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  1. Bleed-zone graphics are not showing up in PDF when exported via the Export persona (cuts off right at the crop marks) but do show up when exported via File > Export...
  2. Great tip – works! Here's a screencap from Designer 1.5.1: Just bear in mind that when you drop (paste) the perspective filter layer into Designer, it will probably end up way off the artboard; you have to drag it into place then start distorting. I copied the perspective layer from a Photo 1.4 file.
  3. Understandable – thanks in advance for providing it. It's a very powerful feature and I can't wait to use that to do/preview my hallway "wall wraps" project!
  4. Fantastic. Would you mind sharing the "shoe box" file(s) so that we can learn about how that (multi-facet perspective from a single source – a flattened shoe box – graphic) was setup?
  5. Does anyone know what the workflow/setup is to design 3d packaging mockups like they're showing off at 1:10 in this official video: https://vimeo.com/185763872 ? The screencap shows that both windows (the source and the 3d mockup) are Designer files, and both say "embedded". I think Affinity Photo needs to be involved, as "live perspective" filter isn't available in Designer... If that's the case the problem is that this new version of Designer file will not import into Photo – Photo can't handle it (yet).
  6. "Lock children" is precisely what I've been looking for. Thanks!
  7. Thanks Callum. I just tried that in Affinity Designer (I should have mentioned the app in my question), and shift-clicking on the content layer didn't allow me to move it independently of the mask:
  8. Anyone know if it's possible to move a clipped group's contents around but have the clipping shape stay in place? I'm asking because that would make it easier to nudge the content within a clipping area. Currently I have to unclip it, then move the clipping layer outside the content, then re-position, then clip it again. But I bet there's a better way.
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