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  1. Thanks lad. The ideas are easy, the entry fee is so-so, rejection isn't.
  2. Bad news. I didn't get nominated... Hi Peter,Thank you for entering The Drum Chip Shop Awards.The judging has now taken place and the finalists have been announced but unfortunately you have not made it onto the shortlist this year. We understand this can be very disappointing as we know how much time and effort has been taken to pull your entries together. We are unable to provide feedback on specific entries however, I can explain the judging process to give you some insight.Our jury remotely scored campaigns, and then came together via an online meeting to discuss the overall scores in each category, creating a shortlist and deciding on all award winners together.The competition was extremely fierce this year with an array of great entries and on this occasion, other entries in your category scored higher and when discussed, they were decided as the finalists by the judging panel. Bah Humbuggerit! A very bitter character, who didn't get his bottle of vinegar (yes, that's the nomination prize. Winners get a resin chip as the trophy).
  3. It's now a matter of days before The Chip Shop Awards are about to release this year's nominations. They are judging the entries right now and they will announce the nominations Tuesday 13 May 2021 3PM GMT. Then the winners will be announced at the Virtual awards show Thursday 3 June 2021. https://www.chipshopawards.com/chipshopawards2021/en/page/home "Tick followed tock" as the guy from the Guinness ad, once said: I hate waiting. Roll on Thursday!
  4. Great crazy design, this should be a series, as the green guys are really funny. Heeellllllp! There's two of them drowning. That poor dog doesn't want to end up on the barbecue. Run boy! Run! Their spaceship looks like an egg; so does that make it a frying saucer then? Is that the same alien that ate Thomas Dolby's Buick? The ten pin boiling team on the tram roof: are they training today?
  5. Wouldn't look out of place next to a Marshall amplifier and a Dansette record player. Maybe you could use this as a record shop vinyl banner canopy or business card perhaps? I can imagine the red fabric being stretched, then glued on to wooden case and the faux metal lattice infill would very tactile under the finger nail or plectrum.
  6. There's a plane out there somewhere missing its cockpit!
  7. If only everybody read this, then simple documents would be a pleasure to read. If only the people who do small print would pay heed to this simplicity.
  8. To know where that tube is going to...is it butane gas or a draining catheter? If it's the second: then I'll say no to the cloudy cider. Which i think might have a cheeky name.
  9. Nanoo, nanoo! That's Robin to a T. He would be proud of that.
  10. Or Beardy (as Jeremy Clarkson calls him), aka Virgin Galactic's Richard Branson, as he does have a thing about red balloons.
  11. No filters or adjustments here, just got lucky. I set my camera to one of the automatic modes. The second one was only a few minutes later, again no filter, that hill looked like it was home to a giant searchlight. Well worth the drive, it was a gut instinct decision. Definitely worth it. Shame about the pub being shut. Meow!
  12. This fox wasn't shy, basking in the sun like that. Fox_cushion.afphoto
  13. A rare sunny day: Easter bank holiday and all! That blossom really shone in the warm sun. Spring_blossom.afphoto
  14. I thought you'd discovered a new nebulae cluster.
  15. What started as a hunt for a decent picture of red kites (because they all took off and flew off) turned out to be a photoshoot of my partner's amazing handy work, a multicoloured acrylic scarf. A wing like pose, to make up for the lack of avian interest. Another cloudy and chilly day: at least it was dry. Paparazzi allergy perhaps? I wouldn't mind; but this field is home to two dozen of the flying-road-kill-diners. Crochet 1: Ornithology nil. Shy_as_a_kite.afphoto
  16. peter

    A fly?

    "No thanks. I'll stay in and go for a walk instead." This was another one of my point-and-shoot-without-using-the-screen pictures. Not bad eh?
  17. Absolutely, too much screengazing, kills the mood and makes for lousy pictures. I hope this doping scandal dies away, it's gone on for too long. Put Greg Lemond in charge, as he has one hell of an axe to grind. Yes, the Dutch are mad like that and GCN have compared the different types of bikes and how they compared over on their channel. There's always one rogue rock/razor bill/hidden boulder/anti tank device to avoid!
  18. You were right about the radios. The risks of distraction/nagging aren't helping. Look at what happened to Froome and Wiggins. Did he say go or no? That cost Froomey his first tour victory. Imagine a criterium on cobbles.
  19. Wow , I've had a 15mph skid on freshly mud coated roads, a head collision with the tarmac, a somersault whilst strapped in (rat traps: them where the days) and my latest was being T-boned by a Beemer, I was sprawled over the bonnet. I'm not a pro stuntman like you! Insurance paid me £3k though, that's how I paid for my car. I still can't descend-like-Cancellera on a road bike, like I can in my car.
  20. So, what do you think of Cyclocross and gravel? The UCI have decided to make Paris-Roubaix safer: by taking out the tarmac sections, as that's where the most crashes have been happening lately.
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