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  1. Hi Randy, Yes I would just check the forums now and then to see. I do try to keep lists of users waiting for specific things so if I see a fix go in I shall try my best to let you know.
  2. Hi Randy, I'm glad you're back on track—just sorry you aren't on the current version. I believe Lee has explained in a PM that we will be improving this area in the future.
  3. Chris B

    Screen Glitch/Flicker

    This was going to be my next suggestion! It does sound hardware related (I'm not suggesting failing hardware) if it isn't showing up in a screen recording.
  4. Chris B

    Unexpected brush format

    Sorry about this. We're looking into it.
  5. It seems to happen when it populates the information next to the persona icons. You can see it between the 6 and 7 second mark. At 6 seconds it is empty/blank but at 7 seconds (after the flash) the info has populated. I'm not sure if this means anything or even has any part in the flash
  6. Chris B

    Screen Glitch/Flicker

    Hey ChristiduToit, I've not experienced this myself but I can certainly look into it more. Is it possible to get a screen recording of it happening?
  7. Hi Viruskiller, I'm waiting to see your reply from this thread: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/95979-since-version-172471-my-graphics-plugins-from-akvis-no-longer-work/
  8. Chris B

    bug affinity photo 1.7.2

    Hey rieydan, welcome to the Affinity Forums. Unfortunately I have been unable to reproduce this on my iPad running iOS 13 beta 6. Could you provide the exact steps for me to follow and possible a file if you cannot reproduce this on a brand new document? Thanks.
  9. Hey Samoreen, This has been reported before but it still hasn't been resolved. I've added your post to the report with your suggested improvements. Thank you
  10. Hi Darren, Ah right—sorry. In that case it still hasn't been fixed but I've updated the report. I get the small pixelated images too but I haven't had the random line across it.
  11. Chris B

    App crashes on launch - 1.7.2

    Hey wyenphoto, Unless you have a Time Machine backup you cannot go back if you have purchased the app from the App Store. If you purchased it from us you can run the dmg. Could you try going to \Users\username\Library\Containers\ and rename the folder 'com.seriflabs.affinityphoto' to 'com.seriflabs.affinityphoto.old' and then attempt to open the app.
  12. Yes—take 1.7.2 off first and then try again. The error message is so vague though. I've seen this when two instances of the installation are going at once. Make sure you've rebooted and aren't running any anti-virus software whilst you attempt the install.
  13. Hi Darren, So are you no longer seeing the tiny placed image on top? This still isn't marked as fixed but what you're describing now sounds different. Can you upload the images you're stacking to this private Dropbox folder please?
  14. Hey Michail, Thanks for the video—that is what I concluded from your first post but I needed to make sure. What I think is happening, is that the Refine button has absolutely no idea a pixel selection has been made by the Select > Colour Range command and this is why you are getting the red area over the whole pixel layer. The same thing happens if you make no selection at all and just hit Refine. I'll check with dev and also provide feedback from the Refine functionality itself. Thanks.
  15. Hi Randy Williams, After installing again, I can confirm your issue here. I will get this looked into by the developers for you. @amekassa89 - can you confirm your lens and supply a file so I can chase this too? You can reinstall 1.7.1 from here if you need to: https://store.serif.com/en-gb/update/windows/photo/1/
  16. Chris B

    UPGRADE 1.7.2

    Hey evansmr1, Have you been successful since posting this on Saturday? Have you tried a different browser?
  17. Hey Guy Alex, This has been logged. I'm just waiting for feedback with the developers.
  18. Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you all know that this is with the developers. I'll update you once I know more.
  19. Thanks Puck, Logged with the developers
  20. Hey iamdak, If you're being asked to restart, it is likely being caused by another app. We've seen it happen with apps like Revo Uninstaller but also with other maintenance or anti-virus apps.
  21. Chris B

    Can´t import brushes

    Hey Struppi, welcome to the Affinity Forums. Would you be able to upload the brush to this private Dropbox folder please? Can you also upload yours to the same place @gregory ciencin? Edit - It looks like we've already logged this but it still wouldn't hurt to get the brushes from you just to be safe.
  22. Chris B

    Crash in 1.7.2

    Hey Edwin van der Elst, welcome to the Affinity Forums I'm currently investigating this—thanks for the heads up!
  23. Chris B

    Filter is double

    Thanks Michail—this has now been logged with the developers
  24. Hi Michail, 1. What do you mean it doesn't work? What happens? As long as you're doing it on a pixel layer it should work the same as using the Selection Brush Tool. 2. Can you attach a file or screenshots to show what you mean? Refine (to me) is working as well as I'd expect it to.
  25. Hey Joachim_L, 1. This happens when there isn't enough room to display the brush preview within the larger circle. This is by design. 2. Alt Gr+8/9 should be working but I had the same issue as you. I connected a German keyboard and changed my keyboard input to German but Alt Gr+8/9 didn't do anything. I then tested it on another machine and it worked. So I went back to Keyboard Shortcuts in Preferences and reset my keyboard shortcuts and it worked! You can try resetting your shortcuts (but save them first if you use custom ones) and try it. Also check what keys are mapped.