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  1. bugga bugga bugga -- just added 1.7 and ''place'' is not working as before computer did not seem happy after downloading/installing so it was turned off/on a couple times --- still not a happy camper as before ''Place'' did work with one tiff file only at a time now files in the "edit" folder don't show when ''place' is clicked; but do so if "open" is used --- just checked and the same happens when any folder selected. Hells bells it's hard using a right hand mouse in the left hand instead of the right hand that has been "out of action" for a month due to a damn tennis elbow Cheers
  2. I really want and need a smarter brush -- just an adjustable round one similar to my lr5 would do me. I miss the brush size adjuster on the mouse wheel like Lr5/on1 and a few others -- seems so awkward reaching over to the [ ] keys all the time There other little things thought about only when using the program; however those two are the more important for my workf ---- ummm playflow lol So what is on your Affinity photo wishlist ? Edit: a bloke should add a photo for interest. Even if only partly edited it is my first pic (second click though) for 2019
  3. Someone was asking about Keyboard shortcuts recently Perhap we could list our favourites/most used (??) -- I could list the ones I have forgotten but I cannot remember which ones I have forgotten (soorrryyy)
  4. colours have gone a bit crazy in the color selection panels -- what have I done and can I fix it Not a big drama; does not affect the photo colours --- been happening for a while Cheers; still very happy I switched to Affinity
  5. may have just solved it . Would using ProPhoto instead of sRGB color make the difference ??
  6. will the rectangle marquee tool snap to the grid? I cannot get the tool to start/stop on the line as happens when moving images --- great part of Affinity photo btw (yes; I have forced alinement off ) Any tricks or tips would be appreciated
  7. was fiddling with this -- actually re-editing to get the strokes better 2nd image the raw image questions welcome
  8. or this work around New layer >select all (click the icon) >have grid on >snapping on >grab the move tool >drag the marching ants to suit >>select/outline >form outline thickness + position to suit > fill with color ( I use the flood fill tool (bucket icon) Somewhere in there it would pay to ''save selection'' I'm sure there are other ways to do much of it; but the above worked for me --- worked spot on actually I can go to bed tonight knowing I have learnt something new today ------ whether I remember it tomorrow or next week is the unknown
  9. Thank you @walt.farrell; I would have saved myself so much time if I asked earlier will keep your thoughts mind for next time So much for ticking "notify me of replies" Cheers
  10. After a bit of a crash/freeze up I now wish I saved my preferred Studio/screen layout -- "wish I saved" is really if I could save Just one of the little annoying missing bits . Yep; for me anyway it's bit like crying over spilt milk, but .................... Cheers
  11. What have done or not done ?. I did have Ap as the default ext editor; however after opening a file with Nic Color pro 2; I cannot get Ap to be the default again. From memory, I had a few dramas originally . >> Lr preferences > external editing > choose >Affinity > photo icon --- however that does not replace the Nic apps. The work around is export >folder > Ap > open > save > import to Lr . yep much easier straight from lr5 Would be great if we could remove the Ps option so we can have two defaults Thanks for your thoughts
  12. Now don't ask the simple question as I have no idea how made it work even though it's now somewhat different Thanks for help and ideas; I'm sure one has worked somehow . If I work out how I will share
  13. I'm getting this today with those similar setting to @Sheltieuk Simple stuff like this really getting under my skin And once I had it set up @Jaffa I have had no drama; although if I did open a file in another App (nic) I needed to reset Ap as default editor --- didn't work this time
  14. Thanks @Ron P. . I have tried it a number of times --- have restarted the computer with no happy effect
  15. ianrb

    New Affinity Photo user - First image

    nicely done @terrylw64--- the more you use the app more you will like it
  16. This is to about photo editing only . What do you consider the more useful Affinity texture brushes when editing nature / cloud / river photos ? So far; I have taken a similar and simple approach to Lr5 where there is one brush to do everything. One round brush >adjust settings to suit the job at hand. I have no idea so I am getting bit confused with the far too many ''arty'' brushes so I'm hoping you could suggest a few texture brushes that would have some occasional uses -- dodge and burn / masking sort of work with mostly . Any suggestions would be appreciated
  17. some recent images that travelled through Affinity Photo -- old fashion dodge and burn would the most used tool used in these images Lumix Fz300 Just like a big kid : throw -- throw it ----- ------ ----- ----- not so far next time Lonely pelican three photos of the one tree >background is bark from a nearby tree + a little texture brushing as above plus : black and white adjustment layer with a multiply blending layer + the orton effect I saw something in this long dead tree root beside the river ; however what I saw was not quite like how it ended up Very similar edits as the above files > honest comments / suggestions for next time / questions welcome
  18. I had a play with focus merge today and was wondering what caused the halo on the top tiny flower [mostly] --- slight subject movement is my guess. Pana Fz300 + remote cable + Canon 250D close up filter + focusing slides (yep cheapo) couple more added -- any hints and tips very welcome . it's it better to take more photo "just in case" or get it right with less photos --- these are 5-8 file stacks as the little sensor has more dof than most "big toys" Damn amazing techknowledge; and pretty fast considering . Affinity Mirroring still fascinates me !! What the computer does is one thing; how the whiz kids explain it to the computer in the first place is a whole different ball game Cheers
  19. this is another good video --- any others you know off; don't need to be affinity . Must add I do miss the focus stacking build into the great Olympus Em D1 + 12-40 mm lens . A jpg file would be saved of the stack as well as all the raw files --- or was that all the jpg files (??) Raw I think!
  20. Sorry; didn't / not getting notifications, or bells when opening the forum (??) Thanks @firstdefenceand @John Rostron. I will have look at videos and try the ideas
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    Thanks Marc, much of my reply to you is in my previous post -- we posted at the same The missing bit is blown out white feathers and I had the same thought as you; however being a "as is was" photographer I could not possible change that Thanks for comments marc; very appreciated
  22. ianrb


    bit of a just for fun photo composite of four images started with very recent sunrise image >I found it to too hard to line up the wires >added a rectangle marquee >added outline > added mask > removed the outline not needed >use warp tool to add the bend / saging > added masks to bird image > removed wire> added a darken blend layer. No idea how convincing it is > all photos taken with a little Pana Fz300 from the house yard Suggestions, honest comments and questions welcome
  23. ianrb


    Many thanks for the honest comments -- I really appreciate to hear how other really see it . Perhaps the flying birds should be left more as original . Always seems a long exercise to get the position of the elements "perfect". And yes; the sky is too heavy I took a few more photos of the tree and sunrise colors this morning as there were some light clouds there so I can more time making the "perfect" photo. It's amazing really that I have lived in this house for 18 years but I have never noticed the potential of that actual angle even though I would have seen it often The original image -- would be 100 mtrs away from the backyard Cheers
  24. ianrb


    Thanks for asking; but no magpies there @John Rostron. There's a peewee or magpie lark (much smaller than magpie) -- right side on the wire. In the middle is a crested pigeon. The rest are rosellas with one on the wire and 3 others flying --- that file of 3 was duplicated, rotated + one bird removed so it wasn't so obvious I sort of like that image more and more. Not very often this happens; but I might even get a photo printed. Need a bit more work first
  25. Bit of a long coming rant Is it really that hard / completed / confusing for others or am I just the dumb one ?. Other programs like lr and on1 make it so easy even if I haven't use On1 for ages and have likely forgotten how it worked. I call the whole grad tool thing "best to leave it tool" as i did with Ps programs --- easier the paint in / mask in the files or colours Just seems impossible to make an easy transparent gradient to blend 2 files together or add a colour or adjustment to say one edge . Honestly; videos I have seen tend to jump in at the deep end or don't mention a transparent gradient I would really appreciate it if you can explain the basics of making a simple transparent grad in Affinity Photo. Cheers