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  1. @stokerg: Yes, Win7Pro (See my initial post above) @altrob: Support confirms it SHOULDN'T, ...'unless the files are corrupt and the installer needs to replace them - hoever there's no warning or log if this happens...'. They also confirm that copying and pasting the content of the AppData folder will serve as full re-configuring/installation of any modifications or additional assets (settings get set, additional assets get installed, etc). They pointed out a post that outlines this procedure (used when beta users were transfered over to the retail version of Publisher): https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/89539-copying-over-user-data-from-beta-to-retail/ I'm going to copy the folder from my 'work' (un-updated) Affinity install to my newly updated (and 'brush erased') install, and verify that works, as well as use that copying to create a backup to apply to the 'work' install, should something get deleted. I believe my previous updating erased some of the brushes, too.
  2. Did that happen for you just on the latest update, or has it happened before? I have the feeling it has happened before for me. It's one of those things I didn't notice right away, and then I was not entirely sure what WAS originally there, so I couldn't tell exactly what all was affected. I'll definitely let you know what I have from support.
  3. @atlrob: Hi, did you have this happen to you, too? I can't say for absolute sure if it did with my update, as I only noticed it after installing, and wasn't entirely sure what stuff I had installed previously... although I'm fairly certain that I had several purchased brush packs installed. Oddly enough, the most recent brush pack I purchased/installed is still there! But all the others are gone. If YOU had it happen too, then that pretrty much confirms it. I've written directly to Affinity, and hope to hear from them. I'll post here if I hear anything.
  4. Well, there certainly seems to be files related to brushes there, but since you can't see the content of them, it's hard to know for sure if they are just for the settings of the vanilla brushes... or even if all they are is an inventory of installed brushes (but not whether copying that file to the User directory will actually INSTALL the additional brushes). I didn't notice if there was a file associated with custom categories, either... but I may have missed it. That all said, there may be other files (configs, whatever) outside of the user folder that are required, too. Too many unknowns... I'm also curious if copying those files into the User folder of ANOTHER Affinity installation (on another machine) would not only set that machine up with the same settings, custom categories, etc, but also install the additional brushes in there as well.
  5. Would copying the contents of those user folders (and then pasting that in an updated install or other install) also install all the non-default brushes, or is that some other folder? My non-work version/installation is now the latest update (...it's the one I just did). My work one is the previous version (not updated yet). I wanted to update the photo/designer on the work machine, but now want to back up the configs, layouts, brush installations, and custom categories before doing so, in case it trashes them during the install. As well, I am hoping I can use that backup on the non-work installation that I just upgraded (and seemingly partially wiped the brush installations/setups of).
  6. Thanks for that, Walt. It really seems like that gets nuked (or partially) when you do an update. It shouldn't, but it seems like it does. I wonder if I can just copy the contents of that (as a backup, or also to add to an install in another machine, so they both have the same brushes I have collected/purchased. I'm actually afraid of updating the installs on my work machine, as I have set up some custom categories (...basically a collection of my favorite brushes). I don't want to have to set that all up again...
  7. I just installed the latest update patch, and it reminded me that it seems like doing so often removes any non-default brushes I had previously installed... possibly even custom categories I may have made. I can't fully verify it now, although my lastest update install seems to have done so (although it left the most recent one I installed). I don't recall if that particular installation (pre-recent update) had the purchased brushes installed... I believe it did. Is this a known thing? Is there something I can do to prevent/combat this? I did my recent update on my 'secondary' installation (on my non-work machine)... So, before I do it on my 'work' matchine (where I have a lot of additional brushes installed, as well as custom categories), I want to be sure of this. Is there a Affinity folder where these installations are stored, which I could copy somewhere as a backup, in case they too get wiped? Affinity Photo/Designer, Win7Pro (Premium on the machine I just did the latest update on).
  8. Sorry, I forgot about this thread! I'll have to try and get that recording for you in the next few days. Lots happening over here...
  9. I'll see what I can do, but it might be tricky... since once it happens, it's hard to control anything (...such as turning off the recorder and saving the file!). I may have to just record it with a mobile device pointed at the screen.
  10. A useful feature might be to be able to rotate the Transform (Move, Rotate, Scale, Skey selection) gizmo, so you could align it to the direction of the intended squash/stretch. Perhaps you'd click a button on the context toolbar to 'unlock' it (so when you rotate it, it doesn't rotate the underlying image), rotate it to the desired orientation, and then click that button to lock it again, so it works as normal from that point (but at it's new rotated orientation).
  11. Hi, guys. Ya, I use the warp tool and liquify, and those certainly would work (...although they can be tricky for things that will reveal any unevenness in the scaling, such as something with a grid), plus they don't allow for precise numeric amounts... but, ya, much of the time, either of those methods would work. I was just wondering/hoping the regular transform gizmo would allow for manual asignment of the axis. Okay, I'll submit it as a suggestion. No huge issue... just something I run into a few times. Thanks for your input!
  12. Hi, thomaso. Unfortunately, none of that helps my situation. For items isolated in a layer (where you are essentially rotating ALL of the contents of that layer, it probably works, as APhoto remembers the rotation you did, and keeps the transform gizmo aligned to that. What I am referring to is (for example) adjusting a section of a pixel layer. As a specific example, let's say I paint a person who has their head tilted to the left. I decide I want the eyes to be wider, so I lasso select them, but when I go to scale them ('horizontally'), the transform gizmo only allows me to scale vertically (relative to the canvas) or horizontally ( relative to the canvas)... whereas what I would want is to have the 'north' of the transform gizmo aligned with the 'north' of the character's eyes... some way for me to rotate the transform gizmo so it too is tilted the same way as the head, so I can to a horizontal stretch (relative to the HEAD, not the screen). Since the head was painted tilted, APhoto has no concept of how tilted the head is, unlike a layer that you rotated, which it could remember the transform of. One thing I thought MIGHT work, is to rotate the entire canvas so that the top of the head was oriented 'north', and then use the transform gizmo (with the assumption that it orients based on the computer screen. Unfortunately, that's not the case, as it seems to be oriented to the CANVAS, not the viewport. A simple fix to it would be the ability to rotate the transform gizmo manually to align it to the orientation of the target item. But, I wanted to see if there WAS actually a way to do this already, and I wasn't aware of it....
  13. Hi, Chris. I agree, the mouse and keyboard are on a different PC, but are shared to the host PC and the 'work' PC (where I have Affinity installed) via the KVM software... so it certainly is a possibility that they could be interfering... although normally I'd think it would be more of the mouse fighting the pen, as far as pointer position/movement... which is not the case here (thankfully). The tablet is directly connected to the work PC, though. Looking in Affinity's Tool preferences, the Windows Ink item is unchecked (and in fact, greyed out). That's not installed in vanilla Win7, is it? I don't think I have that installed here. I do have the Wacom control panel/software installed, though. It's odd... everything works just fine (mouse, pen, Affinity in general)... Just gets completely smacked if you move a palette... except for today, when I mention the issue(!). Actualy, the issue was worse previously (last year), as it not only would make the mouse invisible, but Windows/Affinity would suddenly become a slideshow, as if the CPU were getting completely bashed. Oddly enough, today's occurance just had the pointer going invisible, but no hit to the 'performance'. When I have time, I'll try and stress test it... intentionally trying to trigger the issue, and I'll keep note of what actions I do beforehand, and see if I can isolate the pre-trigger trigger. NOTE: Sorry, I just realized... You might be thinking I'm using a 'tablet' in the sense of a mobile device. No, I'm on a desktop, using a DRAWING tablet. I should have clarified that (.... why the heck do they have to call both items a tablet??? )
  14. Is there currently a way to specify the direction you'd like something to scale at? As an example, if I paint a triangular shape and then rotate it at some non-specific angle (by eye)... but then decide I want to make it taller, the only thing I seem to be able to do is scale it vertically or horizontally, aligned to the page (as opposed to in the direction the triangle is now pointing). Is there any ay to specify an axis for the scale actions? If not, please consider this a feature request! :)
  15. Agreed on both items. There should be a way to truly lock a layer (from everything, and not just selection)... and, ya, I was surprised when I realized that Alpha Lock doesn't protect alpha from blurs! So many times, I want to blur the content (ex. grain, strokes) inside a stroke/shape, but keep the edges as they are.
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