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  1. Thanks for that. I've poked it some more and the cause might be our raw engine. If you go to Assistant Options > Develop Assistant, is your RAW Engine set to Serif Labs? If so, change it to Apple (Core Image RAW) and try again. These are my results: Apple Core Edit in - 3 : 2 Edit with - 3 : 2 Open directly - 3 : 2 Serif Labs Edit in - 4 : 3 Edit with - 3 : 2 Open directly - 4 : 3 Edit in and opening directly shove it through the Develop Persona which is why we are getting different results in Serif Labs. If I Edit with > Affinity Photo, it opens directly in the Photo Persona and gives the correct result.
  2. Hey MacGB, I thought I'd reproduced this initially but when I went to log the steps with development, I went through it again and it was fine. Would you mind attaching one of the images for me please?
  3. Hey Roberta, 1 - This has been mentioned and logged numerous times before. The reply back from the developers has always been 'You have changed the brushes preset so it is no longer the same brush. Whilst I can accept that, I do think that it would be nice to have some sort of indication as to which brush you were using—especially if you're loading up the document the next day and you've completely forgotten which one you were using. Another suggestion was to add the brushes you're using for the current project into their own group so you can more easily identify the one you need. I do appreciate this could potentially be a bit time consuming. 2 - I believe a lot of work is planned to go into the Symmetry feature so this is likely to change. The issue you have mentioned was logged with the developers the same day we first got this feature as it immediately became a problem for us during early testing. 3 - You can go to View > Float All and position them accordingly. Unless I'm mistaken, I cannot see a way of getting the app to automatically and neatly position the windows for you so I might pop an improvement request over to dev. Thanks!
  4. Chris B

    Corrupted file

    Could I have the file please Link to a private Dropbox folder.
  5. Chris B

    Hangs on Save As...

    Hey SeamusBerkeley, This worked flawlessly for me. Can you tell me what type of layers you've got? Or even better, send me the afphoto file just before you would save it. Here's a link to our private Dropbox.
  6. Hey Wickster, A workaround is to place the layers in a group and then rasterise the group. This isn't ideal if you need to keep the separate layers.
  7. Hey haakoo, It has been broken for a while now. I bumped it recently but I'll do it again as we're seeing more and more reports of it. Thank you.
  8. Yes, I am too. However it's simply because we haven't translated any of it—for any language. I'll find out if it needs doing.
  9. Hi Alfred, That screenshot was taken when I had my language set to English (United States). I've changed to English and the screen says 'Third party licences' which is correct. The text at the bottom is not translated for any of the languages which is why it said 'colour(s)'
  10. We're using this one now, Martin:
  11. @emmrecs01 - Martin is referring to the initial screen that appears when you first run the app up. This has now changed to a waterfall in the current beta.
  12. Hey Wickster, I can't really see any negatives with making it sticky but I'll admit I don't use this button very often. Unless someone can say otherwise, I'm happy to put in an improvement request.
  13. Hey Jonopen, It seems like the list is ordered alphabetically however we've ordered the icons in order of importance or what would more commonly be used. I would personally be uncomfortable if they changed the icon order (due to muscle memory) but perhaps the list could be amended.
  14. Yep that looks broken too. Good spot! Curiously, the Contiguous option on the Flood Fill select seems to be working correctly. Thanks!
  15. Thanks IPv6, I was able to reproduce this straight away—I'll log it for you.
  16. Chris B

    Place Image Tool

    I've asked if we want to add the tool or just remove it from the Help. I'll let you know once I hear back. Thanks all. Update—it will be removed from Help.
  17. Thanks—that's a better spec than the iMac I tested it on. Is it just that image that takes a while or do others take just as long? If you think it is just that image (or any similarly sized images) can you upload a copy here, please?
  18. That's a link to a Wikipedia article that anyone can edit. Upon checking the article edit history, I don't recognise any of those users so I would still argue we (Serif) have never stated we are a replacement. The article even says alternative. Maybe by 'alternative' it's implying a one-time license fee vs subscription billing
  19. Doesn't seem to make a difference if Metal is on/off for me. We've got a few separate logs for this too. The issue seems more apparent when you try and drag the image in on itself. You should notice a severe redraw issue which it can struggle to recover from. Messing about with it too much can also cause a crash. I'm seeing this:
  20. Chris B

    Question to the Sub-Brushes

    Hey Gnobelix, It's possible that it hasn't been translated yet. It's in the UK Eng Help if you search for 'sub brushes'. I've tried switching to German but as I can't read it very well, I'm having trouble finding (and searching) for it. I'll keep looking. As for the Spacing setting, you need to uncheck the option for 'Sync size' under Sub Brushes.
  21. Hey LevelB, It will likely depend on the size of the image, however I'm using a 500mb image and it takes a second or two for the histogram to update. It really shouldn't be taking 10 minutes What spec is your machine? I'm using a 2017 MacBook Pro which is decent but not the best. I've tested it on a late 2013 iMac and that was about the same...
  22. Chris B

    Bug? Painting on Fill layer

    If you just want a coloured layer than you can paint on, you can just go to Edit > Fill.
  23. What does the History entry say exactly? Can you save a document with its history and send it to us? If you don't have it now, can you attach it to this post the next time it happens?