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  1. Hi All, Two questions. 1st. When I click the HELP button, it opens in my second monitor, which no longer exists lol 2nd. When I open a PDF that has hyperlinks (umm links on page one that jump to other pages of the document), and edit that pdf in affinity photo, I lose those hyperlinks when I export the PDF. How do I export the PDF in a way that I do not lose those hyperlinks???? Pixel-Dimension_manual_original-2.afphoto
  2. Hey All I've never been an artistic type, more of an ms excel kind of guy with an accounting degree. LOVE serif going wayback when I built my first site using webplus x4. Now photography and affinity photo have become my outlet of artistic expression! I am getting some real kicks here people! Cheers, Shaw
  3. I am not a crazy person Thanks for the follow through on this @Chris B and thank you @walt.farrell for taking the time to confirm this as well! And I got a valuable reminder from this. I'll tell myself, pay attention to LAYERS Shawheen!
  4. Ahhha okay now were cooking with fire! I thought, I tried document>flatten as a troubleshooting step however, I think I only did this step, while a RAW was open! So I was missing something obvious (not selecting the right layer or at least flattening) However, the issue still persists while a RAW is open, even if I have the background layer selected or even only one layer exists. So the real issue is that I cannot use the selection brush if ANY RAW image is open in the Development Persona (once the raw is developed and in the photo persona the issue goes away) I have attached new evidence on this point. What might I be missing now?
  5. @Chris B You are a moderator? Can you please let me know if this is typical of affinity photo? That you are not allowed to use the selection brush after an adjustment, or while a RAW image is also open/being developed in the program? Is this typical (non) functionality?
  6. Hey all, I appreciate your help, but please carefully review what I am stating and what my screenshots look like. I feel I did a good job of explaining my issue and honestly, this seems like a processing power issue. GPU issue or something. Please carefully look at the differences above between screenshots 2 (where it worked PERFECTLY) and screenshots 3 and 4. In fact, here is the final version I got after continuing with Screenshot 2 above. So yes, I think I understand how to use the selection brush, and yes I understand what can be done with it. I guess I mispoke in my first post, I have not used photo in several months but have used the selection brush dozens, maybe a hundred times to cutout backgrounds.... Considering this issue only occurs after making adjustments or opening a RAW image, its indicating to me that the program is struggling with more complexity. In my mind maybe a cache issue, or processing power issue. Idk...
  7. Hmmmm I ctrl double clicked on the desktop shortcut, and another program entirely opened? haha Idk Anyways another fresh uninstall / reinstall and its much better now. BUT I think one of these two issues really is a bug. I mean, this cant be by design... 1. See attached screenshots. This is the same image on both screen shots #2 and #3. However in the second screen where the snap to edges did not work, the ONLY thing I did differently is also open a RAW image in addition to the JPG. I made no edits to the RAW, nor to the JPG. I simply opened a RAW. I then did basically the same three brush strokes. From her face down to her torso, from her face down to her right side, and from her face to her left side (like an arrow pointing up) You can see, before opening the RAW, the program worked as expected. Snap to edges had no issues. (screenshot #2) 2. Brightness/Contrast Adjustment to the JPG image. After increasing the brightness and decreasing contrast see the third screenshot. Worst result of snap to edges of all three scenarios. Thanks for your help and input! Shaw
  8. Hi Hans, Thanks for this instruction. Yes I am doing, have done this process dozens of times. I really don't think I am missing something obvious at this point. I do believe affinity is just not working :(. This is a blurry photo in which my experience has been poor snapping to edges. However, today, it is not selecting an overall area at all even when limiting my selection to her skin tone. Its as if instead of using the selection brush I am using a paint brush and the only thing selected is what I specifically brush over. Do you know of any instructions on how to completely remove affinity and reinstall? I have tried the standard uninstall/reinstall process but that also is not fixing this issue Thanks, Shaw
  9. Hi All, I am hoping I am not just an idiot and missing something entirely simple. When I use the "Selection Brush", Windows, Photo It does not select what I tell it to select and in NO WAY snaps to edges. On screenshot attached I have used the selection brush by dragging around the model, but as you can see all it generally does is select exactly what I went over. I have tried to modify brush size. Using faster / slower brush strokes. Limiting strokes to just her skin tone. And finally, used similar images that are less blurry. Nothing seems to get the selection brush working. What am I doing wrong here?
  10. Hey All, Not sure what is going on with my photo :(. Last night it worked fine, all day today, the selection brush / refine process has been completely bizzare. I have tried closing / reopening photo. Restart computer. Minimal software/apps running. Editing previously bulk edited jpg to .aff images, as well as RAW processed images. When using the selection brush: about 1 out of 10 images crash the program entirely on the first drag the rest can get through to the "Refine" process, but matting is responding very unusually. ---Areas of the image that would typically be completely matted are about 50% opacity --- Border width, smooth, feather, ramp do not resolve the opacity issue --- matte brush does not resolve opacity issue When it does work, it is using a ridiculous amount of CPU and GPU (compared to yesterday and all times before today) --- About 90% of my Intel I5 --- AND between 50-75% of my Nvidia Geforce GTX 950M --- while taking about 3 times as long as typical Changes previous to this issue: created 3-4 macros batch processed about 200 images using above macros issue did not occur immediately after those macros though... Only after the computer rebooted overnight
  11. Hi HVDB, Thank You for the suggestion! Unfortunately, this does not help :( btw, I am using Windows so "Serif Labs" is the only RAW Engine Anyways the only noticeable effect is seen by changing: Tone Curve to "Take No Action" Hope I can find the solution because this issue is making Photo useless for about half of my images. Btw, it seems to always effect white, and blue LED Light shot in a dark room, with blacklight filling the backdrop. Using a Nikon D5200 18-55mm lens f5.0 - 5.6 1/15 to 1/80 3200 ISO WB set to "Shade" Seemingly, 1/15 has less change in PHOTO vs 1/80 shots Any help / tips / suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks, Shaw
  12. Hey all, Photo continues to ruin my RAW images. I just want to make girl look pretty but as soon as I open an image like this in Photo it just ruins the coloring of her outfit :( Pay attention to her top, it is nice and white on the left image, ruined blue on the right. NO EDITS are made to the right image. Why!?!? Thanks, Shaw
  13. Hi James, Sorry for the delay. Busy all the time! I have uploaded the original image shown (91) as well as a new one doing the same thing. I did not notice these issues on photoshop cc but I may not have gotten to images like this while using it... Thanks! Shaw

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