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  1. Thank @TonyB for that information. One thing that I'd love to know, if possible, is how you are going to deal with automation which remains platform specific. Apple during the last Year WWDC announced that the future of automation on MacOSX is Shortcuts (replacing AppleScript). I have no doubts that on this year's WWDC, just next month, we will see a bigger push towards that. Windows, no doubt, have their own technology. Are there any plans to take advantage or each platform unique automation technologies?
  2. It may have something to do with the font you choose. I tried that with the lowest common denominator font – Arial – and the thin underline in LibreOffice became a thick underline in Publisher. I then tried Adobe Caslon Pro and the thickness of the underline hasn't changed in Publisher. So my suggest is try various fonts and see what you get.
  3. Hi @R C-R, You are absolutely right. I should have mentioned that in my post.
  4. Hi @MEB, I'm on MacOSX Monterey (Version 12 Beta (21A5506j). iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017) Processor 4.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 Memory 64 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 Attached screen recording and crash report. Affinity Photo-2021-09-13-154604.ips mockup.mov
  5. Hello @MEB. Just tested the file you've attached above. Photo crashes as soon as you double-click the first (blue) icon in the Embedded document layer. It crashes all the time. Sometimes in crashes on the first double-click other times on subsequent double-clicks.
  6. This topic has been explored ad nauseam here. Please check the forum for the pros and cons (mostly cons) of sharing IDML files between inDesign and Affinity Publisher.
  7. Respectfully, I disagree. Consider this scenario: I want to create a new document with all margins set to 10. I type number 10 in one of the margin fields and only then I realise that I forgot to click on the bind icon to force all fields to the same value. I click on the bind icon and I retype 10 in the same field and tab away but nothing changes. I may not have changed the value of the field but I have changed the meaning of my action by enabling the bind icon.
  8. You'll get all 10s. And you are right unlink is a better term here, I think.
  9. Hi @Old Bruce, it should be difficult. InDesign handles it beautifully. In fact, it remembers the latest input value and it changes all other fields as soon as you enable the lock. In other words, even if you forget to enable the lock, it will still apply that change to other fields as soon as the lock is enabled.
  10. Changing the margins after the lock has been applied using the same input field doesn't update other fields. The only way to change the margins is to do it from another field. See the screencast below. lock.mov
  11. Preflight Panel should give you that warning. View -> Studio -> Preflight
  12. My reaction to the above is, not to worry about "some" members of the community. There will always be someone who will not like this or that suggestion. What matters is that you put forward your suggestions based on your needs/experience and it's up to the Affinity team to pick it up and implement it. This shopping list, however, is quite long. 🙂
  13. Please remember that Publisher is just a toolbox that is missing a lot of tools. Use a toolbox that has the tools you need. Publisher is not yet ready for long document productions in my humble opinion.
  14. Attaching a file may prompt users of this forum to have a look at what's gone wrong with your file.
  15. Hi @MEB, You are absolutely right. This was an elementary mistake from my part. I have both Beta and the Release versions running and I got confused which was was which. Should have double-checked that. Sorry, no issue here. However, the main reason I was experimenting with pinning was the fact that when you tick Keep paragraph together and apply wrap to the object the object in question goes back to where it was. But only if you apply wrap to it. However if you position the object just one line below where the paragraph starts then the object stays put. I have reported it before but it seems that it was only half fixed. EDIT: I have experimented with this further and have realised that the pin must alway be above the wrapped object for the wrapped object to stay in place. I think this is undesirable and unnecessarily limiting. keeptext.mov
  16. Is it just me or 1.9.3 made the floating object pin unselectable/unmovable. pin.mov
  17. I dragged my feet reporting this thinking that this might be fixed by QC. This problem has been there for a quite a while now. Anyway, please have a look at some minor misalignments in the below dialog. I am on MacOS Big Sur 11.3 beta. Edit: it's quite possible that this issue affects me so only would like to hear other on MacOS to confirm that this is the case (or not).
  18. And it is. See my earlier post. From the help File: For JSON files, obtained from web/mobile services or database export, only a single top-level array of objects (and values in those objects) are supported; lower level arrays and objects are not supported.
  19. I'm not sure whether this helps but Affinity doesn't parse JSON beyond the 1st level. From the help File: For JSON files, obtained from web/mobile services or database export, only a single top-level array of objects (and values in those objects) are supported; lower level arrays and objects are not supported.
  20. That may be true but that doesn't necessarily mean that all images have to be stored in memory all the time. Good memory management implies that pictures are loaded when they are needed to be shown on the screen and swapped out when they are not needed any more.
  21. Pleases search the forum for the answer. This question was asked time and time again.
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