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  1. I've seen several issues with changes within a symbol not propagating to other instances of the symbol. I'm not sure if it is because of multiple bugs, or they are just different manifestations of the same bug. But here's what I'm seeing specifically right now: I have a compound shape within a symbol. When I change the operation, the change is not propagated to the other instance(s), even though other changes are. I've attached a screen recording to demonstrate. symbol-compound-bug.mov
  2. Happy belated 6th birthday to this feature request!!! 🥳🥳🥳 As much as I love AD, missing features like this make me question the value of continuing to invest my time in this product when other projects like Vector Styler (which I learned about in this thread) have been developed FROM SCRATCH in less time than it takes the Affinity team to add a highly popular requested feature and had tons of other features that AD doesn't have. I really do want to make AD my only vector design software, but until it has tracing, warp and mesh tools, calligraphy brushes, and scripting, I will be relu
  3. Putting in another vote for supporting calligraphic brushes. Really, all we need is non-rotating brushes. I really hope it doesn't take another 4.5 years to implement it.
  4. I want to add one more thing: I think there also needs to be a way to bail in the middle of an operation that's taking way too long. I just started an XOR that I don't think is going to finish before the app crashes, and there's no way out of it. It would be really nice to be able to reconsider and try again on a smaller subset of curves without having to deal with the crash and recovery process.
  5. I was creating a relatively simple shape where I divided some intersecting lines and circles, divided them, deleted the unwanted segments, and then tried to add them back together. This sent the memory spiraling upward until the OS had to intervene (I had switched apps while waiting) and tell me to shut something down, and at that point Designer was consuming 50GB. I have already learned that I have to be careful adding together too many objects at once, but this is a pretty unsatisfactory experience. Both the amount of memory consumed, and the lack of safeguards inside the application to w
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