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  1. Yes to this. I just want a simpler time of fewer never-used yet on-all-the-time system fonts.
  2. My understanding is that it is the screen which comes up when you start the application. You can access it by going to the menu item Affinity Photo > About Affinity Photo. It has the version number.
  3. I have two sets one called "English" and the other called "Current Project" The latter I will set up if I know in advance what fonts I will want to use, the Former is used for those projects that I don't know for sure which fonts will be best. A set called "Affinity" which would load automatically in place of the system's entire active fonts would be a boon for everyone suffering from a surfeit of system fonts.
  4. Old Bruce

    [] Merge Documents test

    It is swapping the text-flow-joined text frames only (from the Left to the Right) and then it dumps the text flow from that first added page and continues on from there. Note that the page numbers are fine. As it stands now the only way I can see this working 'properly' is with single page spreads. With that there are no missing/added/blank pages, just the document I add. But I don't want to work with single page spreads.
  5. I would be interested to see if people on windows or other Mac OSes have the same problems. Five Documents included. I hope the names make sense. Pub Test 2.zip I have 2 Master Pages ("2 col 1 col Chapter Start" & "Bulk Text") with Text Frames' Baselines coloured Red, Green and Blue and the second Master Page has the Text Frames' Baselines coloured as Cyan and Yellow. I have included the Page Numbers near the relevant Text Frames set in the relevant colour. Using a new document with only a blank default Master Page and one page I get great failures on all three methods of "Add Pages from File..." Before, Replacing and After using either radio button choice of All Pages or Pages x-y and choosing pages 1-4. What I wind up with is a document which starts on page one being blank in all cases. With the After choice there is a second blank page and then the page 1 content (from the document being added) starts on page three. What is most disturbing is what happens with the first page when adding the pages before or replacing the pages, the first page has the page numbers from the Master Page "2 col 1 col Chapter Start" placed correctly but the Text frame is from the Left page of that Master and I can see that the text frames from the Right page are on the non-existant page 0 (Left page) along with the 'proper' page number. The final page has the correct Master Page applied to the left and Right pages.
  6. I notice that there is also a problem drawing with OpenGL check out the Page "0 (zero)" on the left of page 1. You can see the rectangle for the Bleed. This happens when double clicking on Page 1 after viewiing a Master Page. Using the arrows at the bottom of the Pages Pane or the various next/previous page shortcuts will show you the single page one.
  7. Using OpenGL there are some problems with selecting Pages in the pages panel by double clicking. It works alright when using Metal. And I notice that there is also a problem drawing with OpenGL I have a seperate topic for that.
  8. Old Bruce

    Baselline Grid in Master Pages

    Okay I just checked and the Baseline Grid is visible in the beta under all conditions but it is not available in the current release version under any circumstance that I can figure.
  9. Check your settings in the Snapping Manager to turn on/off various options.
  10. Works on Mac OS 10.12.6
  11. Those are for the system and are deemed absolutely necessary. Another reason for me to not upgrade to the new Mac OS.
  12. Old Bruce

    Baselline Grid in Master Pages

    Oh, [expletive deleted]. I'll have to check on that. From memory there was something like what you are describing.
  13. Old Bruce

    Baselline Grid in Master Pages

    This is with Mac OS 10.14.6 These are double page spreads. I can have different grids on Master Pages and apply them successfully to different spreads only using Open GL. With Metal I get a brief flash of a grid when I first (and only that first time) change pages but then they are all blank, so basically I cannot get a grid on a page using metal under any circumstances. To not see the grid I just have to change to Metal.
  14. Old Bruce

    Hyphenation Dialog Nit-pick

    Difference of values up top and physical distances below.
  15. Old Bruce

    Baselline Grid in Master Pages

    I think this is a Metal versus Open GL thing, at least on Mac I have a problem with it with the beta as well just not showing grids on the pages. Only on the Master Pages do they show up. Use Open GL and all is good, Metal no grids on Pages.
  16. I think that it is the result of using two separate algorithms. I do not know this, I only suspect it.
  17. I too am frustrated by this. Perhaps a dialog box could be developed for a more powerful implementation. Select the object and then enter a formula for distance, scale, shear and rotation topped off with number of duplicates.
  18. Unless you really need to update the OS don't bother. Save yourself a lot of frustration.
  19. Using Font Book you can just turn them off. Deactivate.
  20. That was amazing tech and so useful for so many things. I do not miss that at all.
  21. The Rules' gap (offsets) will change if you change the height of the frame, increase with and increase and vice versa. Also if you have the checkbox for Scale with object ticked then an increase in Height will noticeably thicken the line. Changing the only width of the Text Frame will only thicken the line, the offset will remain as originally input. I cannot change it back after changing the width or height using the Frame Text. More weirdness if you change the number of columns, the rules are no longer centred in the gaps.
  22. But we can drag pixel layers onto other Artboards so I think it is good that they are the size of the whole area.
  23. Old Bruce

    Check for Updates

    This is only for Mac, Not sure if there is a similar method for Windows. If you purchased from the Mac App Store (MAS) then the checking is done through MAS, if you bought from Affinity then check under the "Affinity Photo" Menu, there will be a Check for Updates... item in the menu.
  24. If you mean the photos of the vehicle then yes, they are all a bit blue (more cyan than yellow and magenta). I am guessing that you want them to be white, is that correct?
  25. Be aware that you will more than likely wreck something. Right Click on the Designer Application and choose Show Package Contents. Poke around at your own risk. There are over 3000 image files in Resources.

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