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  1. I have a MacBook Pro (M1, 2020, 16GB) and my files are stored internally. Everything was working fine until now. Today, I updated to macOS Monterey as well as the newest version of Affinity Publisher (1.10.4). Now my most recently used file (let’s call it File A) keeps crashing when saving, I can edit but I can’t save. I have tried saving with other older files as well as new ones, and they work fine so I’m guessing it has something to do with File A. As a workaround, I tried creating a new file then copying the content from File A to the new one but it would crash when I would paste the content of File A to the new file. Also, when I open File A and just leave it open for 5-10 mins without editing it the app would crash on its own. That doesn’t happen with my other Publisher files. I’ve tried going back to the previous version of Affinity Publisher (1.10.3) as well and I’m having the same issue. Also, I’ve noticed in Finder, usually File A would show a thumbnail of the document but now it shows the logo of Affinity Publisher. My other Publisher files still have the document as a thumbnail. I’ve attached the crash report. Since it's work related, is there a way to upload my file privately ? I would appreciate any help, thanks! Affinity Publisher-2021-11-10-233519.ips
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