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  1. I use the effect of the View (hand) tool by pressing down my mouse scroll button. Very easy movement about a document that way. And constantly I find the View (hand) tools auto / default selection to be annoying. I just want the MOVE tool to be default because I have my mouse scroll to handle view tool... And yes absolutely this:
  2. Hi All, I am unsure where I heard it, but several years back I was told that the lifetime license will also enable the ability to update the software. However, I was also told the updates would be available up until the 2.0 version at which point would require a new license purchase. Now that we have hit this awesome and quite meaty 1.9 update, I assume 2.0 will be within the next 2-3 years? If so, will I need to repurchase my licenses? I absolutely will not complain if I have to, as not paying monthly (terrible adobe) means I have been able to instead buy a bunch of goods, the book
  3. I did not have any problem with account sync (on photo at least) but I saw some info about some more free goodies!!! Then once I did my account sync, I cannot see anything new... I do not see them on my account sync icon on top right of photo or inside my affinity account... What should I do to enable them???
  4. Hi All, Maybe a noob question, but I am struggling to understand the full benefit of "template" files (.aftemplate). I do understand they come in handy in opening a new document from: file>new>templates , however I do not really understand how else they are useful? In my current understanding, if I save a file myself with certain margins, guides, ruler settings etc etc and just name it "Design-File-Template", when I open that file that is NOT a ".aftemplate" and click "save as" everything is there.... Just fishing for ideas and reasons to use template files!
  5. Hi, Myself or my fiance made the object/file. Yes I soon realized that issue, but I would expect no response or a warning/error note to popup instead of program close! We almost lost some valuable work... Thanks, Shaw
  6. Please simply try to rasterize compound attached and you will find both Photo and Designer will just close. This has been reproduced on two different windows 10 computers. Using newest version photo: The Problem File.afphoto
  7. Hi All, I have tried digging into these forums already but still struggling to understand how I should proceed. As I am now quite comfortable with AF Photo, I am beginning to dig into Designer, and worried about my files not being usable by Illustrator. Hoping someone can help me to understand some issues / mistakes I might make before I start digging into Designer? What should I avoid if my intention is to create files usable by other graphic designers who are using Illustrator? Thanks peeps! Shaw
  8. I would like to have the ability to name individual pages, because when I export all pages, the name gets the page number appended to the end. If I could name pages, I could simply export and have the actual information I want on my file names.... For SKU purposes on files specifically.... "File-Name-page-color" instead of "File-Name-#"
  9. @Aad Slingerland Thank You! That was quite helpful, however, it appears on my AF Designer and Photo, that option was preselected @David in Яuislip preview pane is nice too! But it got ruined as many of my folders have various encrypted files, clicking an encrypted file attempts to open password box in order to display preview. I am unsure how to disable preview pane for password protected files only.... Maybe I can give Irfanview a try, I used to really like faststone maybe I can give that a try again too.
  10. I am unable to see image thumbnails specifically for .afphoto files within windows 10 file explorer. I have already unchecked "always show icons, never thumbnails" and I have deleted my thumbnail cache as per these instructions: https://www.wikihow.com/Enable-Image-Preview-to-Display-Pictures-in-a-Folder-(Windows-10)# This issue seems to only occur for affinity files (I really only work with photo). Is this a known issue, unfixable, or something specific to my computer I could potentially fix???
  11. I 100th? this... I have plenty of disk space sitting here begging to be utilized....
  12. Hi All! I think maybe I have a misunderstanding what "Soft proof" adjustment is. Affinity Photo Help > Soft Proof Adjustment states: "This adjustment allows you to preview different output options for your photo or design. It can also be used creatively for tonal effects. As it behaves like a standard adjustment layer, it must be hidden or removed before exporting or sending to print, otherwise its effect will be included in the output." So I have included a Soft Proof Adjustment as show in the attachment. I have then also printed using "Performed by app" and "G
  13. Hi All, Two questions. 1st. When I click the HELP button, it opens in my second monitor, which no longer exists lol 2nd. When I open a PDF that has hyperlinks (umm links on page one that jump to other pages of the document), and edit that pdf in affinity photo, I lose those hyperlinks when I export the PDF. How do I export the PDF in a way that I do not lose those hyperlinks???? Pixel-Dimension_manual_original-2.afphoto
  14. Hey All I've never been an artistic type, more of an ms excel kind of guy with an accounting degree. LOVE serif going wayback when I built my first site using webplus x4. Now photography and affinity photo have become my outlet of artistic expression! I am getting some real kicks here people! Cheers, Shaw
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