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  1. OK, I just got Designer & Publisher apps today on desktop PC. Publisher is the only one showing the other two. Is this all I get? I was concerned about the other personas within Photo. Can I get to them from within the Publisher switch? Can't find them.
  2. Your post intrigued me, so I went off and got a car from some free stock image place, and duplicated your effect. I didn't have a shadow for the car, so I made my own. I didn't use Overlay, I just put the car layer on top of my homemade shadow. More shadow tweaking is needed.
  3. OK, I wasn't clear enough, but I re-did the work, so all is OK. Here's what happened: I have an older Wedding with a LOT of processing done in Ps -- that I'd like to print. I did all my Ps B&W conversions using the Ps "Channel Mixer". Imagine my surprise when all those layers came up red in AP! (I'm a new AP user). Along with the unsupported Layer designation of Channel Mixer, I had done some masking so that some of the layer came through B&W, and some came through in color. I tried everything to get that layer mask information off of the Ps Channel Mixer to no avail. I got things mixed up thinking that AP couldn't copy and paste layer masks to other adjustment layers! I just now re-did everything with AP's Black & White Adjustment layer, the additional masking was redone, and I'm happy (not to be paying $10/month!)
  4. I recall that in Ps, I can readily copy and paste layer masks to another layer. Can anyone do this in AP? I can copy the layer, but not the just the mask. Typically, I would be copying one adjustment filter's layer mask to another adjustment layer.
  5. I watched the entire video, but I missed sizing from the center. Me or you? Sorry, this is an older reply. It keeps popping up as if I did not hit the "Submit Reply" button. I replied just not because I thought it was never sent. I have watched dozens and dozens of videos on AP both from the AP Video guy and from "Affinity Revolution". Sometimes things get missed. I will try not to waste everyone's time here.
  6. Dear Affinity Photo Site Administrator: You have deleted one of my posts! Why? I was demonstrating that I could actually do the Bitmap linking used for Textures with the Gradient Tool with a small pink flower! Were you concerned that the photos of the women were not in the public domain? I assure you they were. They all came from "courses.affinityrevolution.com" -- which I paid for, but the instructor mentioned that these photos were in the public domain, AND many of these tutorials are also on YouTube with links to the photos by anyone. Such as This Girl: With link Here: http://affinityrevolution.com/nashville/
  7. I watched the entire video, but I missed sizing from the center. Me or you?
  8. Wow! Thanks so much! I missed the "Lock Children", and the place inside icon set. The double clicking only seems to work for me if the outline shape is at the top of the layer stack -- otherwise it goes to the layer above. There is SO much more to learn about AP! And, BTW, I like this program so much better than "those other guys'"!!!
  9. Pen Tools are GREAT! What is it that you cannot do in AP? I found the Stroke option in the Rectangle Tool also works with the Pen tool.
  10. Thanks so much -- I'm learning a LOT! Can't find any tutorials on applying Textures. There are two on creating Textures, but none on applying them. Ps has an entire palette for this. What am I missing? (Apparently, I save a Texture as a .png; then apply a gradient over the area, but change the Gradient Tool to Bitmap?) -- I found that on YT. I think I got it!!!!!! (See below) But I think there could be a Tutorial on this. BTW: the only issue I see with Clipping Masks is that changing the Clipping Mask shape also distorts the image. I need to take my Image out of the Clipping Mask, resize the mask window, then replace the Image.
  11. I watched the entire video, but I missed sizing from the center. Me or you?
  12. Thank you! Apparently there is no ability to resize a clipped window in AP from the center as there is in Ps. This is an issue as there is also no way to precisely dimension a window for a photo.
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