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  1. I've managed to narrow things down a bit further. I also need to be more precise about what I actually did. Very specifically, I have only managed to reproduce the issue with a Word document (saved from within WPS writer) into which I have copied and pasted from an HTML file that was open in another WPS Office tab. For the layout exercise I am trying to do, the tutor has provided us with templates in the old DOT format. When I copy from the HTML document into that Word document (even if I have saved it first as a DOCX) and then try to place the resultant document in Publisher, I get the freeze. I do not get the freeze if I simply save the Wikipedia-generated HTML as a DOCX and place that in Publisher. Nor do I get it when I save the template as a DOCX and place that in Publisher without first pasting in the content of the HTML document. The document I have sent you was saved from a DOT template with the contents of the HTML file pasted into it.
  2. It turns out it is just files created in one particular way that are causing the problem, and that images don't seem to be the issue. I use WPS Office, so I guess it is possible that there may be differences in the docx files that it creates compared to MS Word, but (unlike with LibreOffice) I have never before encountered any issues of compatibility between the two. I was able to successfully place a number of docx files that I had created in WPS Writer into Publisher, including a file with lots of images and another with several embedded pdfs. The files I have had trouble with are to do with an exercise I am doing for a course on technical writing in which I am trying to reformat a Wikipedia article so that it looks like a technical document. Whether I import the whole page with images into WPS Writer, or import the html without images and other media, when I save what I have going in WPS Writer to docx and try to place it into Publisher, the same thing happens: Publisher freezes. When I say "freeze", it is slightly different from the freezes I am normally used to in computer applications, but it certainly ceases to function in any useful way. So basically the problem is something to do with how Publisher deals with what WPS Writer makes of HTML generated by Wikipedia.
  3. I want to create a gradient from gold to red and back to the same gold. I have got as far as pulling down the gradient pull-down dialogue, setting three points and making the first gold and the second red, but for the third one I need to use the eyedropper to select the same gold I selected earlier. And that's where I get stuck. I would have thought that clicking on the eyedropper in the colour selection part of the gradient dialogue would have enabled me to pick a colour, but all that happens if I do that is that the gradient dialogue disappears as soon as I click outside it and then I am no longer able to adjust the gradient. What am I supposed to do?
  4. I have been trying to import docx files into Publisher, but they cause Publisher to freeze. The only response I can then get out of Publisher is when I select "Close window" from the Windows taskbar. When I do this it asks me if I want to save the file I have been working on first, but even if I say yes, no file is saved. At first I thought this might be to do with the photos in the files, but then I tried importing a docx without any images and it still froze. How can I get importing docx files to work?
  5. In Publisher, how can I import or otherwise work with a docx file which contains pictures? When I try to place my file Publisher becomes completely unresponsive and I have to kill it.
  6. Is there a simple guide that will explain to me how to get the colours that come out of my printer to look at least more or less like the ones I see on my screen? I have found a lot of information about this, but it all assumes that I know much more than I do and goes completely over my head. Which format should I use for my documents, and which profile should I use for printing? My monitor is the display on my Lenovo Yoga 710 and my printer is a Canon Pixma iP7250 using OCP inks. There are several profiles to choose from specifically for the iP7250 alone and I am completely bewildered.
  7. In Designer I want to colour a rectangle with a gradient of a certain colour, but no matter what colour I choose, the gradient always ends up in greyscale, and no matter how much I try to select the particular rectangle I want to colour, the gradient always ends up covering the whole canvas. What am I doing wrong?
  8. I've found a solution. The font is called 4077th. I got it from https://fonts2u.com/4077th.font I did two things. I don't know if the first one is necessary, but the second one definitely is: Firstly I opened the font in Fontforge and changed the family name from 4077th to a4077th because apparently a family name beginning with a digit is incorrect. I don't know if this step is strictly necessary. Secondly, the font as I downloaded it had no lower case Roman characters. Again in Fontforge I populated all the empty lower case Roman slots by copying and pasting from another font (I used Arial, but I think it probably doesn't matter what you use). Once I had done this I was able to reinstall the font (for all users), and it showed up in Affinity Photo.
  9. I have now managed to get the font accessible in Inkscape by installing it using "install for all users" instead of just "install", but it's still not visible in Affinity Photo.
  10. I've discovered that the font is also not available in Inkscape, but it is available in WPS Office.
  11. I have installed a truetype font in Windows 10. It appears in the Windows font settings, but it doesn't appear in the list of available fonts in Affinity Photo. I have tried logging out of Windows and logging back in again, but it still doesn't appear. How can I fix this?
  12. I have just shut down and restarted Photo and this time I have got the paper size preference to stick. I notice that the paper size in the Affinity Photo print dialogue is now "defined by driver", whereas before I was trying to specify the paper size. Perhaps this is where I was going wrong.
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