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  1. Just tried that, even did a restart afterwards, but it still crashes immediately i type a space. How do I go back to a previous version ?
  2. Just did the Clear User Data suggested above. I selected to reset Auto Correct & Abbreviations as advised & then Clear. Yes, I have lost all my pre-sets. No, it has not fixed the bug with crashing on using space bar.
  3. Sorry I did not read your post properly, you want me to rename the AppData folder. I don't even know what that is or where to find it.
  4. This is even happening on New documents, before I have attempted to save them, so at that point they are unnamed & no autocorrect has taken place. If I make a text box & just try to type Hello everyone, I just get as far as - Hello (spacebar) CRASH.
  5. Hi all I phoned Serif & they gave me an email address to submit my crash report directly. Is anyone else having a problem with Affinity Publisher crashing or is it just me & Phil ?
  6. Hi Joachim_L I just went to Affinity Publisher & selected preferences, then IT CRASHED again. I may post the crash repost for one of the the earlier Space Bar crashes later today as I have to go out now. Please could anyone else advise me on the security of posting a crash report from my laptop on an open forum.
  7. I am not a computer expert. I googled Hardware acceleration & no I don't seem to have this. I used your instructions to find the crash report. I found it & double clicked on the last one displayed to open it. It then asked me to select a program to open it. I selected Notepad from the options as all the others did not seem appropriate. It then opened a page of what looks like gobbledegook to me, is this what you want ? If so I feel uncomfortable about the security of posting this on an open forum. Is it safe to do so ?
  8. This now makes it completely unusable, (after latest update 1.10.4 1198, for Windows 10).
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