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  1. Thanks for checking. I wasn't able to check against previous versions. Don't keep them around.:-)
  2. I noticed an unusual Text Ruler Jitter when a document has more than 1 page with 2 or more columns. The Text Ruler tried to jump to the first column. Strangely, one page doc doesn't display that behaviour. This only happens on the Text Ruler of second column. Attaching a sample doc (can be any doc with more than 1 page really) and the video showing the problem. text-ruler.afpub text-ruler.mov
  3. Any progress report on this front is more than appreciated. From what I know a lot of new development in inDesign is done in JavaScript, so I'm not surprised at all that JavaScript is performing so well in Affinity apps too.
  4. I came across a document with a large number of Paragraph Styles. When trying to find and replace them I realised that the Find Paragraph Menu doesn't scroll and is limited to the height of the screen. I didn't try this on Character Styles but I'm sure it's the same. Im attaching a sample document for someone else to try whether it's my setup that causes it or it's a limitation that should be addressed. find-para.afpub styles.mov
  5. I don’t think that any artificial limit on a number of decorations one can add to a paragraph style would be any good. I remember when Publisher beta was released I tried to see how many decorations I could add to my paragraph style and I remember I arrived at 1024 and kept going. Nobody will ever use that many decorations but it’s good to know that there is no limit. What’s more important to me is being able to name a given decoration. At the moment a Decoration 1, Decoration 2 etc doesn’t say anything what it does unless you selected that option from the menu and look at the panel.
  6. Create a curve, a line. etc. Add a point on that curve with the Node Tool. Right mouse-click on the added node and select Break Curve. You are done.
  7. I also experienced unusual flickering when working with the latest Publisher beta but when switching to either Low Quality or High Quality option the flickering went away. Unfortunately, I can't remember whether this type of flickering took place on earlier betas. I'm on Ventura 13.6.3.
  8. Open the Layers Panel and unlock Gathering Music – North layer and the table will be editable again.
  9. This is really great. If only we could save our search and replace options that would really be great. My work is such that I need to find and replace the same text over and over again. Saving frequently searched regular expressions fields would be awesome.
  10. I remember this bug was fixed earlier but it seems that searching for Pixabay stock crashes Publisher again. This happens if you try to go to the very end of a larger selection and try to scroll it quickly. I'm attaching a few crash reports to hopefully help locate the cause of the crash. Affinity Publisher 2 Affinity Store-2023-10-23-025341.ipsAffinity Publisher 2 Affinity Store-2023-10-23-031137.ipsAffinity Publisher 2 Affinity Store-2023-10-23-130426.ips
  11. You can clearly see that this is working. What you need to do to place multiple pages is the following: 1. Select the file 2. Hold down the Shift key before clicking File > Place. 3. A Place Panel will open. 4. Click on the name of the file where you see an arrow like this > to reveal the rest of the pages (in the Place Panel). 5. Select all the pages and click on the main page to start the automatic placement of all pages. I hope this helps
  12. The only way to ensure that your text looks exactly the same as before is to use the same software version. By updating to a new version you should be prepared for some changes as the text algorithm gets updated/tweaked all the time.
  13. There is logic to this madness courtesy of Monotype GmbH: FF Chartwell 2.0 User Manual.pdf
  14. Thanks @Chris B for looking into this. I'm on Ventura 13.6 (22G109) (I think it's Beta 7). Do you also have all the files listed in the Windows Menu link like in the post of @Return? I don't get that either.
  15. Are you on a Mac? I remember that was the case in earlier betas. This must be Mac specific as the arrow is missing in the lates beta. I would also expect all windows to be added to the Window Menu as in other apps.
  16. When opening more than 1 file (in my case 8 in the video below) there is always a one file missing from the tab display. The missing file is alway a random file. Firstly, the files open in random order (which I'd prefer to be in the Finder order), and Secondly, one file is never displayed as a tab but is still there. I have to close all the tabs to get to the missing/invisible file. This could be MacOSX bug only. Please see the video below. missing.mov
  17. I haven't checked previous 2.2.0 Publisher betas but the latest Publisher Beta 2.2.0 (1971) is having problems displaying Character Styles in Running Headers if that text also happens to be a Paragraph Style with a Drop Cap enabled. There may be other reasons for that of course. I haven't checked it extensively but the below video shows the problem. I'm switching here between 2.1.1 and the latest beta 2.2.0 (1971). header.mov I'm also attaching the doc below. Bible-refs-2.afpub
  18. I don't think this has got anything to do with your template. What I would suggest to do is to select the text (Control/Command-A) and copy copy it (Control/Command-C). Then delete the 2 existing text frames, create a new one and paste the text there. Finally apply the paragraph style you need. This should solve your problem.
  19. Apologies for hiding my earlier post @Hangman. I reran the test with the Find Field: (.)+ and then I got the same results as Walt. One might argue that we don't need anything in the Find Field to find all occurrences of italics. It seems that the Find Field trumps any additional specs included in the Format Dialog which might be a bug.
  20. I thought about similar things in the past regarding Preflight's Text Patterns and I came to a conclusion that being able to add your own GREP patters to the Preflight Panel would solve all these these and other potential issues not listed here.
  21. Hello @garrettm30, I think we should not conflate custom fields and running headers into one thing. They should remain separate because they serve different purposes. Custom fields are just that. They contain the text you decide to have like, Date, Magazine Number, Issue Name, etc. Running Headers instead, are driven by Text Styles, Paragraph Styles or Character Styles. You do not get to decide what goes into those field. The program pulls that information from the pages. So, while custom Fields are global, the Running Headers are not and can change according to the content on the page. If you search for the discussion on Running Headers you will find that the bible problem was discussed already and we need very little to make the running headers in the bible work.
  22. Adding a panel to a collapsed series of panels makes the merged panels disappear from view on macOS. This might be MacOS specific. The video below illustrates the problem. panel.mov
  23. A visual cue like that would certainly be very helpful, I agree. 🙂
  24. Hello @philipt18, I hope I'm not misunderstanding you but you can do it already. Just right-mouse click on the number in a footnote, select Notes -> Go to Note Reference from the menu that appears and the cursor will move to the end of the footnote number in the text.
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