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  1. Please attach the file or at least provide some information about the file and the export settings. I have absolutely nothing to go off from this post. How long is long? A few seconds? A minute? What are your expectations of how fast it should be?
  2. I think it should be Ctrl+Alt as some other selection tools have this for 'Add'
  3. True. I think I was referring more to the fact I completely got tripped up by the Windows method of 'holding the RightMouse' whilst clicking. I cannot think of another area where we do this.
  4. Hey przemoc, If you go to Preferences > General and toggle the Limit initial zoom to 100% does it make a difference?
  5. Ah holding RightMouse and clicking adds a new selection. Both operating systems should be the same.
  6. macOS is working as expected - control + click adds a new area to the existing selection. Windows states RightMouse to Add. I'll get this logged. Thank you.
  7. Hey TanBrae, The snapping should have been fixed in 2.0.4. I'm not seeing the second issue. Can you attach a document as well as a screenshot/recording just in case I'm still unable to reproduce it.
  8. There have been a few reports regarding printing in Ventura but I haven't come across any where the print dialog is not being called. The suggestion to reinstall the apps was fair, however you can try taking it a step further by resetting the app - this will reset some settings that a reinstall will not touch: Launch the app with ⌃(ctrl) held down until a Clear User Data dialog appears. Press the Select All button then press the Clear button. Note this will reset everything to app defaults - user preferences, palettes, macros, everything. If you want to reset just the UI and user prefs leave just the first three checkboxes ticked and press the Clear button.
  9. This is an open issue logged with the developers. I will update the bug report - sorry about this.
  10. Hey Stephaniesh, Welcome to the Affinity Forums. Does this happen with all brushes or just a certain set? The setting on the Context Toolbar seem fine so I wonder if perhaps it's a brush setting that has been changed in the Brush Editor? Does changing any of the settings for the Tablet Input Method in Preferences affect it?
  11. We have this bug marked as affecting version and happened when opening more than 1 raw at the same time. By the time we managed to work out the recipe to reproduce, there was no way of guaranteeing a safe fix for 2.0.4.
  12. I'm happy to say that this will be a simple fix! You've got the JPEG Quality slider set to 10 - if you change this to 85 for High Quality or all the way to 100 for Best Quality the export will be spot on
  13. There are still a few issues with the White Balance as you've pointed out. As for the Presets - if you save one, load a new raw it displays said preset but does not take affect until you re-select it from the Presets list.
  14. Hey nucleardirk, Two of us have been unable to reproduce this, can you please record a quick video of your experience to make sure we are doing the exact same process as yourself?
  15. I think we avoid having endless tickboxes for different options in Preferences when possible. I think the behaviour just needs to go back to V1 which is what the bug report suggests.
  16. Hi john30, Sadly I have little influence over what the developers are able to fix between each release. I have updated the bug report to reflect that it still affects 2.0.4. My apologies.
  17. Hey GOJIGIRL, Sorry I have read my post back and I do not think I was clear in what I was asking for. Can you please attach the individual images prior to stitching and also the export dialog before you'd typically export? It looks like there's some form of palette set in the export dialog which is causing this - I've tried my own panaorama and export and do not see the issue so I can only assume it's a setting or the images prior to the stitch at fault.
  18. Hey Marekius, You are right, I've just reproduced this on a much smaller file with a 3080 and after a few adjustments it started to lag and become unresponsive and finally I started seeing really bad rendering tiles. I'll get this logged - thanks!
  19. Hey Carol, Can you upload the source images to this private folder please so I can attempt to investigate? https://www.dropbox.com/request/rI1AQklC2yXOzg5Y2nSQ Disabling OpenCL will make some operations slower as this is what we call 'hardware acceleration' which makes use of your dedicated graphics card. I'd enable it again if it hasn't made a difference.
  20. Thanks! It looks similar to an issue with another filter setting the Opacity to 0% so I'll link the reports together
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