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  1. I just downloaded the trial version of Designer (windows). When I open it, it says I have 10 days left on the trial. Will the 90 days automatically come into play or is there something I need to do. I'm sure I won't need 90 days but would like more than the 10 that it's telling me. Thanks!
  2. I have the free version also. Initially it worked. Then it didn't. Then just the HDR fx was highlighted with everything else greyed out. Yesterday, everything was available and working again.... I haven't done anything or made any changes to the program. Later in the day everything was greyed out again. ???? I posted about this a few days ago. Got a quick response from one of the moderators, answered their question and never heard from them again. Windows 10
  3. Here are two screen shots to hopefully better explain what's going on. As you can see everything is greyed out with the exception of the HDR FX. The other screen shot is to show you how it was installed. Also wanted to mention that when I first purchased the program from your store on May 17,2019 I installed the NIK plug-in and everything worked. Then a few days later it was greyed out yet it showed that it was installed and working. Just updated my original program and there's no change. Same issue in the Beta program. Thanks!
  4. Forgot to mention....I went to Preferences - Photoshop Plug ins and installed it from there if it makes a difference. Thank you again
  5. The NIK plug in pack that I have contains around six different. Color fx, analog fx, define (noise reduction), silver fx (b/w set),etc. When I go to Filters menu at the bottom it shows NIK. But when I click on it the color fx ( for example) is there but greyed out. They're all there but all greyed out. I'm not at my computer so I'm trying to explain this from memory. I can get screen shots once I'm home to show you what I mean. Thanks Mark!
  6. When I first bought the program I installed my NIK plug ins (free version) and they worked fine. Now in the Beta version of AP they install but when I chose NIk from the filter menu it opens but everything is greyed out. Tried removing and re- adding with no change. Windows 10 home version
  7. I double checked the Develop Assistant and the Raw Output Format is set to RGB (16-bit). I've never tried it set to 32-bit. Thank you for the responses. It's very much appreciated.
  8. I'm noticing the same issue. In my example, though not as drastic, you can see the raw file in View NX-i (Nikon) is slightly overexposed. The same raw file in Affinity is darker. And yes, it's set to 16-bit. I have my camera set to neutral so there should be nothing applied to the raw file.
  9. That's interesting. Made a huge difference for me. Though,we shouldn't have to be turning anything off for the program to function adequately. Hopefully all our input will help them resolve the issue.
  10. I tried turning off the NR and there was a slight improvement. I turned everything off and there is a huge improvement! Nikon NEF raw files- Windows 10 Home
  11. I'm having the same problems with loading and developing my raw files though I use Nikon not Sony. Windows 10. I've attached a video that I took with my phone. Not the best quality (I apologize) but it will at least give you an idea of the length of time it takes to "develop". VID_20190614_211746785.mp4
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