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    I see what you did there.
  2. peter

    in the basement

    Excellent work as usual.
  3. peter


    Welcome back Craig! You deserve a drink after all that. The ice cubes are a neat touch.
  4. peter

    post apocalyptic skyline

    With scenes like this who needs filters?
  5. peter

    Label beer - Gallas

    Great work Anderson! As Wosven has mentioned that there are 4 separate elements, I think that they could and should be on individual bottles or cans/tins to show the variety of flavours from the one brand. Now that craft beer has moved in on the real ale market, they need a classy design to stand out from the crowd....Have you shown your work at any beer festivals? Just found this link, hope you like it! http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/collective-arts-brewing-art-and-craft-beer-1.3948206 Cheers peter
  6. peter

    BBC announces new Horizon episode

    That Quilting Weekly reference had me in stitches Thanks Garry!
  7. peter

    BBC announces new Horizon episode

    Next week's episode INFINITY AND BREXIT.
  8. peter

    1966 Batmobile v2 (AD)

    Holy (insert superlative)!
  9. peter


    Brilliant T-shirt fodder, I'd bet they'd sell well. Don't forget to Ketchup on sleep/study/revision! (On the red eye again). Or even Mayo may not turn up to lectures tomorrow! (Sauce, sause sleepy). Hope there's more to come!
  10. peter

    Helping Hand

    This isn't how I pictured Snake Pass...
  11. peter

    Silent Ocean - Campaign (2018)

    Why is it that the only Sea of Tranquility, is on the Moon?
  12. peter

    Silent Ocean - Campaign (2018)

    I really like them all. This is one ad campaign I would love to get involved with. Have you entered any of this for next year's Chip Shop Awards? This is a brilliant site for all creatives, to enter their fictitious campaign pieces like this. This is used by the industry giants to showcase work that is normally too clever, risqué, fictitious or subtle for general advertising. As for ideas, how about..? You can't say fish, without saying Shh! You can't say ocean, without saying Shh! You can't say ships, without saying Shh! You can't say shore, without saying Shh! You can't say sea shells, without saying Shh! David Attenborough, kneeling down at a rock pool, scooping out ear plugs that have fallen out of all of the seals/sea lions' ears Jean Michel Jarre's album Waiting for Cousteau (Yes that one, Jacques), with a mute icon over it, see below... Here'e the last track on the album...
  13. peter

    Typeface design (WIP)

    Sort of...Use the screen grab function, then paste the vector view and wireframe view into separate layers. Then decide how much to crop or fade in or out. It's not perfect but you could always ask the team to add this function. HTH peter
  14. peter


    The T-shirt really looks like something that could sell well at a beer festival or gig. Slap it on a beer bottle! Who or what is your character based on? This thing's got legs...A pint of Nutter, Landlord! Great job!
  15. peter

    Love The 90s • 2018 Tour

    16,000 likes! is that a record in this forum?
  16. peter


    Oh Wow! Love the day (yellow background) and night (blue background) effect. The cap just seals the deal for me! A man. No! A mouse after my own heart...attack inducing, cholesterol filling, artery blocking, tastebud pleasing, cheese pleasing centre of my brain. Or to keep it short "It's nice what you've done with the mice!" Nice job lad!
  17. peter


    Miguel, it's thanks to the wire frame views that us mere mortals can admire and understand this alchemy, that only the gifted can perform.
  18. peter


    Why are you not in the workbook? Are you a tattooist by any chance? As you must have infinite patience.
  19. peter

    Train logo design

    If you lay a plate down on a table and then laid out a knife and fork in a half past four position, then you would have a smoke box door and clamp that would look more foodie: this would marry up the carriage/platter dome and steam/vapour/chef's hat just nicely. Reading from left to right, your food is prepared: from the kitchen: by our chefs: without delay: to your plate! super's ready.pdf
  20. peter

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    Three cheers for Serif Labs! I take it the pressure's now on for APu to collect the same awards as its older siblings. Is the reason for APu's delays down to well earned rest, awards, partying and hangovers? It would be the coolest excuse ever! Once again well done team!
  21. I like the blue streaks across the left side of her eye. It provides a sense of energy.
  22. peter

    Portrait (watercolors) afphoto

    The moustache is really good, I also like the three brush strokes that make up the national flag.
  23. peter

    Can you find Granny? Can you find Grandad?

    Awesome! I think I've found Peter Sagan. Is Grandad Richard Dawkins? If you recognise my avatar, then you'll know that I'm partial to chaotic street scenes like this. Imagine the migraine this would cause if it was animated; that would make a brilliant test for a CCTV operator!
  24. Today the forums...tomorrow fake news and clickbait
  25. peter

    Osprey in B&W

    Go on then, I'll forgive you for blowing your own trumpet, on that pun Yeah! I'm in...Let's make lots of money.