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  1. Yeah, actually this is not possible because of precision of the Bezier If I need high accuracy on that, according to what I found. This requires calculation of the "common tangents" and it seems that some CAD software have it. (Not even Illustrator can.) Not sure it can be implemented in Affinity.
  2. Please add the Copy Flattened command to Designer/Publisher as well.
  3. Yeah, can not change the stroke width when it's in other than point unit. I'm on Windows 10 22H2
  4. New problem happens in 2.0.3. 1. adding the Gaussian Blur live filter to a fill layer makes children(start shape in this case) invisible. 2. applying the Gaussian Blur Layer FX to children makes children invisible on export.
  5. Totally agree that this behavior should be removed. Or at least Serif should give us an option to remove it.
  6. Select/Deselect action should not be included in the document history. ( I'm not talking about the Marquee selection, it's about object selection.) Or give me the option to exclude them. Many graphic apps such as Adobe or Corel do not include them in the document history.
  7. Some of holes inside glyphs vanish on export when the text has the stroke aligned to other than center. This happens with only vector formats and converting the text to curves makes no difference. and it happens on both Mac/Windows. stroke-align-problem.afdesign
  8. Right. but this is a suggestion from normal people's expectation like in MS Office. I saw people confused by using them like the Times New Roman font which is universal on both platforms.
  9. font manager no longer works on Ventura. https://typefaceapp.com/help/tips/removing-noto-fonts
  10. font manager no longer works on Ventura. https://typefaceapp.com/help/tips/removing-noto-fonts
  11. font manager longer works on Ventura. https://typefaceapp.com/help/tips/removing-noto-fonts
  12. "My Presets" imported from v1 isn't shared between Affinity apps. They become independent in each app.
  13. YuGothic in Ventura and Monterey is the same. It's a system font and the font version is the same also.
  14. This is not Ventura only problem. I was aware of it since long time ago, but just noticed that MSO and LO handle it.
  15. Affinity does not recognize Yu fonts as the same font between Mac & Windows. they are a systems font on both platforms. This may not be exactly a bug, but MS Office & LibreOffice consider them as the same font. Yu Gothic(Winodws) YuGothic(Mac) Yu Mincho(Winodws) YuMincho(Mac)
  16. Is it possible? It seems that there is no such option.
  17. Yes, just open 2003 and export to 2001. No specific conversion feature. but would be better than Scribus.
  18. Currently Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 19 is on sale for $25. This could be the cheapest PDF/X-1a:2003 to PDF/X-1a:2001 converter. https://www.magix.com/us/photo-graphic/xara-photo-graphic-designer/
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