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  1. Hi, I don't know why but the marquee has always have display issues, at least in the Windows version of Affinity Photo/Designer. It got a bit worst in version 1.7 (latest one). The marquee is not rendered at all if - Select a layer and change its opacity below 50%. - Ctrl+click on the layer thumbnail to marquee select it. Result: Marquee is not visible. But the layer is marquee selected though. Click on other layer and Ctrl+J, it will copy the 'invisible' selection. Hope repro steps make sense. Thanks
  2. Hello guys, I reported this problem some time ago. It seems it was partially fixed. Photo keeps file handles open even after closing the document in Photo, thus I cannot move or delete files in Windows. If I drag and drop an image file on Photo's tools bar, then proceed to close the document. I DO can move or delete the file in Windows. All good. However, if I drag and drop an image file on Photo's tools bar (same operation as before). Then repeat the drag and drop operation with the very same image file. Photo doesn't create another document for the same image file because one already exists. Fair enough. Now, close the document. This time though, I cannot move or delete the file because Windows says the file is open in Affinity Photo. It seems like even though Photo doesn't create a new document, a new file handle is created and not used, locking up the file. This problem also happens in Affinity Designer. Hope these repro steps make sense. Thanks
  3. Doesn't seem to be. I had that ticked off and the aereo ones as well (the shaking thing). Photo and Designer still do it. Now, if Affinity uses Windows facilities to do that trick, then perhaps they should honour users settings. Probably reading Windows registry or whatever. If using Windows' is what they do then the issue is a bug.
  4. Hey, Windows versions of Photo and Designer have an option to "float the windows". This is an amazing feature which I use a lot. It is common for me to have multiple windows open and move them around as I work. However, I spend more time fighting Photo/Designer than drawing because these apps insist I should dock the windows either on the app viewport or in another window. Photo/Designer automatically try to dock it when I drag the window near a "hot spot" (it shows a semi transparent blue rectangle indicating where it wants to dock), such areas are quite big and I often dock the windows accidentally with the slightest movement. My question. Is there an option to stop this automatic docking, so I can have the document windows floating all the time during a work session? Thanks
  5. Hi firstdefence! Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it and it works. The only problem is that I'm using Symbols and it seems they can't be converted to curves. Kind of makes sense though. Hey gdenby! Yes, ideally I would like them to align to the curve like fonts do. But following the curve path would be of enough help. I see then. I will do it manually. Hopefully something like this will be added in the future. Thanks guys!
  6. Hello guys! I want to align an object or objects (be shapes, symbols, etc) along a path. Something like dragging my object over a curve and have it snap on it on the object's active anchor point, or the closest point in the bounding box. But I can't figure it out. Is this even possible? I tried with "snap to object geometry" but it doesn't do what I want to achieve, or I can't find a way to make it happen. Any suggestions? Many thanks!
  7. Hello guys! Thank you all for your kind replies. Something else I should have added in my original post, is that I need a gradient that give me a linear interpolation between colours A and B. For example, say I create a 256x256 layer and apply a greyscale gradient from left (pure black) to right (pure white). Without dithering I would expect it to go from 0 to 255 linearly. I tried all your suggestion. My results below: @csh2000. I tried Pixelate Filter on the dithered gradient but unfortunately colours bled from adjacent bands. And I lost the 0 to 255 range (as per my example above) @carl123. Blur filters worked well but at a higher radius, so to stop bleeding colours between bands. Unfortunately I lost my extreme side colours. Using my example above, both side left and right didn't start from 0, 255 respectively, due to too much blurring. I could somehow mitigate this by extending the edges and blurring the middle. But to get the desired result was tricky. @owenr. Gradient Overlay. This! This worked out of the box, well, the only thing I had to do is set the scale X to 99% so I don't lose colour B, and I have the full range in proper bands. Didn't realised there was this effect down there... with so many way to create gradient in Affinity product Indeed, no dither is applied to Gradient Overlay and no option to added it either. I hope this is not a bug and they leave it the way it is now haha. Thank you all very much once again. I learnt new things today thanks to you all. Ta
  8. Hello guys! I'm looking for a way to create gradients that are made of solid bands (show banding), as opposed to have them dithered. I understand that the dither is to make them look smoother. But for a particular project I am working on, I need them with banding. I can accomplish this in Photoshop. Its gradient tool bar has a Dither tick box. So you have the option. I thought I found something similar in Affinity Photo/Designer. In Preferences/Performance>"Dither Gradients". But this tick box doesn't seem to affect the Gradient tool in Photo or the Fill Tool in Designer. Maybe it refers to something else? Any ideas how could I produce such gradients? Many thanks!
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