any thoughts? Gary
  21. something like CADTOOLS for illustrator would be fantastic. Gary
  22. @walt.farrell Sorry about that..thought i attached it.. Here it is ...let me know... Thank you everyone for your help! Gary slices problem.afdesign
  23. Here you go. The names explain what persona i used...slices persona is wrong. Gary
  24. thegary

    Expand Stroke needs to be prioritized!

    agree with you..expand is not accurate and needs more options..outline stroke ,expand, path tools like illustrator. Gary
  25. try turning UAC off.. type UAC into start menu...set to off...then try installing..found this to work with some software.. Maybe it might work here. Gary