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  1. Hi I am using Publisher for the first time, and have tried to change persona . It comes up with the box, as shown in attachments. I have looked at the forum, and followed the steps shown about making sure that each Affinity programme is up-to-date. I then restarted my laptop, but it still comes up with the same box. Sorry, I'm not very tech savvy, but I hope that someone can help me. I do have all 3 of the Affinity products. Many thanks, Debbie
  2. Could you please tell me how I can get more detail into a sketch? I am trying to convert nature photos into black and white drawings, and, although I followed this carefully, I don't seem to get enough detail to show. Many thanks, Debbie
  3. Hi, Please help, I am trying to turn a colour photo into a b & w pencil sketch, but I am struggling to get detail on the finished image. I want to apply this to nature photos, and right now I am trying it out on a kingfisher photo. I honesty do not have enough knowledge about Affinity to know where I am going wrong. If you can help, then many thanks, my fingers are crossed. Debbie Kingfisher_female,_no_bg.docx
  4. Hi R C-R, I've been trying to use your macro to make a colour photo look like a b & w sketch, but I'm having trouble. Would it work differently with the updated version of Affinity Photo? It's brilliant that you have put this on the forum. Do you have advice for doing this? I'm trying to change a nature photo, so I want to keep a lot of the detail, but I'm really struggling. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks, Debbie
  5. Hi, I'm hoping that somebody can help me. I am wanting to turn a colour photograph into a black and white pencil drawing, but I am struggling. I'm using photos of nature, and would love the finished product to look very natural, hand drawn. It doesn't seem to matter what I do, I just can't get the look I want. Many thanks, in anticipation of your help, Debbie
  6. Hi, please help if you can. I'm using the freehand selection tool and the points keep on joining up before I want them to. I know that they join up if you double click the mouse, so I've been very careful not to do that. I've also left time between each click, just to be on the safe side, and it's still happening. Is there a way to stop this happening, or is there a way to undo the 'joining together?' When I look under Edit the option isn't there, and Ctrl +Z just deletes the whole lot. Many thanks if you can help, Debbie
  7. Hi, I've also been trying to do this with the freehand selection tool. However, I'm having a different issue. For some reason, the two ends of the line I'm creating keep on joining up. Everything is going well, then very suddenly the end I am using zooms off to attach to the start point. Whatever I do I am unable to stop this happening. And for some reason, the edit menu will not allow me to go back and undo this last action. Any clues? It also changes the solid outline of the freehand selection tool to a moving series of dashes.
  8. Thank you, Gnobelix. Your way certainly seems to work. Could you please explain to me though how I 'draw my limit?'
  9. Gnobelix, I've just realised something though. I have downloaded another file, as the same thing happened with this one. However, I didn't do any erasing with this file. Fish with black outline2.afphoto
  10. Gnobelix, you are right, I did use the eraser first to delete another edge. Do you recommend another way for me to do this, as the white line is not the effect that I am looking for. I am very new to this and obviously didn't realise that I'd be deleting pixels as well, or that this effect would be the consequence of that. I'd be grateful for any tips.
  11. This is a small piece that I want to add to a larger image. It looks ok from afar, but goes a bit rubbish when I zoom in Fish top fin2.afphoto
  12. Nope, so far I'm using photo. If it'll help me by using designer, then maybe I should try in there? I'll get the file soon as just on the way out of the house. Thanks for offering to help though
  13. Hi, I have been using my own shapes that I have drawn on paper, using a fine point sharpie. These I have had to scan to my laptop. Then I have given the lines around the edge a different colour and the inside another coloured background that I have 'placed' behind my shape. Works well, but when I zoom in for a closer look, there is a white line all the way around my shape, going between the inner and outer edge. Can anyone please explain why this is happening, and also how I can stop it? Many thanks, Debbie
  14. Thank you, walt.farrell. I admit to being baffled, but that was just as easy to do as the one I got wrong. I also didn't expect a reply as fast as that, so brilliant.
  15. Now I'm playing with the brush I created though, I've noticed that it isn't allowing me to change the colour. All the other brushes are working properly, so unsure as to why. Any tips for a newbie?
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