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  1. Thank you for a tip, Carl123, I will give it a go. Thank you all for your responses!
  2. Thank you for for the response, emmrecs01. I meant if you try to open via file - > open. I sometimes prefer to open such files separately first to check the doc settings etc and then to place them into a design. But I am not a professional, so maybe it's just me...
  3. Hi, I have just installed a new version of affinity publisher but I cannot open png or jpeg files anu more, the program simply does not see them... I hope it was not the plan, was it? Sincerely, TK
  4. Hi Dave! I have downloaded a new version and it is working!! Thank you so much, great job!
  5. I understand, I just thought that many might not know about this option in preferences :)
  6. I am counting on you, Dave! I really need it!
  7. Hello everyone, I think I found a solution!!! It is not the image you need to work with. Go to Preferences > Performance > View quality and make sure it is set to Bilinear and not the Nearest Neighbor. Then when you resize the image Affinity keeps the quality and during export it looks perfect as well :) The advice is originally by Gear maker from another line, thanks to him! :)
  8. File sent! I hope it will help!
  9. This problem still exists, I have plenty of PDF files and when I open them in Affinity, it crashes. I have already reported about it before and it was promised it will be fixed but nothing has changed :( Let me know if you need the file.
  10. Oh, there it was! Now I see it! Thank you so much for help!
  11. That did not work for me on Affinity Designer for Windows. When I decide to add a gradient to stroke only just the way you have described, it adds inner gradient fill but leaves the stroke itself unchanged.
  12. Aaa, thank you very much, Chris, I thought everything was edited in that window but now I figured out. Thank you very much for help!
  13. Hello, I have tried to change size variance of my pen stroke but it does not work at all, neither does the opacity option. Stroke remains the same. Please fix!
  14. Thank you, PixelPest! Would be so cool though if they had it all in one program...