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  1. Thank you MEB, didn't know that was what I needed to do. Thanks for the help.
  2. For some reason the brush cursor shows a square brush with rounded corners. How do I change that back to a rounded brush with no square sides? I tried using google to find the answer, and only got photoshop help files and nothing else related to this problem.
  3. JT_Allen

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Definitely eager to see the APub Beta. I would definitely want to not have to rely on Adobe Subscription Software. Adobe has outsourced way too freaking much of their business. The Serif crew work together like an actual team. Adobe staff compete with each other causing all manner of irritation. Thank you Serif for creating a trio of true competitors to the Adobe majority monopoly. As a freelancer I will definitely have more control over which software I use. Your software is a very warm welcome, especially for me starting out and building my artistic skills with digital painting and creating. If any one asks, no I do not have a portfolio of work to share (yet!). I am using the free time I have to build up my concept art/illustration skills so I could (in say 2 - 3 years) start going full time in the creative field.
  4. JT_Allen

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    I know I am late to the party on automation, but I would like to thank Serif for including javascript in a further future release. However, automation is still new to me. I just started learning AppleScript and (even though I can be a quick study) it is a pain sometimes since I am working with a heavily outdated AppleScript textbook made by apple and near complete lack of updated resources in the public domain. Even though I now know a wide range of modern mac-native apps have an AppleScript library to work with, even the popular note taking app Evernote. I am glad that javascript is the more widely used and documented scripting language there is and it seems to be more structurally straightforward than than the english-like apple script.
  5. JT_Allen

    NeoFinder DAM Tool with Affinity products?

    Even though it will be hobby, I do intend to be a multimedia powerhouse on an iMac Pro, with Affinity Trio being for digital art and graphic design work. 5 to 10 years ago, trying to be a one man multimedia production was way out of most price ranges. From my earliest childhood memories to now, the cost for quality software and hardware has dropped precipitously. I immensely grateful Serif decided to launch the Affinity software lab to create these applications.
  6. JT_Allen

    NeoFinder DAM Tool with Affinity products?

    Thank you for sharing this @AffinityAppMan ! After I get through being well developed with traditional drawing, I am going to solely use the affinity photo, designer, and publisher. This is a perfect complement until Serif makes their own DAM. I am really glad you shared this tool.
  7. Also, another image reference would be pixabay.com free photo images. The only way there is going to be an expansion of this feature is if everyone pushes for it in the next update or two in the affinity timeline.
  8. JT_Allen

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Hehe, Adobe is getting mighty nervous. When the Affinity Suite reaches its full potential through updates, the majority of graphic designers and digital artists will probably shift over and put a noticeable dent in Adobe's profits for creative cloud. I don't like paying for software I don't use. The only separate plan Adobe has is for photographers, not for graphic designers. I got both Workbooks on my desk right now. Since Digital art is a hobby right now, I am not required to use photoshop. Thank to the Serif Team I can export as a photoshop file when I decide to do digital art full time.
  9. I checked the available options for the Stock Panel in Affinity Photo and can only see "shutter stock" as available. It would be wonderful if there were many more than just one option. One addition I would like is for Story Blocks images database to be included as well. Here is the link to Story Blocks: https://www.storyblocks.com/stock-image I have included an attachment of the Stock Panel to show you what I am referring to. If anyone else has requests for image databases to be included, please list them here to avoid unnecessary duplicate threads expanding on this feature.
  10. JT_Allen

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    I just got my copy of the book today, well packaged. And this time I did not have any theft issues that happened with the Affinity Designer workbook. I am very happy it came so quickly. Thank you Affinity Serif Staff for making a true competitor to the adobe suite. I am going to go through the whole book and experience just how far I can push this software. These workbooks are better organized than the Adobe Classroom books I went through in college.
  11. JT_Allen

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Thank you Serif for making these applications! The monthly subscription Adobe has is a serious drain. That and the "bugginess" of the apps. This soon to be complete trio will be all I need for my creative hobby. I don't like paying for apps I will never use. Adobe apps get expensive really fast. The 12 month contract lock in adobe has is also financially and practically a PITA. Thanks again for bringing in high quality challengers to the market. @TonyB
  12. I don't mind learning scripting languages. Javascript tutorials are easy to find. After searching, so is python. Codeschool.com and Codecademy.com are two good resources to learn either. These are what I will use.
  13. This is definitely a great questions to ask. I know plenty of sites I could learn Javascript from.
  14. JT_Allen

    Workbook For Affinity Photo?

    Remember folks: Only Chuck Norris can defeat Chuck Norris.
  15. JT_Allen

    Workbook For Affinity Photo?

    Yahoo! Thank you for letting me (and Us) know about this so early. Don't worry I can be patient. I understand the average publishing time can take a year or more in some cases. Edit: Your profile picture reminds me of Chuck Norris (Walker Texas Ranger, an american modern western).