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  1. No worries Trinity. Let me know if it happens again
  2. Chris B

    Program stop

    Okay, well if it becomes a problem and you suspect there's something for us to do, please let me know Thank you.
  3. I think we should be okay for now. I'll let you know if dev request one
  4. Chris B

    Brushes freeze

    I suspect having the brush editor open is the cause of the choppier performance, however, for me, it doesn't affect the performance whilst painting.
  5. Hey Trinity, I can't work out if your screenshot is low res or if your interface looks different to mine. I can barely see the fx symbol and the Live Filters symbol looks odd too. Your icons look more contrasted than mine as well. What resolution is the monitor running? Can you also confirm the version of Affinity you are running?
  6. Hey h_d, We had a report of this issue earlier on today so I've logged it with the developers. I only got it the one time and metal compute doesn't seem to affect it. Thanks for letting us know
  7. Hi Geoff777, I managed to get it once (as did a colleague) but I've got a full crash report so I'll submit this to the development team.
  8. Chris B

    Alignment Bug

    I've managed to reproduce this on the beta but my retail version seems to work. Strange. I need to see if I can find the cause. There's definitely something wrong here that needs logging with the developers. Thanks. Update - So it seems to happen when I drag my own Alignment button from the Customise Toolbar dialog and use that, instead of the default button.
  9. Chris B

    Program stop

    Hey Kjelle, So you've already created the panorama and you're just applying filters to it? How big is the panorama in terms of resolution and DPI? I will need to match my document settings to yours or use the same panorama as you. If you could attach it that would be great. What concerns me that this may be a regression over the retail version if 1.7 is fine.
  10. Chris B

    Brushes freeze

    I'm not seeing anything strange on my end. A2 document @300dpi with a 1200px Frankentoon Texturizer brush with Windows Ink enabled (for the beta). There may be the occasional slow-down with the 1200px brush but it isn't anything that causes me too much trouble and it's normally after a really, unrealistic stroke. I have compared this to the retail version with Windows Ink disabled and the beta seems to be slightly better. Any chance someone could do a quick screen recording?
  11. Might be a redraw issue actually. You don't even need to rasterise and trim as it eventually updated for me once I moved the canvas around.
  12. I think it shows the pre-crop view because the initial crop isn't destructive—if you rasterise and trim, the preview does update. It's a good observation though Walt. I do think this could be handled better though—especially the labels being cut off. I'll query it with the developers. Thanks
  13. Chris B

    Tiff 40000px does not open

    Hey Siegfried, As Walt has pointed out, the fact your TIFF is bigger than 4GB is why Affinity cannot open it. You could try resizing it in the other app but other than that, there isn't anything else I could suggest—sorry.
  14. Chris B

    Affinity Photo Crashes

    Hi Pam, I appreciate you cannot see a connection between crashes but could we start by getting some additional details from you, please? What OS are you on? What type of Mac are you using and what are its specs Is Metal compute enabled from Preferences > Performance What type of images do you work with—can you attach one? What type of work do you normally do? Do you paint, collage (potentially hundreds of layers and effects etc.) Can you attach some crash reports? It may be worth waiting to attach a few so we can see if they are linked
  15. I've asked to see if this is something that could be improved in the future. Thanks guys.
  16. Hey Samoreen, The Scope Panel does seem to travel somewhat. I've tried detaching a few other panels and they don't seem to move so I'm not sure what is special about the Scope Panel. I'll ask the developers to look. I am unable to comment on a 'Workspace manager' as I don't have any information on us potentially implementing one at this time.
  17. Welcome to the forums JohnWGa, Can you provide an example? The Patch Tool for me works flawlessly for its intended use (removing blemishes etc.). Here is the blurb from the Help file: Patching, like healing, blends the target pixels with the sample pixels by matching the texture, tone, and transparency of the sample pixels with the target pixels. For effective results, colours in the source and target areas should vary slowly to help create a seamless boundary that blends into the target's surroundings. Take care to avoid including in your source sharp edges where colour changes dramatically, which can introduce unwanted colour tinges at the target. So we even warn against using it for sharp edges (where one colour meets a totally different one, for example). If you use it on a cluster of blemishes on a face, it should work perfectly.
  18. Thanks for the video an files I think it's the amount of exposure the image needs. I can see a very slight change when adjusting the Shadows but only really on the bee itself. If I develop the image and then return to the Develop Persona, the Shadows slider has more of an effect. Not sure if this is right or not. I'll do more poking.
  19. Chris B

    Metadata/EXIF Lens Identification

    We could probably do this too
  20. Chris B

    Metadata/EXIF Lens Identification

    Hey IndigoMoon! We are surprised by this! Could you attach your image please? Ah, nevermind! Windows UI is behind macOS so we missed it. This will be fixed!
  21. Hey Krista, welcome to the Affinity Forums. Where do you normally save the file(s)? Locally or to a network drive? Could you record a short video after the 9th or so image so we can see the issue in action?
  22. I'm struggling to reproduce this one @h_d - can you share the .rw2 file please?
  23. Hi rcasamino, welcome to the Affinity Forums. This has been an ongoing issue for a while now and we attempted a fix in the current Affinity Photo beta. The fix has worked for a number of people but it seems some are still struggling with this. Please see this thread for more info. Apologies.
  24. Chris B

    Issues with Location panel

    It's hard to read on my 27" 5k iMac too... We should be able to sort this. Oops, I'll let dev know about this too—thanks! I think that's the case here. I can easily query it though.
  25. Hey tonghong, Are you saving locally to your HDD or are you saving to a network drive? Each time you do a Save As you are creating a new file so I can't see why it would work the first time and not the second—unless you're replacing the existing .afphoto file with the same name?

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