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  1. Oh, I should emigrate. From your point of view that may be immigrate.
  2. I checked the transparency by making a new document with a coloured "background" layer to simulate the tee shirt then imported the pdf on top of that and could see the white on colour. GP_TShirt_Design.pdf
  3. Do you have a bitmap for the Gradient fill in the Rim 2 > Ellipse. I ask because it seems to be misaligned somehow. This is from a copy and paste to a new document, I also have to question why the shadow is on this shape, or rather the group called Rim 2.
  4. I tried your file and exported like this with the result that there is a transparent background.
  5. I assume you mean you want to get rid of/alter things from the master pages. Use the Layers Panel and right click on the Master Page in there and choose Edit Detached from the context menu. You have to right click on the actual Master Page, not the individual layers within the Master Page.
  6. Can you not create Global Swatches and use them to colour the Text and then use those Global Swatches to override the colour of the numbers? Real bad example here. Untitled.afpub
  7. In general you just have to delete the application then download the installer from where-ever you purchased it from and install.
  8. It isn't the same as clicking but I use the X key to swap choose background/foreground or fill/stroke colour. This comes with the caveat that you cannot have the text cursor active in a text selection because then you'll get an x in the text. EDIT: I had a poor choice of words, doesn't swap but changes the focus.
  9. That dot is the colour chosen by the colour picker. You can change it by clicking on the eye-dropper and then clicking on some colour (white in your case). If you click on the dot it will change the colour in the foremost colour well.
  10. No, I just reformatted the HD then installed away from the Mac App Store (2) and the Affinity/Serif website (1) {and a bunch of other websites for everything else} for a lovely long weekend. Thanks for reminding me that I have too much stuff on here and should do so again soon.
  11. This happens with both Photo [164] and Publisher [556] betas. I have gotten into the habit of doing a control start with the new betas after I download them I reset the default set. Then I set the preferences to what I like. This involves having to restart because I go to use Metal instead of openGL. Hitting the Restart Now button results in nothing happening then a crash after several seconds. Appears to happen after a machine restart or a Log out Log in. And just to really frustrate you, occasionally it will restart after the crash log appears.
  12. I mark out the marque selection and then with the Marque Tool still selected I move it into the selection and there it changes into a four pointed arrow shape which allows me to move the selection.
  13. This is a preference in General. But I doubt that is the actual source of your gripe which I share. If I open a file I want to see that file not the one or two or three previous ones.
  14. Click on the little 'chain linked' icon on the right.
  15. This forum section is for the beta of Publisher, not the 1.7 retail version.
  16. Here on Mac OS 10.14.6 the Wacom driver is 6.3.38-3 and the Wacom page says for Windows it is 6.3.38-2 https://www.wacom.com/en-us/support/product-support/drivers
  17. <pedant> that... </pedant> [slightly snarky smiley face emoticon]
  18. For a "raised cap" I first make a Character Style, "Drop Cap", with No Change for everything except the Scaling which I set at 200% or 300% for 2 or 3 lines. Then I set up a Paragraph Style and choose 1 line for the height and the "Drop Cap" Character Style.
  19. I do the opposite, betas are in dark mode. Swings and Roundabouts.
  20. Select the curve that is the outline of the map and fill it with white, is this what you are aiming for?
  21. Only on the righthand page not on the left hand page and only on the brown page.
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