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  1. thank you , but do you know how can i download affinity 1.8.4 ? and how can i know which release i am using now ? edit : i am using 1.8.3
  2. hello , anyone knows when affinity update and the new version will be released ?Or any expectations about what we will see ? thanks
  3. hello, i have used affinity suite almost for 2 months, but i really found a very big vacuum , it is just a shape builder tool,a lot of designers told you that includes me,so can you add it or just tell us that you have a plan to add it in the future ? because i am really finding a big problems working with logos using AD , even of that AD is specialized on designing logos,and i am sure that many designer if not all are facing the same problem ,so please try to make it the main plan for AD , because it is the only thing that me and a lot of designer need that fast,i am facing a lot of issues using the basic geometric operations,until i really forgot it because it became useless most times,i really appreciate your efforts for developing such as this great software,but we really need the shape builder tool as soon as possible,finally,this is one of 100000 problems that always facing me using geometric operation,thanks Desktop 2020.07.09 - t.
  4. To be honest i want to do the both , but i want to know how more than i want it already ready , and i have other question, that i have purchased affinity photo and designer on my PC , But some times i got tired working on the desktop , so i want to install and use affinity on my laptop ,Can i use it at both PC and laptop ? Or should i buy another license ? Thanks
  5. To be honest i think that too 😅 Iam stuck at 8:45 , He did the (gradient overlay effect) but those setting are not the same with me , so if any one have the time just go to this min and see what he didi , no need for sound just note what he did ,i tried but iam still not that good with affinity.thanks in advanced.
  6. Hello , thanks for your interest i really appreciate that , as the brother said i want to make this harmonic circle (in the picture) , the following video is just to show you how to do it in photoshop , no need for the sound just if you do not know look how he did it , maybe there isna way in affinity but in different method , Thanks
  7. Hello , any one knows how can i do this color harmony ? I want to know how can i creat this , i saw a vedio on youtube but it was with photoshop , so anyone knows how to do this with affinity photo or designer ? Thanks Vedio link :
  8. thanks for all replies , i really appreciate that , but i did not realize to be honest , i am new at coloring and color philosophy, so i want this : 1-i have a logo and after designing the logo i am doing the visual identity guideline 2-this guideline should include a cmyk , rgb ,hex , and i want to put PANTONE too 3-in illustrator i can do this as i saw , But no one demonstrate how to do it in affinity tuts 4-what should i do ? a man gave me the link to convert to pantone 5-i do not know from which color format and profile should i convert to PANTONE ? 6-I tried to do it with rgb and it is not the same color so it is wrong or that is normal ? please some one explain this to me , i am very confused thanks in advanced Omran
  9. hello , does anyone knows how can i decrease the nodes like the following picture ? thanks in advanced
  10. hello can some one tells me how can i add more than 1 selection with the pen tool ? thanks Desktop 2020.06.07 -
  11. Yes exactely , i did that i gave him RGB,CMYX,HEX,and I converted the rgb-cmyk colors to pantone using your tool , it is not the litteral same but i told him that ,Thanks very much
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