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  1. I saw somebody mentioned the same problem that black rectangles show up on a pdf on Twitter. Cloud be related to this?
  2. This is serious problem for who creates small images need to be edited dot by dot such as icons.
  3. Please see the screenshots. AP show images 1px bigger on 100% view, so right and bottom will be cropped by 1px. Saved image is correct size, so it's just shown incorrectly in AP. *ap-screenshot1.png Right and bottom border is cropped. *ap-screenshot2.png As you see boundary box goes outside of the canvas. *bordered-box.png Actual image data.
  4. But somehow DrawPlus has only B JIS and has no B ISO sizes at all. Don't know the reason. but probably for Japanese users since B JIS is pretty standard in Japan.
  5. that's ISO, not JIS. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paper_size#Japanese_variation
  6. Would you add B paper sizes(JIS)? DrawPlus has B5 JIS format and it's common size. So please add at least B5.
  7. It seems that B paper sizes have been added to Publisher in recent beta.
  8. It seems that B paper sizes have been added to Publisher in recent beta.
  9. Custom font compatibility hasn't been implemented. Probably need to wait for v1.8
  10. Two fingers doesn't work and it's undo instead. I saw an article says that it's one finger. Did you changed the gesture?
  11. Yes talking about Divide.
  12. >Improved the reliability of Boolean Geometry operations What has improved? It still creates countless of unnecessary nodes. This is a big problem...
  13. Set decimal place for pixels to 0 in Preferences>User Interface. There is decimal number for units in order to control text/vector objects more precisely but for raster objects.
  14. That's sad. As you see many major printers still require 2001. they are living in the past. And they may keep using 2001 till the end of the world.
  15. I just noticed that DrawPlus does export PDF/X-1a:2001 using PDFlib which Affinity use. Why Affinity does not support PDF/X-1a:2001?
  16. Designer might need UI animation thing like Sketch, XD and Figma. It's a hot trend now.
  17. Currently Affinity is very incomplete in terms of typography especially for non-Latin language users. So it's not useful for printing/publishing. In order to make Affinity usable, there need to be additional use cases. Such as alternative to Powerpoint, XD. I know many people using Affinity for presentation or prototyping. Or please make the typography feature complete first instead.
  18. Great. Also some friends of mine are contributing to improve Japanese compatibility in this forum, please cooperate with them quickly as possible.
  19. Would be nice if Affinity had an option to choose lighter algorithm like resizing method. Done something fast is always important. Even though Helicon is inferior in terms of merging quality, its merging speed is huge advantage over Affinity.
  20. The problem is that Serif has too few staff who can evaluate foreign language environment. Japanese environment has been problematic and it's hard to explain it to them. Sometimes they leave a critical bug for more than a year.
  21. on an online discussion board, I saw someone is still experiencing performance issue with focus merge. According to him: Affinity Photo : 1min 28sec Helicon : 12sec Huge difference. He says it's Mac with eGPU Affinity isn't using eGPU?
  22. I know I can do it with Pen tool. This is a feature request that other vector graphics software have. Thank you for the opinion anyway.
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