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  1. Then you will need to take this up with the Affinity team to have this changed, and get enough people behind you on it so they know it is a highly popular requested change. That is the only way I see it getting their attention.
  2. How could I help clarify this thread for you? What parts are confusing? To help you better, include screen shots for Photo and Designer.
  3. That is a great level of detail, well done; what part was the most difficult for you?
  4. I did not know this was possible. I think I will stick to a tablet for now.
  5. I had no idea that the "idiotic-like-an-angry-target" icon was for adjusting pressure sensitivity with tablets. I will just stick to the "More" button. That "target" doesn't really do anything on my end nor does clicking on it reveal any panel. Thanks for showing me @Old Bruce.
  6. I can partially answer your question. Macro's are automated workflows in Affinity Photo. Using the Macro feature, you can record a series of steps (Such as Black & White adjustment to photos) that can be saved in a Macro Library for future use to eliminate, often repetitive, actions thereby saving potentially hours of time, especially when batch processing. For future reference, and for others sake to help you best, please be specific about which application you need help with regarding "Library" (which could be any library in the software) and "Macros" (which are built into Affinity Photo). This way, others aren't hesistant about helping you. Just like in a search engine, being specific helps you get better answers.
  7. I figured it out by playing with the software. Getting pressure sensitivity is on a per brush basis. With the Paint Brush Tool selected (Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer), select your appropriate pixel brush in the brush panel, next click on "More" in the context toolbar, and go to the "Dynamics" category for the brush, then: - Set size jitter to 90% (personal preference) and Flow Jitter to 50% (personal preference); set both to Pressure. Affinity Photo & Designer will remember these settings after you quit both of them and open them later. These settings are on a per brush basis.
  8. Yes, I have the context toolbar active, in both Photo & Designer. Edit: The "Controller" option doesn't even show up when the Paint Brush Tool is active.
  9. I found an earlier thread discussing the topic from last year, however not of the fixes work; I tried all of them except for one solution I am having trouble with. When I have the paint brush tool active in Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer (Publisher?), the "controller" function does not even show, so I can't change the setting for it to "pressure" at all. It is like the controller function doesn't even exist. OS: MacOS 11 Big Sur (Most recent update) Affinity Trio: 1.9+ Updated Tablet: Wacom Intuos Pro Large Paper Edition (2017); Updated to most recent driver edition Please help with this.
  10. Rather than create a new thread with this same issue, I have decided to add my own similar trouble. I already did most of what was recommended by the staff members for fixing this issue. I am using the 1.9 Update for Affinity Photo, Designer, and Publisher. However, when I switch to the painting brush, one piece of the context toolbar doesn't show up at all; the "Controller" option in the context toolbar doesn't show up at all and so I can change the pen tablet setting to "Pressure"; so no go on this issue. Please help: All Affinity Updates are current to 1.9 series Wacom Driver is the most recent including the recent "Intuos Pro Large Paper Edition" tablet. Operating System: MacOS 11 Big Sur, OS Updates are to the most current.Using Refurbished MBP 15" 2013 Model. Short Answer: "Controller" function doesn't show in context toolbar for Affinity Photo & Designer, even when Paint Brush Tool is active.
  11. Ah Ok. Now I have learned one more way to use a search engine. That clears it up. Affinity Publisher may not have progressed far enough along for them to feel confident about starting to make the final workbook for publisher.
  12. Before asking this question, I did search the forums for any similar topics/posts and only one came up and it wasn't very informative. To the Serif crew, can you give, even a very general guess, a timeline for the Affinity Publisher workbook release date? Or at least provide some sneak peak into how far along you are in creating it? I already have the first two workbooks in my personal library. I would love to get the final workbook in the series; especially with the ground-breaking studio-link feature being included in the Affinity Publisher Workbook. I am a very patient person, I just ask for an occasional update on progress if you can manage it. Edit: Or move this to the appropriate forum.
  13. Thank you for this exceptional Generosity @Ash & Affinity Team. I shared your news with my other artist friends in the hope it may bring them some relief.
  14. I am very happy there will be an iPad version of affinity publisher as well coming next year. I am so happy for no more need for adobe. I am also royally shocked at the workflow improvement as seen in the live keynote. That is serious workflow efficiency. In-App advanced adjustments on the page in preview mode. Thanks again to the Serif Team.
  15. For my needs, launching the Publisher app is well timed. Now I don't need to rely on adobe subscription software at all. I can now create all the graphics, ebooks, and artwork for my Wholistic Artist LLC business without adobe. Yahoo! Thank you Serif Team for creating these apps, they feel way more intuitive and less mangled than photoshop, illustrator & indesign.
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