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  1. thanks for your reply, but is this a limitation of AD or something that PDF can't handled ?
  2. Hello, is there a way to export to PDF AND preserve groups created in AD ?
  3. yes, UI, open files dialogs box… but I can deal with it. I will give a try to piskelapp, thanks. There's also an interesting tool, not pixelart only. hexels
  4. Hard to get your money back if nobody answer… and didn't buy it on the mac store :-( If you like Deluxe Paint, there is a tribute here : https://store.steampowered.com/app/432030/Swanky_Paint/
  5. hey, I know I just bought pixenapp, but several function doesn't work. No support from the developper. Pixenapp seems to be a abandonware. 15$ lost.
  6. I know but Asprite is not very mac friendly. I've made this one with Aphoto.
  7. APhoto don't draw a line between the 2 last points. In my example AP drew a line between 0,0 and the third click. It looks like he does not take the first and second point into account. With ADesigner and pixel persona, I do the same thing, click 3 times and hold shift between the second and third point. This time the line is correctly draw.
  8. Drag+shift to continue last stroke doesn't work as expected in Aphoto. This apply to all tools, like brush, erase, clone, pixel tool…
  9. a pixel perfect mode (single pixel wide stroke), line tool, mirror modes (vertical, horizontal, radial), gradients dithering , dithering tool, animation , onion skin…
  10. It could be nice to have a Pixelart persona.
  11. hello, when I work in separated mode, sometimes the top of my window image is under the toolbar and I can't grab it. It would be better to snap windows at the bottom of the context toolbar.
  12. hello, when I work in separated mode, sometimes the top of my window image is under the toolbar and I can't gr toolbar
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