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  1. Tried with the retail and got the black 'image' then I tried with the beta and got a crash. Affinity Photo Beta_2020-09-25-112034_Mac-Pro.crash Oddly there is a preview available with the finder which looks like the above image from @Armin#
  2. I cannot get the brush overlay to accumulate, in fact it seems to get lighter with further brushstrokes. First is with 1.8.4 and then I switch to I have the same setup for the two programs and the brushes are both 500 px and 50% hardness. Overlay beta.mov
  3. Okay, that makes sense about the Gradient overlay. Regarding the stuttering... Eraser.mov
  4. The way I set up templates is with enough stuff that I will use over and over again, but I do not set it up to include too much stuff. Meaning Page numbers on Master Pages, Margins and Guides and Grids plus a few Paragraph Styles and Character Styles that can be starting points. I would also include the CMYK (or if it is for Web or electric distribution, RGB). Do check out the Grid manager, and the Guides manager, your project may benefit from using them. Bleed would be necessary too if it is for print. Also if you have colours you will use (CMYK 0, 0, 0, 100 for pure black for the text) then I would set up a document Palette with that global colour. Then save it as a template by going to File > Export as Template ...
  5. Go to your Master Pages for the Recipes and remove the text wrap from the text frames but leave it for the picture frames.
  6. Couple of things, Use the search function instead of looking in 'Favourites'. Type the name of the lens into the red area and you'll get a list. and finally you can try to use the Assistant to assign the lens profile automatically. Go to View > Assistant Manager then choose the Develop Assistant... I have some old Nikkor glass I use on my Canon so there is no lens information but I can still choose the correct focal length for correction. It is the focal length that is important, although I will wager that there are some zooms which really need the correct file.
  7. Leading is a Paragraph attribute, the Leading Override is a Character attribute. Plus check to see if the two Paragraph Styles are set to honour Align to Baseline.
  8. I searched and found some earlier reports which are more than a year old, many had been retired to the (Pre 1.7) Bugs on Mac so I figured I would start a new one as this is still with us. The eraser tool in the RAW Overlays doesn't work well. I cannot erase anything from a Gradient Overlay. There is still the stuttering happening. This is also happening in the beta [1.9.0]
  9. Once you have saved the file you have to export it as an Affinity Photo Template file by going to File > Export as Template... You may be able to skip the saving (as an Affinity file) step, it depends on what the Photoshop file has in it that is unique to Adobe, and just open the file and export.
  10. Essentially: Affinity reads Affinity files, Adobe reads Adobe files. So a Photoshop file is not an Affinity template file.
  11. Your Document is in RGB colour, use File > Document Setup... and choose the colour tab to change it to cmyk. Ihr Dokument ist in RGB-Farbe, verwenden Sie Datei > Dokumenteinrichtung... und wählen Sie die Registerkarte Farbe, um sie in cmyk zu ändern.
  12. Use the Move tool to select the rectangle and move it to where you want a new artboard to be. Switch to the Artboard Tool and use the Selection in the menu. You'll get the yellow rectangle as an artboard .
  13. You want the picture to push the text out of the way so apply the wrap to the picture. The picture will then have the text wrap around it.
  14. Are you wanting to erase or do you want a colour to be partly transparent?
  15. I am unable to use the Replace function of the Find and Replace panel for replacing Text Styles. The wrong ones come up from the list. It will find the Style or words I am looking for but selecting the replace chooses a style from higher in the list of Paragraph styles. I do believe this happened when it was first introduced.
  16. I see this as a flicker when zooming out, the offscreen area will show the "x" on the picture frames but it does not persist. This occurs in the 1.8.4 retail and the new 1.9.0.x beta. I am on Mac OS 10.14.6
  17. The the menu's items, and therefore the keyboard shortcuts, are toggles which will open if closed and close if open. I don't think there is a way to 'bring to front'.
  18. Ninja-ed by the original poster, damn I am slow this morning. Glad you solved it and glad you posted your solution as well.
  19. If you purchased them through the Serif webstore you'll be able to set the frequency that it checks for updates to Monthly or even Never by using the preferences in Mac OS. If they were purchased from the Mac App Store you can change the settings in your App Store preferences and I would assume that it is similar on Windows OS.
  20. I notice that there is a sweet spot (sour spot) near the black object where I cannot select the red circle but I have to work at it, but that is moot now because the good news is that this bug is fixed in the 1.9.0 beta.
  21. It is nice that all three applications now show the correct zooming when using the zoom tool (in the context toolbar). But I am still not seeing the expected behaviour when I double click on the hand tool ie zoom to fill (or fit on screen). Although using the hand tool and double clicking on the canvas or anywhere on the screen will still give me the fit to screen behaviour. Not a bug so much as a comment/heads up and thanks to the developers on the zooming showing up correctly and an "I wish ..."
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