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  1. Now I am experiencing a different issue, which isn't related to Affinity thankfully (and unfortunately, because I cannot figure out a solution). All of a sudden the shortcut CTRL + ALT + C (which is canvas size in both Photoshop and Affinity Photo) no longer work, like at all. Id doesn't work in Affinity and it doesn't work in Photoshop... ...it must be some other software or driver interfering. Oh well! Go figure! :-\
  2. The lock screen on Windows is triggered by pressing "Windows+L". I doubt that that is the reason why it does not work. Anyway, I changed it to "Shift+Backspace" and it works. So weird.
  3. Hey Chris, The fill with primary colour works now. Though the fill with secondary doesn't, no matter what shortcut I assign it to.
  4. I did. The problem is that no custom shortcut works. I have assigned "CTRL+BACKSPACE" to "Fill with Primary Colour". Nothing, it just doesn't work. It's the exact same behaviour that occurred last year.
  5. I can confirm that the bug is still there, even after all this time. Custom shortcuts on Windows do not work at all. Quite disappointing.
  6. That's not how it should work. Also I am talking about selections no transformations.
  7. Yes, this was my first post about the issue. Then I realized that it was also in Designer and Publisher.
  8. No need for apologies, these things could happen. Is the fix in the work for Photo and Publisher too, as far as you're aware? Thank you!
  9. It's now a recognized bug for the Serif Affinity suite on Windows. It does not work in any of their windows software.
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