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  1. +1 for the offset path tool, also for mapping. Sigh.
  2. That’s quite all right, @Aaron Martin. I wish I could communicate in a second or third language as well as you do in English!
  3. Indeed. They’re not trying to pattern themselves after Adobe or Quark (or Aldus or Frame or Corel), and that’s why they’re creating such good products.
  4. Umm, no, of course not. Just basic and nearly universally-needed features, as I said.
  5. Thanks for responding, @Aaron Martin! I’ve been using DTP software since 1988; I’m not sure what you’re trying to tell me here, though. Could you clarify? Right, of course. How is this relevant to footnotes?
  6. I purchased Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer 1.6 this last winter — testing them out first, of course, and being really impressed with how full-featured, fast, and intuitive they both were. It never occurred to me that Affinity Publisher 1.7 would debut without such basic and nearly universally-needed features as footnotes and endnotes, so I bought it sight unseen. Caveat emptor, right? I get what I deserve. So Publisher will sit in my Applications folder unused, reminding me always always always to test software before buying it. What were they thinking? It looks beautiful, of course. Too bad it’s useless....
  7. That’s both really surprising and tremendously disappointing, @MarkDaniel. Thanks for the link, though; I hadn’t found that forum yet.
  8. Affinity Publisher looks truly excellent — but I can’t see how to add either footnotes or endnotes. Where have you hidden them? [There’s a small bit of my brain that’s telling me that you haven’t implemented either yet, but I can’t believe that. Of what possible use would this beautiful new app be without such a basic functionality? I think it’s more likely that you’ve hidden them somewhere or that you’re calling them something else and that I just haven’t found them yet. Please tell me that’s right....]
  9. Yes, I know it’s 28 months later, but I’m seeing this now with Affinity Photo 1.6.11 on macOS 10.14.2. I zoom in pretty far (so I can see the place to defringe clearly), set everything the way it looks best, zoom out, and find that areas that looked fine while I was zoomed in are now vastly over-processed. The artifacting moves and is more or less of a problem depending on the exact zoom level. Enclosed screenshots are of the same area of a larger image at different zoom levels with an active live defringe layer. I have not, of course, changed the defringe settings when adjusting the zoom level.
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