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  1. Thanks so much for your time spent! Just one other question? Does this also apply to the colour variance that took place between PS and affinity Photo?
  2. Thank You! Let me share this info with our retoucher. Thanks for this. What about the retouching layer where you see all of the marks on his face?
  3. Thank You! I am using a Mac, but our retoucher is on PC. I sent you a PM with links to two images. I cannot share here as the shoot hasn't been published. Can you open them up in Affinity please to see what I am talking about?
  4. We just did so in Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer and problem is still there. A blue image is seen a violet/blue.
  5. We can open PSD files in Affinity Photo but it doesn't transcribe correctly, that is, colours change radically and layers are missing. Is there a reason for this and have you a solution please? I am shooting Fujifilm GFX importing to Capture One, exporting variants in TIFF 16bit, where our retoucher commence her process in PS. She sends us the retouched layered PSD files to be tweaked if necessary. We were shocked to find that everything was off. We purchased the whole Affinity suit thinking that the transitions would be seamless.
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