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  1. Old Bruce, I am so grateful for your quick reply! I have spent WAY too much time on this little book. Many thanks!
  2. How can I set a default font for interior pages so I can easily change to different font? I understand how to set a font per text box, but want a kind of global font so can all be changed in one place. Thank you!
  3. The behavior persisted even with resizing until I shut down and reopened the Affinity Designer Application. Now everything lines up and the palette buttons work great. I am sure it is me doing something unexpected that no reasonable person would ever do as I smash through tutorials. I am loving Affinity Designer. I just did a graphic in 20 seconds that would have taken me 10 minutes in Photoshop. Thank you for your response and suggestion.
  4. I would love it if Affinity Publisher outputted all standard eBook formats and allowed for interactivity in eBooks where supported by file type. Interactive features would include: popups with texts animation sound files ability to turn features on or off within the book page jumps on choice Since Affinity is the future and interactive books are the future, seems a perfect match to me. Right now, there are some add-on interactive features programs or software that are limited to very specific outputs; Kotobee, iBooks Author, Aquafadas, inkling, Interact Builder, DemiBooks, Atavist, Talespring and others. My perfect workflow would be to draft the book, illustrate it in Designer (with Designer allowing frame animation), design in Publisher including any interactivity, and export across a wide variety of formats. I realize this is a huge technical challenge, but it is my fantasy workflow. Thank you.
  5. When I add a palette to my document and want to add the currently active color to my custom palette, I cannot use the little pallette icon to add the current color to the custom palette as I have seen demonstrated in tutorials and as the tool tip indicates is intended for that purpose. Further, when I do add a color to the custom palette through the active object>drop down>add color to palette, then add chord colors to that current color item, the entire lineup of square palette icons is misaligned, located above where it should be. Is perhaps the little palette (add current color to palette) icon's active spot in the UI also misaligned? Version: Designer 1.6.1 on iMac Mojave 10.14.2 Thank you.
  6. @Elfred @Tifrato Thank you both so much for your patience in solving this. My error was that I did not install the fonts as they were initially listed by AnyFont. Strangely the first time I did it I was not prompted to and it displayed all of the fonts in a neat list so I thought I was done. The second time I was prompted to install the fonts. So now I do see the Profiles Elfred said I should see, which I didn't before. And now, Tifrato, the added font shows up in the Affinity Font List for use in the application. So AnyFont appears to work great with Affinity Designer and iPad Pro! Excluding operator error of course. Thank you!
  7. Interesting, Elfred, Anyfont not showing up in Settings although I can access the app from Home screen. It seemed like a great solution just not working for me on latest iPad Pro. Maybe operator error on the Anyfont solution, but I got some fonts in the Affinity way. Thanks for your help.
  8. @DM1 This is immensely helpful and clarifies some of the documentation and tutorials I have seen. Many Thanks!!!
  9. I have a lot of trash files that I would like to delete. The Help document on files talks about everything but deleting. What would be the ideal workflow and storage to keep the iPad storage lean? Thank you.
  10. I did buy and instal AnyFont. I added some fonts of mine from my iMac via AirDrop. It seemed to work according to AnyFont. But even after shutting down the Designer app and the iPad Pro, the fonts are not loading into the Fonts for the TEXT command within Designer for iPad. Am I missing something? Thank you.
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