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  1. Brill - thank you. I'm going to log this with the developers and see if they can figure out what is causing this.
  2. Thanks. I added the propcol and continued to add additional categories. After adding about 6 or 7 more the propcol was heading towards 4GB and I started to get the Not Responding message. However, the app recovered each time. This happened for the next 20 categories I added. I am surprised that you are not getting any crash reports - is there anything in the Windows Event Viewer when you get the crash?
  3. Yes—absolutely. In fact I meant to ask for that earlier so apologies for that. I can attempt to replace my own with yours and I can continue adding and see what happens. Failing that, we may have to look at getting a crash report somewhow or even something from the event viewer.
  4. I have just about finished adding all the categories and LUTs with about 20% to go - I do not think it is going to crash. Do you store the LUT files locally or are they on a cloud server?
  5. Hey @RayCFrog - I have started looking into this issue for you. So far I have created a few hundred categories and imported your LUTs into them and so far I have not had any issues. I will endeavour to finish the task and see if we get a reproducible crash. There should not be a limit to the amount of LUTs we can import but it could be a memory issue somewhere. We did have some issues back when the LUTs were thumbnails but since displaying them in a list-view these issues seemingly 'went away'. As a side note, I have logged an improvement request so that we can either drag-drop folders to automaitcally create a Category name with the LUTs or have the ability to point the app at a folder containing LUTs to create the category name as this task is somewhat labourious. I will report back once I am done.
  6. Absolutely fantastic! How long does something like this take?
  7. I've raised this with the developers. There's a discrepancy between Windows and macOS behaviours here.
  8. This came up internally yesterday and a few suggestions were thrown around. I'll update the report to include was was discussed yesterday.
  9. I've just gone to look at the report and it has already been updated to reflect 1.9. I've added a comment as well. So far though, nothing has been done development-wise
  10. It was the zooming for me. I finally got it after essentially spamming zoom, undo and painting. I will forward this to the developers now that we have a more reliable way of reproducing this issue.
  11. I have and I cannot reproduce this. I've been at it for a solid 30 minutes and it is absolutely fine. This seems to be missing for me. I wonder if perhaps it's something to do with memory? Can you try turning off the iPad and restarting it to see if you can reproduce with your own recipe?
  12. Sorry this hasn't had a reply - I've passed this back to the developers.
  13. Hi Jerry, If you want to DM me the instructions we can look at making them public somewhere. I've just checked some links I had and they seem to point to a missing page on their website now.
  14. I can begin investigating that - if @VeganPete and @PeteMacca can provide a recent crash log that would be most helpful. You should find them in: C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0\CrashReports\reports
  15. You can try 1.8.5 which had no trace of OpenCL and see if that is any more stable: https://store.serif.com/en-gb/update/windows/photo/1/
  16. I'm not going into the legality of what has been discussed off-topic. I will however say that since implementing OpenCL, we have had a number of users complain about performance. We offered two lots of advice—either disable OpenCL or try and diagnose the issue and ensure things like your graphics drivers were up to date. Disabling OpenCL will just leave you with exactly the same performance as before OpenCL was implemented. Your Nvidia GTX 1060 supports OpenCL - if OpenCL is not working on your machine, there is a conflict somewhere in your system/drivers. We have machines with 1060's and other 10 series cards, as well as 20 series and 30 series all of which working with OpenCL. The fact your Windows Explorer has issues after Affinity shuts down also suggests potential issues with the machine. You can say other software doesn't do this but not all software works the same way. Another point you made 'so slow, especially browsing for files' also suggests an issue rooted within Windows Explorer - we just call Windows Explorer. Do you have any apps that handle thumbnail previews? Yes—if your system is healthy and configured correctly. Your graphics card, as mentioned above, supports OpenCL and should be working. You said you can't enable OpenCL which again, is odd - you should absolutely be able to enable and disable it at your leisure. The fact you cannot enable it suggests it might be a driver issue or something else... What is your renderer set to currently? WARP, Intel or your GTX card? What version of Widows are you using? Can you press the Windows key and type winver and paste a screenshot here. Also, can you provide a screenshot of your dxdiag screen for both system and display? Finally, go to C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0 and attach the Log.txt I am sorry you are having issues but there are thousands of hardware and software combinations on Windows and it's not easy to diagnose and fix absolutely everything - but we can try.
  17. I wholeheardedly agree. Sorry it was not picked up earlier.
  18. Hey 小桥又流水了 I have reproduced this here and will log the regression. We did have a similar report to this which has been fixed, however it is actually different. I think this is why your particulr issue may have gone unresolved for such a long time.
  19. This just seems to affect the beta and not retail (which is surprising) can you please double check to see if retail is fine so I can add it in the bug report as a regression? Thanks!
  20. Hey shackcf, Thanks for the feedback. I've been unable to reproduce this on 3 machines, however they all have different GPU's. Tested with a 2060, 3070 Ti and a 3080 - I'm running the latest Game Ready drivers for all 3. I'll pass the crash report on. We've started collecting driver versions and crash reports that we think are related to OpenCL issues so this will hopefully be useful - many thanks
  21. Yes it isn't always a simple case of 'it's a bug' or 'it's by design' - in this case, it looks as though there just hasn't been any consideration or code to handle what would happen if we try to draw all the shapes of the arrowhead on a line that isn't long enough. We consider a bug to be something that isn't working as designed and or prevents the user from completing their goal. In your attached file, you have a 240pt stroke which is causing the shapes to essentially run out of space on the curve and causes them to jumble up and overlap. Reducing the stroke width will eventually allow the shapes to fit within the allocated space. However, as mentioned, a developer agreed it could be handled better and if at some point this is on their list to fix, some code will be written to handle this more effectively.
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