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  1. Hi, I don't know why but the marquee has always have display issues, at least in the Windows version of Affinity Photo/Designer. It got a bit worst in version 1.7 (latest one). The marquee is not rendered at all if - Select a layer and change its opacity below 50%. - Ctrl+click on the layer thumbnail to marquee select it. Result: Marquee is not visible. But the layer is marquee selected though. Click on other layer and Ctrl+J, it will copy the 'invisible' selection. Hope repro steps make sense. Thanks
  2. Hello guys, I reported this problem some time ago. It seems it was partially fixed. Photo keeps file handles open even after closing the document in Photo, thus I cannot move or delete files in Windows. If I drag and drop an image file on Photo's tools bar, then proceed to close the document. I DO can move or delete the file in Windows. All good. However, if I drag and drop an image file on Photo's tools bar (same operation as before). Then repeat the drag and drop operation with the very same image file. Photo doesn't create another document for the same image file because one already exists. Fair enough. Now, close the document. This time though, I cannot move or delete the file because Windows says the file is open in Affinity Photo. It seems like even though Photo doesn't create a new document, a new file handle is created and not used, locking up the file. This problem also happens in Affinity Designer. Hope these repro steps make sense. Thanks
  3. Hi Sean, The GIF was downloaded from the Internet, he didn't make it. But he used an online tool to get the frames (ezgif). I performed a test. I created a simple animated GIF and uploaded to that online tool. It gave me the sequence of frames as GIFs but they opened fine in Photo. So I don't think ezgif is introducing something. I asked my friend to send me the rest of the frames of that animation (he initially sent me two frames only). Upon opening the rest of the GIFs in Photo, some displayed correctly and the others with the same problem. So it seems that whatever they use to create the GIFs or animation, isn't consistently adding whatever information is in the GIF to make it look wrong in Photo and Designer. I re-saved one of the GIFs with the problem in GIMP, where it looks OK, and re-opened it back in Photo and it looks OK. Seems like GIMP filtered out whatever was in the GIF. I hex-diffed the two GIFs (the original one and the re-saved one). There are some differences but I can't tell what the extra bytes are. I found a "Netscape2.0" tag in the offending GIF but I don't think that is the problem because that tag is also present in the other GIFs that displayed correctly. It is definitively something in the image data block. Probably the way the data is compressed. I will continue the investigation later on as I am a bit busy at the moment. I hope this information is useful to you. Many thanks
  4. A friend of mine gave me the file. He used an online GIF tool to generate animations. He mentioned it to me but I can't remember the name of the website/tool. I can ask him again next time I see him. MS-Paint (among others) opens the file correctly. MS-Paint is an old application, maybe that tool my friend used adds some arcane GIF extension block known when MS-Paint was first conceived. And such extension block is no longer used. Or perhaps is something other applications just ignore and skip it...
  5. @Ron P, Thanks for confirming. I had it set to New. @Chris, I changed to Add and it still happens if you drag in one direction, say from top right to bottom left, just a short distance, then the selection is lost. But, again with Add, if I drag back and forth a few times and then release, the selection is preserved. This is with the graphics tablet. I think with mouse it's OK. For the records, my graphics tablet is a Wacom Intuos 3 (Model PTZ-630) Thank you both!
  6. Hello guys, I make a selection. Then I press and hold space bar (mouse cursor changes to a hand) to quickly pan the view without selecting the hand tool. Holding LMB and dragging the mouse I can accomplish the panning. All good. But if I press LMB and release on the spot, my selection gets deselected, even though I haven't release the space bar and the mouse cursor still in hand mode. Shouldn't Marquee tool stop deselecting since I am still in "panning mode", panning should override the deselection if I'm still holding down space bar. Or am I missing something? This happens very often when I am using the graphics tablet because I do quick gestures with the pen and sometimes I miss the dragging action and perform a press and release action in the same spot. Thanks
  7. Hi Sean! It stays in place and seems to be part of the image. And some corruption can be seen in the bottom right of the images. I have uploaded an image to your dropbox account. Thank you!
  8. Hello guys, Designer and Photo open some GIFs with a portion of the image shifted to the right. Probably because the GIF has some metadata affinity can't understand? The same file opens OK in MS-Paint or any other graphics editor, so the GIF is fine. Example: This should be a perfect donut. I have some GIFs with the problem but I cannot post them here. Also, not sure if it is related but after opening a few of such GIFs, and closing Photo (haven't tried with Designer) the application crashes. Thanks!
  9. Doesn't seem to be. I had that ticked off and the aereo ones as well (the shaking thing). Photo and Designer still do it. Now, if Affinity uses Windows facilities to do that trick, then perhaps they should honour users settings. Probably reading Windows registry or whatever. If using Windows' is what they do then the issue is a bug.
  10. Hello Chris, Thanks for replying! I usually use keyboard (Ctrl +/-). Navigator panel has the same issue as well as with the zoom tool's slider. With mouse I haven't seen it very often. Perhaps because it is nearly impossible to get whole number, it always ends up with a weird percentage. And units are in pixels. Document complexity is close to nothing. I can reproduce the problem just with a document with the image above. Renderer: Default (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti) Retina Rendering: Automatic (Best) OK so just looking at the other options is that Performance dialog. View Quality was set to Bilinear (Best Quality). I changed it to Nearest Neighbour and the issue seems to be gone. Probably because this option doesn't interpolate or uses antialiasing. But I don't know if not using Bilinear would have an impact in quality on layers with shapes or anything else... every thing looks OK at a glance. I will keep this option and see if I notice anything unusual. Ta
  11. Hey, Windows versions of Photo and Designer have an option to "float the windows". This is an amazing feature which I use a lot. It is common for me to have multiple windows open and move them around as I work. However, I spend more time fighting Photo/Designer than drawing because these apps insist I should dock the windows either on the app viewport or in another window. Photo/Designer automatically try to dock it when I drag the window near a "hot spot" (it shows a semi transparent blue rectangle indicating where it wants to dock), such areas are quite big and I often dock the windows accidentally with the slightest movement. My question. Is there an option to stop this automatic docking, so I can have the document windows floating all the time during a work session? Thanks
  12. Hello guys, I'm working in Pixel Persona, plotting pixels. And I have an issue when I zoom in/out a pixel layer. Sometimes the image becomes blurred when I zoom in, say, at 200%. See image below. When it happens, I have to zoom in and out consecutively until it properly draws the layers. To me, this is a bug and happens very often The image below shows the issue (image amplified for ease of view). Sometimes layers display like the left hand side capture, when it should always be like the right hand side capture. Another issue I have seen but not very often. Probably related. Is that part of the layers got the blur whilst other parts look sharp. When this happens, the issue doesn't go away no mater what I try. So I have to save and close the document, then reopened to get the pixel layer displayed correctly. See second image. I think it happens when affected areas are "off-screen" the viewport. So I zoom in, then pan the view, and the parts dragged into view come out blurred, but not 100% reproducible. I hope this makes sense. I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit OS. Designer I hope this gets fixed at some point. Not holding my breath though. Ta
  13. I just installed the latest version of Affinity Photo hoping this bug is fixed... well, it is not Trying to help. Maybe someone can forward these ideas to the dev team: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/fxfsw25t.aspx https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms724211(v=vs.85).aspx http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/fstream/ofstream/close/ Thanks
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