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  1. It is as you said, disabling the OpenCL compute fixed the artifact issue. Thanks.
  2. i will update you within this week after testing it, this occurs most frequently and sometimes random, so need extensive use to find out, if this resolves it.
  3. The files are as attached below. Using Windows 11 latest system with Nvidia Driver enabled on Affinity Photo Latest version. Exporting any JPG or PNG file using export persona creates these unwanted artifact, is this only related to my system?? The file was created a new and still has such results, plus i am not using old preferences of the photo rather deleted them and restarted to get the same result, please take a look. Also uploading the affinity photo file. i have to export multiple times to get cleaner result like attachment. Avocado.afphoto
  4. The File is attached Below, all updated version used, both windows and affinity for windows. Post_1.afphoto
  5. Its a piece of Software and i shared how i am using and what would be useful (for me at least) as this feature is already available in photoshop 2020 to batch export all layers, snapshots and what not, the software can work over time to get itself somework done or do we want to switch to photoshop instead for multiple tasks, not just make one file on one program and to do something get another, its not a dedicated place like photoshop and illustrator where you have complete set of different tools and work flow, heck if i wanted to batch process work such as make multiple id cards, i cant get it done without some manual work. unlike in photoshop or illustrator where we have CSV reading and batch export. it would help if i can batch work tasks or at least export images fast in one click other than pressing keyboard or switching personas for multiartboard.
  6. I need to be able to export all snapshots i create in one go, i create snapshot in making a themed document, and dont want multiple document to not create a mess, need a way to export all of it in one go instead of one by one in all artboart. The file is one of many documents i have attached below to get a preview of my workflow. Please open the snapshot panel to preview, i need a way to batch output all of them since snapshot is one great feature we have, and i need snapshot to not remove layers rather hide them when i change or add more images or texts when going backward or forward. Thanks. All_Bakery_3.afphoto
  7. Also Experiencing Application Crash when working and when the save button is clicked, the program closes after it save, Sometimes there isnt save at all and no recovery prompt, in 1.8.4. If there are way to send diognostic data related to this please let us know.
  8. When Scrolling to multiple artboard in Photo the Experience is not smooth, It moves as if an earthquake is occuring, Check out the recorded video, and for details i was using XP-Pen Artist 12 on Dell inspiron of Photo Version 1.8.4 JWcSJNqOyN.mp4
  9. The Complete Detail on the encounter of Freeze that occured again along with attachment of Dump file and Video: Computer Software details: Windows 10 Latest as of Date In NVIDIA 610M Driver and Intel 4000HD Graphics Affinity Photo on default Setting except for the memory thresholds and Shortcuts Hardware Detail Using Wacom Bamboo or Artist 12 by XP-Pen Dial and Touch not enabled in Settings of Aff.Photo Dell Inspiron 3420 Further Details on the Attachment What i noticed has occured was that affinity photo was loosing focus, because of use of Bamboo or Artist Pen, The clicks of mouse was completely ignored after even if i tried nothing on the screen worked as shown in video. it regained focus in artist 12 after i reworked with my pen, not with my mouse, however this wasnt the case with bamboo, so the program is loosing focus more than freezing which makes sense as i can save file and only have limited control on click, the focus however didnot comeback when using the bamboo part other than xp. Sending you the video and Dump files of windows for analysis along with hardware details if it helps. On a side note, Is enabling dialpad and touch for gesture necessary in order to work with drawing tablets. 3Dn89FiSyD.mp4 iAhgAy26Np.mp4 pd8UxL8ZOl.mp4 Photo.7z DESKTOP-FOBF24U.txt
  10. Ok, Will send the dump file from my windows if i do encounter it while work next time, thanks. Currently it hasnt and am quite busy on other tasks, will update this post. Perhaps its just windows, will look into this carefully and let you know if further issue occurs.
  11. All of this happens during work, not just opening the Doc, perhaps Just the Doc isnt the issue, is there a way i can send you a diagnostics file right at the freeze?? I have enabled send crash detalis in miscellaneous setting of the program.
  12. Also to mention the program froze when dealing with affinity design document. Perhaps the freeze is not relative to just photoshop documents. Attaching the file that froze the program while i was working today. This isnt just the photoshop doc as it happens i havent opened a photoshop doc yet. and there is a complete program freeze. Wasnt able to click anywhere in the program. was able to save the file though pressing Ctrl+S. Coming Soon.afdesign Mahabachat_2_days.platform.psd
  13. When opening documents of PSD file, more or less containing artboards and smartobjects of the new photohsop 2020 occasionally, the program freezes and nothing can be selected on any panel, only able to save the document and then after using task manager have to close the program and start again, which again works for a while and after a while again the whole program freezes. Using default settings in Affinity photo in windows 10 latest update 2004, using NVIDIA Graphics 660M, switched to intel graphics HD 4000 which co-operated for a while longer, then had to face it up again.
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