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  1. The same issue happens in Designer as well. I have a group of curves. Some of the curves have no stroke, some of the have strokes of different widths. When I set the stroke color, all curves with "no stroke" setting gets a 1pt stroke. Normal strokes for these curves: The horizontal lines are strokes, the other symbols are only fills. I set Stroke color for the group: Now the symbols got an unintentional new stroke. I think it could make sense to add a default width stroke when setting the stroke color, but not for a group, where there can be individual curves where the stroke is intentionally turned off.
  2. I'm creating a book that contains SVG graphics and musical scores (also SVG). Will be printed with digital. The printing house expects that the text be 100% K, and not "rich black". This is easy, I do it, export in PDF X-1a will be great. However, the logos and the scores are in RGB color space (#000000) - which also totally makes sense, as SVG is an RGB format. My problem is that I cannot set that the RGB 000 be set as CMYK 0 0 0 100. I'm not sure how it really goes out. If the music part is converted to CMYK 20 30 40 80 or something "rich black", it will be bad. Is there any way to make sure that what is black text/music in the SVG comes out as 100% Black in CMYK during export?
  3. I though I'd share one more attempt, season 1 episode 3. Now I tried to limit the usage of brushes, and let them work as they are. No customization, only blending mode (average/lighten/darken sometimes) and size, used Oil: Chisel Shaped (trees, shadows, soil, water lines etc. ), Medium Fibers (small bushes, clouds), Large fibers (large bushes, water), Broken Bristles Glazing (snow) and Smear brush with Broken Bristles Flickering. I think I'm getting better: getting to learn the brushes and learn to control them.
  4. Ok, so I followed Bob in Shades of Grey (Season 2 Episode 4 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-ousb8-SD0 ) For some parts it was really fun, for some parts it was not - probably because I'm quite a beginner. I'm not an artist at all. I used the following brushes in various sizes: large and mid bristles, broken bristles glazing and detailer, short daub 1 and 2, and the chisel stuff. This was plenty, I struggled quite a bit to keep consistency. I have no idea if I managed to produce something that is at least a little bit good, but I enjoyed the process anyway, and that was Bob's goal I guess. This is my 2nd digital painting in my life, the 1st in Affinity Photos. I chose a black-and-white picture, as I have color vision deficiency. This is the result:
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FfVnEIkA3I&list=PLaGRTLvEbVzybijtYZRy4EoGrx6Bq_xOG I tried something like this in Affinity Photo - I gave up, as it seems everything depends on the brushes and the default AP brush set is very far from the tools Bob/Krita uses, fan brush, palette knife - they don't really have a counterpart in AP. Although with a lot of work, you might come up with brushes that allow you to do something like Bob... However, I started to feel that it really makes no sense to try to have "palette knife" and whatsoever in AP. Next time I'll just use some built-in AP brushes and try to create something I enjoy doing... that would probably work much better for me.
  6. I went through the Krita Bob Ross tutorial (on Age of Asparagus channel) and I'm planning to try the same in Affinity Photo. I think the concepts would be the same, even though Krita brushes are way more featurepacked and for washing, blending, mixing colors Krita is closer. However I do think that having fun can be achieved in Affinity Photo, even if differently.
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