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  1. Hi MEB, Many thanks for the response! Ok, thats a shame. Its the only feature missing that I would otherwise use for my artwork in Adobe Illustrator... and I use the feature allot! Personally, in my opinion and for what I need, I think its an extremely important feature that should not be overlooked. It may be the difference for some. Cheers buddy, H
  2. Hi there! I'm trying to work out how to find the length of a path... Basically, the length from A to B in the screenshot attached... I.e - if you imagined the line was a piece of string and you pulled it straight by holding A and B, what would the width of the object be? I'm sure this is an easy task, I just can't work it out! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Herbz
  3. Alfred, thank you very much buddy. I'll have a crack at it later on this afternoon and let you know how I get on. H
  4. Hi, Does anyone know of a tutorial around on creating image brushes?... One similar to the preset clothing zipper brush? I.e. as in the image supplied. I've had a hunt around for some help on this but no joy finding anything. Cheers guys, H
  5. Ah, cheers for the responses and help guys! I'll contact Callum with a new screen shot as suggested. I managed to export the files to another location, but something crazy has happened to the colours... I'm sure its a simple fix. H
  6. Hi there, ***Can this please be kept privet due to current artwork being on the screenshot*** I have recently left Adobe to come and join the Affinity designer revolution! I'm super impressed and feel that although its not quiet there, I have no doubt that you guys are heading in the right direction and its only a matter of time before you absolutely rock it.... plus its great to support a UK company!! So, my problem... I'm sure this is an easy fix. I copied some of my artwork from a PDF that was created with illustrator. I've done a fair amount of work on the doc, but cannot seem to export now. I have attached some screen shots... Many thanks, Henry [EDIT] Files removed.

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