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  1. Hey @YOG, welcome to the forums. I'm sorry you lost so much time. I'm pleased this seems to have resolved it for you.
  2. Are you using Separated Mode? If so, I believe that is already logged with the developers.
  3. I can see what's happening but I cannot reproduce it. I will ask some other members of staff to have a go.
  4. Tabbing back does not work, however tabbing does take me from S to X again.
  5. I get this with OpenCL disabled. Update - it took 5 mins to export with OpenCL disabled.
  6. Hi Jowday, the Export Preview is just an added perk to the File > Export dialog which is essentially a 'quick export' feature. Its sole purpose is to give you a quick idea of what the export will be like without the complexity of entering the Export Persona to really fine-tune your export. Whilst I agree that a few contexual improvements would be beneficial, it is not meant to be comprehensive or feature-packed. It's likely that this will receive some improvements in the future but we want to focus on the Export Persona which is essentially the equivelant of the export preview seen in sday, PS. Thanks. In the next build we should be fixing the size/position of the preview window It will also close when you select an unsupported file type!
  7. Andy S has read the feedback and agrees on a number of points. It sounds like this feature will be expanded upon in the future. I just wanted to say that your concerns about performance with History steps should not really materlaise into an issue but it is something I'll be testing and keeping my eye on. Of course if you have a document where this does seem to be true, let me know.
  8. Thanks h_d, that's pretty annoying. I'll pass this over to dev—cheers!
  9. This is working for me. I've just checked this in the previous beta and retail and it does work. I suspect it never has for the Transform Panel. It does in some other dialogs so I'll log this—cheers.
  10. Thanks. I had a quick go again but didn't get it. I'm happy to keep poking it and I've asked a few others to keep an eye out for it. Appreciate the help
  11. I'm updating on my personal machine at the moment and I'm 20 mins in with 20 mins left. It usually takes a minute or two. It's definitely the server playing up as it was fine on my work one earlier.
  12. Thanks. Honestly whatever you can try will be appreciated. It's had a few of us scratching our heads today! One of the developers did find another issue with the Opacity slider being greyed out on the Colour Panel so that was a win to find that.
  13. Hi rif.salvatore, Welcome to the forums. This is a known issue and I will pass your thread back to the developers. Thank you.
  14. Hey Timo, Can you reproduce this a) with a mouse and b) on a new document? There's a few of us trying this as we can clearly see something isn't right but so far we haven't been able to reproduce your results. If you cannot reproduce it on a new doc, it might be doc-specific, in which case could we grab that from you please? FYI I've also tried with my Wacom
  15. Hey antonkudin, I believe we have a log of this. It's a bit tricky to reproduce reliably but we have seen it. I'll update the report—cheers
  16. Thanks nucleardirk, I will log this straight away.
  17. Hey h_d, Thanks for your feedback. The Export Preview was pulled from Windows as it will be undergoing some improvements and I suspect this will happen on macOS too. Thank you for the feedback.
  18. Ah, I was on that build so that's good to hear. Thanks
  19. Thanks. Could you please see if this new beta fixes the issue?
  20. I am sure I've had this myself but never found a reliable recipe.
  21. Thanks for confirming. I will feed this back.
  22. Are these files from a previosu beta by any chance or can you reproduce it on a new document created in the current beta?
  23. Hey NotMyFault, Can you please provide a screen recording of what you're doing? I cannot reproduce this or even see any changes when I enter that equation. Cheers!
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