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  1. I'm not in the Affinity Team but I can most certainly say that you will.
  2. Seneca

    Affinity Photo for macOS - 1.6.7

    Do you know of any other program that does?
  3. This is what I thought as soon as the REGEX engine in Publisher has been released.
  4. Just elected a few cells and paste. See how that works for you.
  5. Seneca

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    No, they should leave it as is.
  6. I don't wan't to be rude but do you actually understand what Optical Kerning is? Here is one answer that might interest you. I always use metrics. I prefer to use kerns that the font designer has looked at rather than metrics generated by an algorithm. Given that it's usually agreed that the best kerning is achieved manually, I'm always quite amazed at the number of people who prefer app-generated kerns. (I've wondered whether this was not due in part to the name; if it was called "automatic" or "machine" instead of "optical" kerning and "metrics" was called ""manual" or "human" kerning, would we see a difference in the numbers?)
  7. It was Quark that lost the battle. They didn't even turn up for the fight. Their product support was so awful that people left in droves. Now things are different of course.
  8. An interesting snippet of information: Adobe has doubled the subscription price for Photoshop and Lightroom. It's 100% increase on previous price offering. https://macdailynews.com/2019/05/02/adobe-doubles-the-price-of-its-creative-cloud-plan-for-photoshop-and-lightroom/
  9. Automatic Hyphenation between 2 words separated by a Non-Breaking Space kicks-in when the minimum prefix is 1 or 2 and when the first word is composed of 1 or 2 letters. I think that Hyphenation should not be attempted between words separated by a non-breaking space anyway. The non-breaking space is used to prevent 1 or 2 letter words at the end of a line. This can be remedied by increasing the minimum prefix to 3 for example but my previous point is still valid. Please see below: Screen-hyphen.mov
  10. Text Wrap has no effect on text in tables. This is particularly useful when you have a picture pinned to the text in a table cell and want the text to wrap around the picture. Pinned Inline text does work though.
  11. Especially because you can now pin your pictures to the text and it works in tables as well.
  12. Tables are currently broken. This has been reported a number of times already. The developers are aware of this and hopefully we will have a fix soon.
  13. They are a fantastic way to show what can be achieved with styles in Publisher. You are not forced to keep them however. If you are creating a new application then just delete them by going to the Burger menu to the right of the Text Styles and selecting Detach and Delete all Styles.
  14. Hi @Petar Petrenko, I'm sure you know there reason why there is no CTRL (Command) + A for that. Footnotes are styled, so as soon as you update the style of a footnote all footnotes are restyled (updated).
  15. I've just noticed that we don't have brushes panel in Publisher. Has this been reported yet? We have a brush stroke in the strokes panel but the stroke cannot be modified because the brushes panel is missing.
  16. If you want to design a pamphlet then use affinity Designer. While useful, the Book option in Publisher is not essential as you seem to be implying. Some professional use Book facility in inDesign or QuarkXpress some don't and both produce very long docs. What I'm saying is that we should not exaggerate the importance of that feature.
  17. I'm hesitant to call this a bug because I'm not sure what the intended behaviour here is but shouldn't pinned inline objects also support text wrap?
  18. Thanks again Dave. I'd welcome that.
  19. Thanks Dave. I should not have dragged inDesign here. It confused the issue. Basically, I'm not exactly sure why we have ADVANCE in Inline Pinning if we can't control the text beneath it. Advance xxxpt allows me to push the pinned graphic over the lines below the line that contains the pinned object. If we had Auto leading then the following lines would move down below the graphic. But I am not aware of any paragraph options to accomplish that. And if so, what's the use of this option (except maybe for some special effects, decorative things). Hence my suggestion/query earlier to have some sort of control over that with text wrap.
  20. The GREP below works for me. I made the assumption that any 1 letter word needs to be connected to the next word. That pretty much covers all the cases: FIND: \b(\w)\b\s REPLACE: $1(non-breaking space) Edit: Wait. This still moves the one letter words around. I definitely think that this is a bug.