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  1. "there is no perfect solution that will suffice to end this discussion, that satisfies all forum users" yes there is; MY solution 🤣 Perhaps time to close the thread ???
  2. Another general comment I suggest ''only learn as need to need to learn'' . Programs like Affinity have so much more capabilities than most people (anyone) really needs but all those capabilities are partly used by others . It's not a case of ''have to know it all'' . It was said that very few people, if anyone in the world knows every capability of photoshop . Or if 10 people with advanced Ps knowledge were given a file or files and brief to how the edited file should look , all 10 people would get to that final edit in 10 different ways . Tip from personal experience when moving from Ps/bridge to lightroom 2 + PS3 is ''turn off all other programs to concentrate on the one new program'' . Not everyone will need to do that; however I was able to make more progress faster when I did . Every program is different ; and not a clone of another . Most have similar tools , but often with different names hiding in different places --- that has been my harder part of learning the affinity way --- still not used to "flatten layers" under documents 🤬 That's the sort of stuff up we expect from overpaid government bureaucrats 🤣 Too many (happy snappers) seem to have too many programs doing little jobs when many of those little jobs could often be done in one program IF they stopped to learn that ONE program better . In other words; ''don't make digital harder than it already is'' . Why am I typing all this ? Bloody sick of frustrating editing programs 🤬
  3. depending the "blow it up" size , I would save as a Jpeg at the highest quality possible . Most labs will convert files to jpeg before printing , and may even make the file smaller . You might be surprised at the photo quality a few MB jpg file will be --- 16x12 inch is not problem . Quite often we can only see any difference if have something better, or worse to use as comparison . If getting a very large and expense photo printed it does pay to get a small "proof" photo or two first ---- something like a 10 x 8 inch from the same lab should do . One photo of the whole file and another cropped from the original What size "blow up" are you considering --- consider posting the photo Side note : It's amazing how "dangerous" sounding words are used in photography . ''blow it up" means a bomb to me . Shot and shoot are my favourite pet hate words in photography . "The police are looking for the shooter" ---- must be a canon user lol . "10 kids were shot at the school" --- not sure why 10 kids photographed at the school would be news headline .
  4. Just a general comment I have often felt that many new to all this digital photography /editing are in a too bigger rush to the more advanced editing . If a baby rushes into running they usually get hurt . An apprentice mechanic must learn how to use the tools while doing smaller jobs before putting a complete motor together . I'm quite sure I could not start photography and editing from scratch today . I had the advantage of starting in film days , used a minilab, doing picture framing , went to (film) photography workshop as digital came to life. So when I bought my first digital camera (nikon D1 ) and photoshop 7 happened to jump onto my spooky new computer ; I already had a head and shoulders start. I have never been a great student and do have some learning difficulties ; but IMO digital photography and photo editing is not easy and certainly not "just a click here and there" . In fact there are 3 year university studies for those who want to know it all --- not that too many "know it all". It takes time folks . It's easy when you know how , however crawl before you walk and walk straight before you run .
  5. I haven't read all the above; or very much of the above (sorry); but I totally agree there needs to be 3 separate groups for the 3 programs and possible a general group . If I had it my way i would likely break AP in photo editing ; and designing like work. Perhaps then I would offer more time helping answering photo editing related questions where I can . After thought --- A big help without extra groups would be the insistence that every heading starts with the program name and perhaps the tool in question . I have often had the feeling that basic and lighter advanced photo editing in Affinity Photo has been somewhat overshadowed by far more advanced edits .
  6. what happens if you use the clone tool on the base photo and not layers Polite tip: would better to post a less complicated /busy photo to make it easier to see the problem
  7. Elements will always be the "preferred" editor 🤬 . I could post a LR5 screen shot if you need more help --- took me awhile to work it out
  8. Sorry; reads a bit over my older head but what happens if mirror a photo ?
  9. bit of a wide question Danny as it depends on how the file will be use . I'm just a happy snapper these days so my photos are not all that important . To keep layers ; I use full size TIFF files When I'm happy with the edit -- shared on the web -- I often save the photo as around a 16 x 12 jpg file "just in case" and delete the larger tiff . 8x10/12 inches would likely be enough for my needs > > Don't forget to keep the original file and never edit an original JPEG file . IMO; RAW is not a have to use but it is best practise . I hope that answer your question well enough Just a note --- many of the suggested "dos and don't do" for file handling relates back to the early years of digital when cameras and gear were nowhere as good as we have today . However; not working on the original jpg file still is the better practise .
  10. thanks for asking --- yep, multiply times out of frustration . But; now there is more to story ! Until a fews minutes ago I had not tried the mouse 🤬 . I use the mouse with left hand with the pen in the right hand and for some reason --- likely older age like it's owner🤣 ---- the pen does not work on this task any more . It's an old wacom bamboo my daughter didn't need . Considered sorted --- thank you
  11. True; but I like the two colours walt --- would be better to have a couple more colours on hand without opening another panel
  12. Hello; I hope all are staying sensible to stay safe I can no longer add extra adjustments points to the mesh wrap as in the past What have I broken this time ? used here to pull a panorama in line --- original pano image
  13. This image may help those not sure which tools to have available for editing photo -- everyone will have different ideas Also; I have this screenshot to help put the tools back as they were before a program crash --- or ; I do something dumb . Yep; there needs to be a way to save our preferred window; even if that replaces the APPs default settings For those new to editing ; keep it simple folks to save time looking for that tool you used once a month ago ---- you may notice I have very few multi choice tools . Keeps it simple for my older brain 🤣 If I notice I have not used a tool for sometime I often remove it One column would be better ; however I like having the colour icons available --- not sure why the colours cannot be in a single column (??)
  14. You are most welcome . I'm going to make similar macros for other adjust layers I seem to use often one way or the other --- Saturation and Vibrance in two macros --- and/or HSL saturation . Black and white could handy at times . Too many possibilities really and why I still do so much in the old faithful Lightroom 5.7 ; I would be totally lost if I lost that app .
  15. Bugga!! Was hoping I was the only one; don't feel so important now . Thank you for the answers
  16. like my brother chaining and locking a large cowbell to the axle of our very new brother in law's car
  17. Is this the information you need ? Where /how do I find more if needed ? I need something to take to the tech bloke . It's all getting a bit too frustrating --- perspective /warp seems to cause a lock ups ; occasionally Ap has locked up with no file open . Opened a file >did lots of editing >locked up >closed >opened again via original button >locked on opening >closed /reopen again as before with no (more) problems Do I mention the day I fiddled around with a number of various files and never had a problem all day OpenGL is out of the equation -- I don't need it Cheers and thanks for your time
  18. Do you ever have this annoying problem of layer icons being blacked out after doing things like grouping, duplicating plus others ? Plus a request -- can the tick boxes be made larger please ? Both only small annoy hiccups but when one is having bigger ongoing annoying problems with AP ; any tiny hiccup does seem bigger . thank you for reading
  19. Sorry for the delay in replying . Briefly ---Not a new laptop but locally built ''old fashion'' tower --- late 2019 --- Au$1,500 tower only Spoke to the person who put it together and he told me I have no need for OpenGl --- when I tested On1 it worked . No idea why the oldish wacom bamboo didn't work before the upgrade but does now (??) I have a feeling something has changed in Lr5 but cannot understand why the image freezers after some edits have been done with Ap . All very much like the rattle in the car that doesn't rattle when paying someone to find the rattle . >> .
  20. Copy and paste the best parts and/or copy save the url There is also a mountain of online info --- most it can be converted the Ap way . Great to see to found it of interest
  21. Thanks for thinking about it and the comment which explained my total frustration (this was the last line) . Stopped typing for a while to try sometime that was one reason I had to buy the Acer laptop ---- run Opengl to run On1 . And openGl will not run on this computer . Brilliant !!! That might be it in round about way The bigger problem is two programs are involved and they seem to be linked in some way to cause the problem . No one else is having the problem and I certainly don't point the finger at Ap only . I will not be surprised if the problem has more to do with Lr5. >> What might have changed because of the upgrades ? Remember there were no problems when the tower was first used . However the problem was present when using to older Acer Laptop and was one of the reasons I decided to purchase a new tower .
  22. Thank you all for sharing ideas Since I started this thread I have been exploring and now often using a variety of inverted adjustment layers for subtle selective adjustments ; many of which would only be noticed if not done .
  23. 0500 hours -- to add to the frustration ORF >basic edits in Lr >sent TIFF to Ap "with adjustments" >fiddle with various manual mirroring ideas > not saved >decided to open the same ORF again with LR adjustments (nothing done in Lr since open the first file) >that second TIFF file froze AP ! > after 12 hours (night here) file and Ap are frozen /locked /or whatever you call it . The image can be scrolled up /down >closed as normal >original mirrored tiff is still frozen >closed /saved as normal >opened another copy of the ORF without any problems >opened the first TIFF again as "original" without problem . Ap was not turned off Now I have the new and the older file working but have forgotten the idea /reason I wanted the second image No problems with this "light at the end of the LR-AP tunnel" photo >> Ap edited >saved >reopened with Lr adjustments >edited > placed > perspective + warp tools > saved > opened with Lr adjustments (?? why ??) .
  24. And the drama returns (Started this around new year --- Now added more January 21 . Been putting up with the drama; but to be honest it is really starting to annoy me . ) Some upgrades added to the new Win 10 tower before the dramas returned. Upgrades included something (??) so Opengl worked --- needed to run On1 that I don't use ATM . The old bamboo pad/pen is now working --- wasn't before the upgrade. Upgrade as I understand it : 1Tb SSD added . RAM boosted to 16 gb I will add a SS and photos of the boxes from the update . All above my head. When the file is locked files open/ can be edited with adjustment layers / resized/ resize canvas /add layers+fill/ most macros/ save selections/ open saved selections/ duplicate layers Not working when the file is locked Cropping/ Liquify/ inpaint/ paint brush [A curved brush goes in a straight line from start to finish points >hold the shift button with brush tool the effect always starts where the last finished . Half working when locked marquee tool does not show the marching ants when being drawn out .. marching ants appear when left button is released . Any file can lock when opened with Lr5 adjustments , or original file , or as copy . JPEG and TIFF can lock . Even files opened /edited before can lock . Any file can lock during editing . Opening another file from Lr5 will sometimes unlock the file . Closing / reopening a locked file sometimes works . Turning off Ap is often needed. Turning off computer sometimes needed . As I type this there are now four locked files in Ap. Closed those files >reopen the iPhone6 files with no dramas at all !! AP can also totally lock as various adjustments are added . Only fix is do a forced computer shut down . I need to start making notes; but there does not seem to be any obvious pattern . There are times I haven't realised the file is lock until I try to move the file inside the window, or use the brush, inpainting and crop tools. One good thing is all edits done can be saved back to Lr. Or in the case of a forced shut down; Ap will ask if I want to reopen the unsaved file . Great feature IMO even if the file number/name becomes ''untitled'' Well that's half a day gone – now a day ++ . No way I could be doing this rather expensive hobby as a job, and often wish I never moved from Lr5 /PSE12 /Nik/ ICE. Blaming Adobe for most of it!! I can still not see any explainable pattern . What else can I send you ? I hope the above understandable and sorry for length --- I do find it had to explain when I don't understand any of it myself Cheers
  25. Olivio's videos always show me something didn't know and often thing I don't really need know ---- information overload setting in again --- like; I have never really found a use for average blur until yesterday The hardest part; or the impossible part for me is coming up with the ideas
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