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  1. Today was my first time using Linked PNG images. Upon updating the linked PNGs (about 200 of them), every single one has an incorrection insertion point (beyond the limits of the frame, no less; which requires additional steps of Layer navigating and panning away from the frame... every. single. time.). For years, I have been very happy with Affinity products, but didn't have an opportunity to use external resources until now. I'm very disappointed. This feature should not have been released until it was rock-solid. It's the kind of bug that burns you only after you've already invested a
  2. I've tried creating a "user variable" but it doesn't have the expected behaviour: It does not update globally in all the other slice occurrences. So instead, since all i'm doing is creating a variable for the filename, it would also work to have a builtin variable for it. Thanks!
  3. For those looking for solution options, here's my temporary workaround for uncomplicated files. Problem: Switching to Export persona hangs/crashes indefinitely. And any files saved as v1.7.2 will have this problem. System: Win 10 Home, Dell XPS, 1. Uninstall Designer v1.7.2 2. Install Designer v1.7.1.404 3. Create a copy of the file that was saved as v1.7.2, then open the copy. 4. Create a new blank file in v1.7.1, save and overwrite the orignal. 5. Switch to the copy and select artboards, then copy/paste them over to the new file. 6. Save the new file.
  4. same basic problem: can't see text selection highlight. But with this unusual twist: If I zoom out, I can eventually see the selection. Thankfully the text is still legible. Font size has no effect, it is solely tied to the zoom scale.
  5. hmm... no traction, eh? Does this idea fall flat or am i doing things wrong coz a solution already exists? I'd love to know how others are managing the need to "lock" skew, aspect/scale, but "unlock" position, and rotation of children. Do you just toggle constantly?
  6. What do the fine folks at Serif recommend as an alternative to Acrobat? i.e.: Basic PDF manipulation: Merge/Extract/Export
  7. I would like to suggest some revisions to the "Lock children" feature, that admittedly cater to how I would prefer to work, but I image it would be generally good for all. 1. Hold "Alt" while dragging grips to temporarily toggle the default behaviour set by the checkbox AND/OR, add the ability to assign a keyboard shortcut to toggle the setting. 2. Have optional sub-settings, similar to snaps drop-down, which would allow people to choose what is locked, when locking is on. (Position, Rotation, Stretch/Scale [+lock aspect], Skew... perhaps even similar options for affecting fill
  8. Definitely buy Affinity! Both products have their strengths, and inevitably each with have features not present in the other. The only thing that I truly miss when working with Affinity is Inkscape's AMAZING node editing. For example: Insert = add new nodes at midpoints of all selected nodes Ctrl + click node = cycle thru node types ! = Invert node selection. Grow or shrink node selection; spatially or along path. Sculpt selected nodes based on distance from drag point. (ie, elastic distortion) Node hovering along with any transform shortcut-keys (eg:
  9. The ability to real-time edit embedded files is fantastic! Is it possible to do the same across Designer and Photo? (If so, I can't figure it out) To clarify, what i mean: having a parent Affinity Photo mockup open, but the child design open in Affinity Designer and see edits in real-time just like if both were open in the same app. Something like: right-click "Open in Designer" (Ultimately, I'm imagining the child as a separate linked file; but is such a thing possible for the embedded Designer content as is currently implemented?) For now, I'm just hitting Designer>Save,
  10. i'm making a collection of assets to be used in PowerPoint slides and just discovered that WMF/EMF export cannot be used as an Export Persona Preset!!! Time to bust out the AutoHotKey chops //grumble, grumble... >:[
  11. The expected behaviour was that i could create a symbol that contains an image to be used multiple times, and if the image is updated, then just replace it once in the symbol. What happens instead is that the selected instance of the symbol changes, none of the others update, but the app still reports that the symbol is synced (and sync was on the whole time). Also, the filesize bloats because now multiple images are stored.
  12. I would happily pay a few bucks for PagePlus while we await the much-anticipated Affinity Publisher, but not if the work done with it becomes obsolete or unusable. So i'm wondering if Affinity Publisher plans to include a rock-solid conversion from PagePlus?
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