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  1. Another two years later, I'd also like to see a blur behind effect! Like Mabel posted it would be very useful for making UI mockups where this kind of frosted glass-type background is now quite common
  2. I agree that plugin support for Designer would be interesting, but in my case from a developer perspective. I develop some specialized macOS design software for making halftones and patterns that I think could be interesting to make into plugins to fit in better with designer workflows. And since I'm going away from adobe personally I don't want to build Illustrator plugins, so being able to make plugins for Affinity Designer would be great.
  3. Just updated to 1.8.0 and there has been a slight change to the node tool: Now when you have nothing selected and click and drag with the node tool you do get a selection box (which is a good addition!) however, it just seems to work like the Move too selection box and doesn't actually allow you to select nodes (which is a little confusing, why have a selection box for nodes that doesn't select nodes?). Instead it just selects entire shapes so you can then click and drag again to select their nodes (if you've converted them to curves). Still can't seem to select control points or edges of text frames though. So the requests at the top all remain relevant I think.
  4. I wasn't aware that it was possible to select these control points with the node tool. It's been something I've been struggling with trying to do, but I haven't found a way to do it. For me when I try to drag up a selection rectangle around them with the node tool nothing is selected (video example: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/105832-allow-node-tool-to-select-control-points-of-shapes-and-text-fields/ )? But maybe that's a bug, or is there some modifier key or something I need to be pressing to also select these types of control points?
  5. Hello, thank you for your replies, but I think you misunderstand what I'm asking for. I know the Affinity control points are not simple bezier spline nodes, and there may be time when this is beneficial. I also understand that since it's such a fundamental part of their design that's unlikely to change. What I'm asking for is to be able to select and edit these "special" control points as well using the node tool, just like you can edit curve points. As you currently cannot (see illustration) the only way to do this is to convert the shapes, which is frustrating/confusing and what I would like to avoid. For text frames I haven't found any way to do it as the "convert to curves" for a text frame converts the text to outlines, and not the text frame. As for the "Isolation mode" of having to first select a shape before being able to select the nodes in it I agree that this if useful sometimes like you say. However, the current behavior could be retained when you have something selected with no change and still add what I was asking for: letting the user draw up a selection rectangle that can select nodes in any shape when you don't have anything selected. Currently trying to click and drag with the node tool if you have nothing selected does nothing at all. NodeSelectionIllustration.mov
  6. I agree that this is hard to understand and frustrating (see below for similar/related request). Apparently the this is due to Affinity having curve shapes (what you usually think of as vector graphics shapes) with nodes you can select with the node tool. However, most basic shapes like boxes and squares and text fields aren't such curves with nodes when you create them. Instead they have some sort of "control points"/handles that look like nodes for the corners, but aren't. So you have to convert the shape to curves first before you can use the node tool. Why the node tool doesn't allow you to edit these control points as well I don't know.
  7. Nice tip with the optional mode for drawing up the selection area for the node tool, didn't know about that. Still wish it would let me select controls points for basic shapes and text boxes though. Anyone know if this is added in 1.8?
  8. Yeah, at the core it feels like this is a more generic issue with converting between different units and DPI resolutions (between different documents or when changing the resolution), where different properties scale inconsistently (for example the stroke, corner rounding and size of a shape may scale differently). The stroke width case was the first I encountered, and that was quite easy to get around with the "scale with object" setting for stroke. However, I also encountered the problem with absolute size corner rounds, and also drop shadow radius and offset being scaled incorrectly when set to pixel values in one document and then pasted into another document with a different DPI setting. And there the only way I found to get around the problem was to set both documents to the same DPI setting (and sue the same units for safety), which unfortunately also meant I had change the rounds and shadows as they changed when I changed the DPI. Hope this is fixed in v1.8. And I hope we get to use it soon!
  9. Wow, that's such a relief, I didn't know about this setting. Instead I found myself holding down space from time to time as this apparently also hides the text box frames while you hold it. Perhaps that setting could be renamed "Show text box frames" or something similar that would make it easier to find and understand what it actually does. A setting to convert between artistic text and text boxes would still be very useful though.
  10. Perhaps. I wasn't able to reproduce it though using just simple shapes in a new document, so I'm not sure exactly under what circumstances it's triggered. I also found a way to get around the problems with stroke scaling for my situation: - First in Designer I group the graphics I want to copy into Publisher. - Then select the group and in the Stroke panel there's a check box "Scale with object" that I check for the group. - Then copy and paste it into Publisher and the stroke isn't scaled (and it also scales the stroke if I scale the group like I want to in Publisher).
  11. Hello, yes, I know I could save the illustration as a separate file and then place it. But that's a lot of extra work compared to using just a single Designer file where I have all my illustrations for a document, and then being able to copy/paste them into Publisher. And rasterizing vector graphics seems like such a waste, and will either bring up the file size a lot or reduce the quality. Working further with this I've also run into some problems with stroke widths that are related to this. It seems like when pasting in vector graphics from Affinity Designer into Publisher the stroke width of objects are sometimes scaled when you paste them into Publisher (if you group the graphics in Designer before copying), and other times some strokes don't scale when you scale the group in Publisher. These are also problems I'd like to avoid by being able to paste the graphics in as a static image type layer, when stroke is always scaled with the image and it's just considered one object.
  12. Hello, When you paste in vector graphics into Publisher (in my case storyboard UI layout illustrations) they end up as groups of graphic objects you can select and edit individually in publisher, with individual little text boxes for the text and snapping for each one. However, when you use Place instead and place the same graphics from file you get it as a static layer like an image, where you don't get all the individual little object until you double-click the object. I would like the option to paste in vector graphics and have them work/act like "placed" graphics, since I don't usually want to edit them any more in Publisher, and it more of an annoyance with all the cluttery objects they create. However, I haven't found any way to either paste the graphics as a static image/embedded layer or convert an existing group in Publisher to such an embedded image type layer. I've tried using the picture frame tool and then pasting vector graphics into the frame using "Paste as content", but that doesn't seem to work properly for pasted vector graphics and doesn't get rid of the individual object text frames etc. Perhaps I've missed something and this can already be done in some way? Otherwise it would really help make my workflow in Publisher smoother and my documents much cleaner and less cluttered.
  13. Wow, was looking for this earlier but gave up as I didn't find the total number of pages in Insert->Fields I figured you couldn't add it (which was strange). That's so super well hidden, I didn't know about the Fields panel before this and when I saw it I figured it was just document info and had no idea you could click them to add placeholders into text. This really should be added in the regular Insert->Fields-> menu next to current page number where people will likely look though.
  14. I'm used to working in illustrator where the direct selection tool makes it super easy to select for edges or parts of multiple objects (for example a number of graphical shapes and text boxes). I'm trying to switch over to Affinity Designer, but it's very time consuming and frustrating to me that the corresponding node select tool in Designer (1.7.3) works so differently. Here are a few improvements/changes that would really help me out working with Designer: - Allow node tool to draw up a selection box and select all nodes/control points in that box. Seems basic enough, and consistent with the regular selection tool, but currently you first have to select the objects you want to be able to select nodes of, adding multiple clicks for each selection operation. - Allow node tool to be select control points of simple shapes (like circles, rectangles etc). Currently you have to first convert them to curves, which adds additional steps and frustration (especially until you figure out why you can't select them at all before converting them) - Allow node tool to select edges/corners of text boxes, or baseline origin points of artistic text. Currently it doesn't seem like you can select the edges or control points of text boxes at all, which makes it very hard to work with layouts where you combine a lot of text fields with graphics and boxes.
  15. I'd like to add to this as well. When pasting in pdf illustrations (in my case UI-mockups with lots of little text labels into storyboard documents) it's very annoying that each text element in the illustrations gets made into a text box with a visible blue box around it. It would be good if there was an option to import text in graphics as artistic text. Also, I can't find any way to convert text boxes back to artistic text (preferably for all selected objects)? Is there a way to do this? Maybe that's a way that we can get around this problem until a preference is added.
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