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  1. Thanks for your reply. I understand that. But I don‘t see why this affects the way AP shows or forgets undeveloped pictures. I simply cannot decide at a first glance if I want to dive into the picture and develop it or better take the next or that other one I saw as a thumbnail. So navigating back and forth should not „kind of delete“ the pictures. This is simply unexpected. And unfortunately you cannot simply put the forgotten ones back, because if I import the very same stack again, I‘ll get duplicates. What means DAM? I‘m getting curious I hope that‘s not too late... I really want to use AP as my first choice for doing semi-professional photography on my iPad Pro!
  2. I just tested AnyFont in Affinity Photo and it worked perfectly well with our Company brand‘s fonts I just installed. @Three: how did you try to install a font with AnyFont? Did you see the Youtube Clip explaining the installation process already? What kind of fonts do you try to import? I had some problems with „WebFonts“...
  3. Hey Affinity! First of all: great job on Affinity Photo. I tried to get rid of macOS and my notebook and recently moved to the new iPad Pro 2018 (12.9“) and it‘s great! Affinity Photo really does a good job. But there‘s some things that it could do better - from my point of view. First of all: When I import multiple photos and tip on a thumbnail to dive into the development persona for raw photos, I always have to „develop“ the picture or it gets lost when I return to the overview (see short video file attached). This is kind of annoying. Is this the way it‘s intended? As I tend to work on multiple files within projects, it would be very handy if Affinity Photo supports more on that topic. I definitely miss more features for handling large amounts of pictures, say tagging pictures, attaching labels or color codes or star votes - things like that. And at last: When I worked on several photos within a project I come to a moment that I‘d like to export my work, there‘s no chance to export all files in a row. So I really want a feature „export all“, for example reachable via the three-dot-menu beside the project title in the main view. If you have any advice or tip to support my kind of workflow, it‘d be great. Thanks in advance! Cheers, Frank 1505A9EF-3AB6-421F-9666-EC4EDE51F5B1.MOV
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