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  1. Hi Guzzi, It can be tricky to fix issues that are hard to reproduce. I would recommend updating to the most recent beta and see if you can reproduce it. We can then submit the .dmp files to the developers. If it happens in the new build, can you attach the files you were opening and also, send us a copy of your AppData folder. Do not run the app up again until you've made a copy of this folder (and zipped it up for us): AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0 (Beta)\ Thank you
  2. Chris B

    Blemish Removal Tool Crash

    Hey zimmt, So you aren't even using a big brush... I managed to get the app to slow down for a second or two using a 300px brush but still no crash. I've logged a bug report with dev to see if we can get any info from the crash report.
  3. Chris B

    texture-filter (german math)

    I've just done something like this:
  4. Chris B

    Bug: voronoi as live-filter

    Nice catch Polygonius, I've logged this with the developers for you. It only seems to affect macOS. I'll pass your feedback on too
  5. Chris B

    Inpaint function in pano screen

    Hey BARBAKANE, It is working in the current Windows beta for me. You need to click the Apply button after enabling the Inpaint Missing Areas button. Once the panorama enters the Photo Persona, the missing areas should be filled in.
  6. Ah, thank you! I think this is what happened to me a few weeks ago. I'll log it for you.
  7. Hey >|<, I managed to get it into a weird state where the handles did show when 'Show axis editing handles' was disabled I can't reproduce it now though and it is working fine. Have you tried zooming in/out to see if it's a rendering issue?
  8. Chris B

    Error in Changing Macro Category Name

    Ooh that's funny. I will get it logged for you. Thanks for reporting and confirming guys.
  9. Chris B

    Blemish Removal Tool Crash

    Hi zimmt, I've been trying this for 5 minutes solid (over 500 History entries) and I cannot get it to crash. I was trying on a developed raw image at 10000px x 8000 px. What size brush and document are you working with? Are you getting a crash report that you could attach for us?
  10. Chris B

    Metal: Changing HSL blend mode has no effect

    Hey kaffeeundsalz, I've reproduced this and logged it with the developers for you. Thank you
  11. Chris B

    Rasterize issue

    We've had a few internal builds since you guys got .284. I cannot reproduce this on the build I have. Would you mind trying to reproduce it whenever Mark releases the next Windows build and let me know how you get on, please?
  12. Thanks Murfee. This is logged to be looked at.
  13. Chris B

    texture-filter (german math)

    Hey @Polygonius I'm not sure if this should have been translated or not—I'm not sure if it matters. Anyway, I (and some others) have been poking this and it does seem to work but I'd like to see a screenshot of your dialog with what you've typed in so we can see what might be going wrong.
  14. It's definitely there on macOS The View menu could do with a tidy up though as there's no consistency.
  15. Chris B

    Crop tool

    Hi ms.fuentecilla, Would you be able to do a quick recording so we can see what you're experiencing? Mine seems to be working as expected too.
  16. Bug report bumped. I think the placement depends on screen size and scaling... Annoying!
  17. Hi Ben, I have a feeling we won't see this fixed until 1.7 is released, again due to the sandboxing. It should certainly work like 1.6 does...
  18. Chris B

    AP redraw issue

    Thanks Nigel. I can see exactly what you mean with the file you uploaded. I'm going to see if I can simplify the document/recipe and pass it to dev. Update - I just opened it on my iMac and I got the checkerboard flash up for a second and then the document rendered correctly. I then went back to Windows and adjusted the curve, but this time I hid the High Pass Live Filter and the document rendered itself correctly.
  19. It looks like the Live Filter Unsharp Mask is actually giving me a more accurate representation of what we are going to end up with. If I use the exact same values of: Radius 0.8 px, Factor 2 and Threshold of 0% in a Live Filter and apply it, it looks as expected. If I do a destructive Unsharp Mask from the Filters menu, the initial effect with the same above values looks exacerbated in comparison to the Live Filter layer. Can you confirm?
  20. Right, this time I've used a very noisy raw file and have managed to reproduced the behaviour you're experiencing. I'll enquire. Welcome to the Affinity forums @PierreL
  21. Chris B

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    For now you can export them from 1.6 and add them to 1.7. You will have to rename the category from Default to something else otherwise the import will fail. I'm not sure why they have all gone, I was under the impression we had just added more so I'll find out for you.
  22. Chris B

    Update failed

    Hey Guuz, What operating system are you using? Can you press the Windows key + R (on your keyboard) and type winver and provide the full build number. The reason I'm asking is because I've seen this before when the customer was using a Windows Insider build.
  23. Chris B

    brush opacity issue

    Sorry, I meant can you take a screenshot of your User Interface so we can see what settings you have. Or attach a document so I can have a go. When I make one from scratch, it works as expected for me and only requires a single pass.
  24. I believe we have identified the cause of this issue. It should be resolved in the next build.
  25. carl123, you are absolutely spot on. We were sure there was a setting but completely forgot about the Assistant Manager. Thank you!