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  1. I've just tried this. Copied the table linked by Gabe using Safari. I then selected the right number of columns and rows and pasted the table successfully. However, this doesn't work if I leave the cursor in a cell and paste. All get's pasted into one cell. I think Publisher should realise that the contents of a table are pasted into an existing table and it should paste that to appropriate cells. So, there is room for improvement here as far as I am concerned. 🙂
  2. You may need to downsample your video because as haakoo says the video doesn't show anything. 🙂
  3. I think you should post this in the Features Requests & Suggestions section.
  4. Hi Helmar, Believe or not this idea came up already. I too would very much like to see something like that implemented in Publisher. But again, there are so many other things I would like to see implemented first.
  5. Hi @Helma Splitting your book in independent chapters may afford you the most flexibility. You can add, or delete pages at will without worrying about how things may change down the line. Please let us know whether that has made any difference working on your book. Best regards
  6. Well, you seem to treat Publisher like a Word Processor. You should only start page-making business if your text is complete or almost complete. If you add pages, delete text things will move and there is nothing you can do about it. Whether you do it in inDesign, QuarkXpress or Publisher you should start layout out pages only if your text will not change. (Edits are to be expected of course). Magazines and leaflets are a different beast. Most of the pages are independent and you can add, delete them at will.
  7. This has happened to be before. The problem get's fixed then the same problem comes back again in another beta. Basically what happens is that the pinned object gets moved to the Master layer. if you open your layers panel you will notice that the graphics has been moved to that layer. It's annoying that this keeps coming back unresolved. Edit: To elaborate a bit further - this only happens if you pin to a text box coming from the Master Pages. If you create a text box on a page and pin anything to it this doesn't happen. I have reported this a number of times and it gets fixed and then the problem comes back again.
  8. You can also use Resource Manager to quickly replace pictures and maintain their dimensions.
  9. inDesign doesn't have a shortcut for that either but because it has scripting support it has been scripted by Peter Kahrel and is available as a free script for those who want this. My point then is that if/when we get scripting in Publisher a lot of things like that will be sorted out fairly easily.
  10. Unfortunately, Publisher doesn't have an equivalent to Object Styles in inDesign. I, and a score of others have asked for that but, frankly, there are more important things missing from Publisher (Footnotes for example) that this can wait a little.
  11. I think you mean Pin. Well it works for me. Please check the Pinning options in the Pinning Panel.
  12. An inconsistency in behaviour or a tiny bug. Create a Text Box and apply a stroke to the text box, – then create a Table – Table has no stroke. Create a Table and apply a stroke then create a text box and the stroke is carried over to the text box. This is inconsistent but most probably a bug because one should not influence the other.
  13. Remember that you can apply a master page to each individual page. So once you created your master pages one with white and one with black you can apply white to the verso and black to the recto of the same spread. No need to keep duplicating master pages.
  14. I would simply add that we can't do that yet. Footnotes are coming but we don't know when.
  15. This is due to the boost library coming to its own. 😀
  16. I didn't want to rock the boat too much but I too would rather have RegEx for the regex searches.
  17. For whatever it's worth, I had a similar issue a couple of weeks ago but only with IDML files exported from indesign and opened in Publisher. Also, by clicking the "Float with Text" button continuously on and off the pinned graphic would march up the page.
  18. It seems that RE in .619 is unable to find the right tab. I can successfully find the right tab with the "Normal" search. Also there is an issue with some icons that appear in the search field when looking for special chars: Some icons that come up in the search field are just an oval (circle). It's impossible to know what that char represents. Below are special search chars that have the same empty icon: Right Indent Tab Indent to Here Column Break 0 Width Space Non Breaking Hyphen In addition the following have the same icons: Odd Page Break Even Page Break and: Em Space En Space It would be great if each icon represented a different search char.
  19. I expressed my opinion about it before but I will say it again. To me being able to export to IDML from Publisher is extremely important. Nobody should expect a perfect match between applications. Even Adobe doesn't guarantee that. But the fact that I can open an IDML file in Publisher, inDesign or QuarkXpress is very reassuring. Just have a look at how many people want to open PagePlus files in Publisher and they can't. To have a common denominator export such as IDML is just great.
  20. I think this is a bug, unless someone finds a way to enable pinned pictures move to the next column with the text it was pinned to. Attached is a short screen recording demonstrating the problem and the file used in the recording. Move picts with para.afpub pinning.mov
  21. Master Pages linked to text styles is something that I would also like to see added to publisher. I and others have suggested that feature a very long time ago so hopefully if you also add your voice to it the developers might take notice.
  22. To make the formatting of QA's even faster you could prepare your styles to have the Next Sale added to it. Once that's done you could select the whole QA section and simply apply the style then Next Styles in one go. Another tool I use quite a lot in formatting text is GREP.
  23. I spent some time on this file and after deleting some text boxes with fonts that I don't have it seems to save fine. I've just realised that @carl123 also did something similar. Anyway you may want to have a look at my version. App_ui.afpub
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