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  1. yes i can, and here it is. hope this helps appearance_stroke.afdesign
  2. you can create something like this with the appearance panel, but it only works on closed shapes. it can be edited as vector, but exports as raster.
  3. the way i make the svg for the silhouette. 20200429_111205.mp4
  4. Hallo Henk, the export and doc settings. hope this helps. doe maar een sixpack, alle merken behalve corona zijn welkom 😁
  5. hallo Henk, in the attachment a svg exported the way i use it on a silhouette cutter. may this will work on the water cutter. and the designer file with history. Langenberg Bordje2.svg Langenberg Bordje.afdesign
  6. In de openingstekst staat deel twee van zes, zou deel drie moeten zijn. Kleinigheidje, maar toch 🙂
  7. You can use the ellips smart shape for this, adjust size, select>selection from layer.
  8. i guess that this is the only way to do this in designer: 20200204_202620.mp4
  9. Afaik photo and publisher must be started once to make studiolink work.
  10. Dragging the artboards around on screen won't change the order, you should change the order in the layers panel. Counting from bottom to top.
  11. something like this? Internal_organs.svg
  12. they were just paths to the file, the relative link was created on export to pdf. i didn't save the file.
  13. Just tested on android, and the links are broken.
  14. that was a little mistake, i did not have the hyperlink window open, and thought is said image. edited a little later, but the damage was done
  15. I think there is no need to edit the hyperlink, when "include file on export" is checked in the hyperlink menu. Than in the exported pdf the hyperlinks are relative. test zipfile: hypertest.zip
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