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  1. I agree, actually. The issues I list are common to both Photo and Designer.
  2. I really hope these are considered for a future update: -Currently, there seems to be no way to tell what brush you are currently using. After you select it and do other things, it is no longer highlighted, nor does it display the name of the brush somewhere (aside from a tooltip if you hover over it... but that would require you to know the brush you were using in the first place!) -Selecting (hilighting) brushes with a tablet pen still seems very hit and miss... sometimes trying two or more clicks to get the switchover -I'd really love to see some sort of user-friendly/convenient window/system for moving/copying brushes to/from categories, as well as to create/rename categories. The current 'one at a time' system of navigating the various categories/brushes via pulldown menus is a pain (and seemingly prone to accidental 'dropping' of a brush to an unintended category as you slide the pen down the long list of categories). Ideally, you'd have some large, overview windwo, showing the categories and contents at once (or at least a 'source' and 'destination' window), and then be able to drag and drop things back and forth (ideally, allowing mutliple selections). -Why doesn't it ask you for the category name as soon as you create a new category? Why force the user to select a separate menu item to name the newly created category? When a category is created, you should show the name edit box (with the default 'Brushes' name in the field, if you want), and allow the user to immediately name the new category then and there. -I'd love to also see an option to have larger/magnified brush 'thumbnails' in the brush list, as many of them are so small, they in no way resemble the resulting stroke on the canvas (ex. some brushes that have 'cracklike' textures just appear as 'airbrush-type' strokes in the list, giving you no indication of their appearance. An option to toggle the list display between the thumbnail and the brush name would be helpful. -Have an option to disallow copying brushes into a category it already exists in, to avoid duplicates. Also good, would be a feature which (when activated) searches for and removes duplicates within the same category.
  3. As much as I really like/support Affinity (and have long replaced my Adobe suite with Affinity software), I have to agree, too. I totally appreciate that it's new in the game, and obviously there's real-world things preventing it from just creating everything anyone ever requested, etc. I totally get/appreciate that. That said, the ONE real 'issue/disappointment' I have with Affinity software, is (as previously mentioned) there are so many posts where people are asking about (usually) basic/standard features that appear to be missing... which is then usually followed by other users saying they noticed that too, and were curious about it.... which is then followed by an official response, which is usually 'There is currently no way to do that in Affinity, but it's something we want to add'..... and that's when you not that the thread is 3-5 years old. Again, I don't want to come off as angry or accusitive... I am a big fan of Affinity products, but it is disappointing, and I just wanted to 'point it out'. The reoccurring 'it doesn't do that' does get a bit disheartening, but the fact that you then see the conversation was many years ago (and the features are still not present) kind of hits it up to a new level of... well, disappointment. I know that I myself have also been (long) waiting for things like a 'blob' brush (vector paint brush where you paint, and it creates a final shape that is the resulting overall SHAPE of the various strokes, rather than a series of individual 'line strokes'... as well as a standard vector free transform tool (ability to pull the individual corners of the bounding/transform box around a single or group of vector shapes)... amoung other featuers I was surprised to see not present. I can't really understand why these haven't been given high priority, considering how long they have been requested for. Hopefully, this is taken as the friendly contructive 'criticism/comment on what I (we?) would like to see' it is intended as, and not an angry attack. I was actually going to post my own thread on this, but ran into this existing thread.... oddly enough, because I was confused by the apparent lack of a free transform tool, and wanted to make sure I wasn't just missing something!'. I wanted to simply do a bit of a perspective distortion on a vector background I am creating, so it was a bit angled to the camera view.
  4. Hi. Ya, that's why I'm asking what the bare minimum Aero effects are in order to fulfil Affinity's need to run. I have an Aero theme, but like many other people, am turning off some of the extraneous effects, as they are an unnecessary strain on the system. I do not know what settings utilize DWM, so that's why I'm asking here.
  5. This just seemed to happen to me suddenly tonight, seemingly for no reason. I've managed to get the program to run using the no warning command for the app shortcuts, but I can no longer run the program by doubleclicking an associated file, despite having Aero running. I had it running fine for years, and suddenly now it is doing this. Nothing was intentionally changed. No idea what triggererd it. Win7Pro
  6. Hi. I've been running Affinity P and D fine for years(?), but all of a sudden, I am getting that dreaded Aero error. I re-entered the 'no warning' command line thing, and re-set up my Win7 display settings (using an Aero theme, but with several effects turned off)... but I still get the Aero error when I double click an Affinity file (...it runs fine, without the error, if I just launch Affinity itself). What are the minimum Aero features I need activated in order to fulfil Affinity's Aero requirement? Also, any idea why I would suddenly be getting this error, despite not changing anything?
  7. @stokerg: Yes, Win7Pro (See my initial post above) @altrob: Support confirms it SHOULDN'T, ...'unless the files are corrupt and the installer needs to replace them - hoever there's no warning or log if this happens...'. They also confirm that copying and pasting the content of the AppData folder will serve as full re-configuring/installation of any modifications or additional assets (settings get set, additional assets get installed, etc). They pointed out a post that outlines this procedure (used when beta users were transfered over to the retail version of Publisher): https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/89539-copying-over-user-data-from-beta-to-retail/ I'm going to copy the folder from my 'work' (un-updated) Affinity install to my newly updated (and 'brush erased') install, and verify that works, as well as use that copying to create a backup to apply to the 'work' install, should something get deleted. I believe my previous updating erased some of the brushes, too.
  8. Did that happen for you just on the latest update, or has it happened before? I have the feeling it has happened before for me. It's one of those things I didn't notice right away, and then I was not entirely sure what WAS originally there, so I couldn't tell exactly what all was affected. I'll definitely let you know what I have from support.
  9. @atlrob: Hi, did you have this happen to you, too? I can't say for absolute sure if it did with my update, as I only noticed it after installing, and wasn't entirely sure what stuff I had installed previously... although I'm fairly certain that I had several purchased brush packs installed. Oddly enough, the most recent brush pack I purchased/installed is still there! But all the others are gone. If YOU had it happen too, then that pretrty much confirms it. I've written directly to Affinity, and hope to hear from them. I'll post here if I hear anything.
  10. Well, there certainly seems to be files related to brushes there, but since you can't see the content of them, it's hard to know for sure if they are just for the settings of the vanilla brushes... or even if all they are is an inventory of installed brushes (but not whether copying that file to the User directory will actually INSTALL the additional brushes). I didn't notice if there was a file associated with custom categories, either... but I may have missed it. That all said, there may be other files (configs, whatever) outside of the user folder that are required, too. Too many unknowns... I'm also curious if copying those files into the User folder of ANOTHER Affinity installation (on another machine) would not only set that machine up with the same settings, custom categories, etc, but also install the additional brushes in there as well.
  11. Would copying the contents of those user folders (and then pasting that in an updated install or other install) also install all the non-default brushes, or is that some other folder? My non-work version/installation is now the latest update (...it's the one I just did). My work one is the previous version (not updated yet). I wanted to update the photo/designer on the work machine, but now want to back up the configs, layouts, brush installations, and custom categories before doing so, in case it trashes them during the install. As well, I am hoping I can use that backup on the non-work installation that I just upgraded (and seemingly partially wiped the brush installations/setups of).
  12. Thanks for that, Walt. It really seems like that gets nuked (or partially) when you do an update. It shouldn't, but it seems like it does. I wonder if I can just copy the contents of that (as a backup, or also to add to an install in another machine, so they both have the same brushes I have collected/purchased. I'm actually afraid of updating the installs on my work machine, as I have set up some custom categories (...basically a collection of my favorite brushes). I don't want to have to set that all up again...
  13. I just installed the latest update patch, and it reminded me that it seems like doing so often removes any non-default brushes I had previously installed... possibly even custom categories I may have made. I can't fully verify it now, although my lastest update install seems to have done so (although it left the most recent one I installed). I don't recall if that particular installation (pre-recent update) had the purchased brushes installed... I believe it did. Is this a known thing? Is there something I can do to prevent/combat this? I did my recent update on my 'secondary' installation (on my non-work machine)... So, before I do it on my 'work' matchine (where I have a lot of additional brushes installed, as well as custom categories), I want to be sure of this. Is there a Affinity folder where these installations are stored, which I could copy somewhere as a backup, in case they too get wiped? Affinity Photo/Designer, Win7Pro (Premium on the machine I just did the latest update on).
  14. Sorry, I forgot about this thread! I'll have to try and get that recording for you in the next few days. Lots happening over here...
  15. I'll see what I can do, but it might be tricky... since once it happens, it's hard to control anything (...such as turning off the recorder and saving the file!). I may have to just record it with a mobile device pointed at the screen.
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