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  1. I agree entirely. Arial is not he best font in the world, particularly when creating text heavy publications. However, the guide itself, although using Arial for the explanatory text and the initial specimen text, it was chosen because most WP applications use something like Arial, Calibri or Helvetica so it helps to emphasise the contrast between typical word processing output and the output from a DTP application (what the guide is about). You will notice that when the guide reaches the topic of fonts, the specimen body text changes from Arial to Meta Pro, which is a more acceptable font for use in publications that use a sans-serif font. The continuing use of Arial for the explanatory text was used to maintain consistency from the starting point of the guide through to the final page. It will also be noted that Adobe Caslon Pro was used as the serif font.
  2. I think it just proves the point that the visual appearance of typography is an important design element that makes text more readable and understandable - even when it contains blinding errors.
  3. Ok People! You all get gold stars for paying attention! The error wasn't initially deliberate but it took our people almost a full 7 days to spot the error, so you all did marginally better at about 3 or 4 days. Thought it would be good to leave it as it was to see if anyone else spotted the illusionary aspect of the error. It's now a bit of a game in our office as we try and find other examples of this type of thing. Here are a few of the examples of illusionary typography we've collected. How many "F"'s are in the following phrase? On first glance, many people will see 3, but there are actually 6. And what about this one that I remembered from my school days? The double "THE" isn't always spotted on first glance Here is another one that's quite interesting - most English speakers will be able to read the following without any real problem at all! Do you guys have any more examples? Would be great to share.
  4. I thought it may be of help to those new to Affinity Publisher to produce a brief guide to Typography. The focus of the guide is to highlight the importance of using typography settings to allow for repositioning and sizing of page elements when finally deciding on a page layout design. Hopefully, it will be of use to those who may be unfamiliar with the typography settings in AP. The guide can be viewed HERE. If you want to download the PDF, click on THIS LINK
  5. Flip PDF can render to Flash, HTML5 or both. If you specify both, you have the option of specifying a preferred order. Given the redundancy of Flash, I only use the HTML5 publishing option with an additional basic HTML version for Search Engines. There are also options to output as self contained EXE and APP files as well as plugin files for Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal. Output from any Affinity app can be used as input files, so pages can be made in Photo, Designer or Publisher and then exported to the popular image formats or PDF.
  6. I have the pro version, however, none of the pro features were used in the demo - it could have been created in the standard version.
  7. I use an application called flipPDF to make the online version. It works very easily by just importing a PDF file into the app. You can then customise the look of the interface through the App interface. It's available for windows and MAC
  8. Attached is a simple PDF tutorial for creating publication mastheads that need to sit behind a main subject within a background image. It's a tutorial designed with the novice user in mind, so apologies to more experienced users who may find it a little basic. Hopefully, it will be of help to someone. Please Note: You should have Publisher linked to Photo to follow this tutorial. mastheadTutorialWebReady.pdf
  9. I thought I would share a magazine template with the forum. It's a fairly basic style, but could be a good starting point for anyone needing to produce a magazine. The template only includes placeholder images to keep the file size small, but you can take a look at a populated demo online by clicking THIS LINK. Any feedback or suggestions would be gratefully received. Fonts required for the template are: Avenir Next and PT Sans Narrow. Both font families should be available for free download. magazine_no_images.aftemplate
  10. Just posted as suggested. It's a slightly different version to the one posted in this thread, so you may like to take a look.
  11. It was suggested in another section of the forum that I share a Publisher template here. It's an 8-up business card template for A4 printing. It can be used for single or double-sided cards. Instruction for use are included in the template. Hope it's of use to someone. 8-upBusinessCardsWT.aftemplate
  12. I have a business card template for Affinity Publisher (attached) that may help. It's an 8-up layout for the standard 88 x 55 business card size. Instructions are included in the template. 8-Up Business Cards 88x 55.aftemplate
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