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  1. it doesn't work with 1.7.2. How to get it to work?
  2. I've tested all Resample algorithms before write here.
  3. Look at https://photopea.com . It opens my file without any problem.
  4. Thank you. But in PS I no need type any symbol yet.
  5. Thank you! Why they are showing only here (Pixel Persona)? I am newbie.
  6. =) dude, of course I can view this window. The problem is that I bought new brushes from affinity store. Affinity Photo correctly installs & shows new brushes, and Affinity Designer don't show them.
  7. I need to edit in big resolution. And I need only change size when export. Absolutely. Photoshop produce more sharpen result. Such resolution is a requirement of 3rd party. I cannot influence this.
  8. YES, IT happens on Mac OS X Mojave for 1.7 version of App
  9. Hi, my regular task is exporting image in lower resolution. And Affinity photo produce so much blur on photo compare with photoshop. So I work with 1372 x 1035 canvas in 144 DPI. And I need 516 x 389 image as result. So I experiment with resamling and dpi. No result. Much blur. The solution is in this video: but I need to do so much actions to just reduce the blur when export in lower resolution. --- More Over Affinity doesn't save my export size and I need write sizes manually every time I export. In Addition, Affinity has not convenient slider with percents, so I need to enter and calculating manually. ---
  10. Done. Hope you will answer soon.
  11. Yes, please provide me upload link.
  12. Affinity Photo - Mac - 1.6.11 On second photo - original PSD as Adobe PS shows, and on first photo - after opening in Affinity Photo. How can I open correctly? Is 1.7 version fixed this bug?