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  1. I will try to send PDF, i have no idea with its encrpted.... Unable to do anything with it. I will try and send you it by PM, and will also attach a screen shot below. It shows how it was printed... Card Wallet template John McClean and the Clan v6.psd
  2. CD cover design error caused by Affinity Photo? I have designed 5 or 6 cd album covers for myself, and my clients in the past using Affinity Photo. Absolutely no problems what so ever. Bought a new PC. Windows 10, downloaded latest version of affinity photo. And designed two different cd album projects for clients. I downloaded the PDF templates from the cd manufacturers. Loaded them into affinity. Locked the layer, so I didn't accidentally move the template, and designed the cd covers, inlays, and on body cd text. I exported as a JPG. I have never flattened an image, or rasterized (whatever that means) before when designing cd covers in affinity of photoshop. It was a disaster. The whole design seemed to have ever so slightly shrunk. Meaning the wheel type logo that was fully centred on the front of the cover. Was a little to the left and low. As was the text on the back of the CD The on body cd print was also slightly incorrect. There was a slight gap around the circular wheel logo. That was not intended. In my opinion. It looks to have slightly shrunk A thousand cd's were printed incorrectly. I was mortified. The band were not just clients. They were also a good and old friend of mine. Here is where it gets interesting. I was convinced that I had done it all correctly, I could see it was all in safe areas on my affinity project. I was certain it was a manufacturing error. The manufacture then sent me a PDF proof which showed the design. A little low, and slightly to the left? I rang them, had a chat, they were very nice, helpful She loaded the cd cover pdf template into photshop on her computer. And overlayed the jpg I made in affinity. And then she sent me a screen shot And again. My design in affinity appeared incorrect. The cd manufacturer, was correct I then opened a brand new affinity project, opened the template, overlayed my jpg that I sent, and it looks fine. So the jpg appears fine in affinity, but when sent to other people who use photoshop, it is incorrect. Somehow, at the point of export something is going wrong in affinity. I had the exact same thing happen with another cd job for a friend I sent of at the same time. The only saving grace was on the 1000 copies made for the cd, I had been given the wrong running order of songs, so a small reprint was required. I changed the running order, and this time exported as PSD files, and sent it. All good. I really need some help, advice. I don't want to go back to using photoshop. But I have a cd design job in a few days. And im terrified about it. It shouldn't be like this. Any help would be greatly appreciated stephen PDF proof form manufacturer also showing desing has moved the left and down almost shrank.pdf
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