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  1. Hi, the grid is only visible on master page when metal is enabled. As soon as I switch to OpenGL and restart publisher the grid works perfect. Does anyone else have this problem?
  2. the paragraph panel seems to work better now but some elements still get out of viewable area when the panel is smaller in width (Leading, Use space before...). APub_Studio_Bug-H.264 für Video-Podcasting bis 1080.m4v
  3. Hi, I just tested the latest beta and it seems the paragraph studio has a little bug. It's fields are too large. No matter how far i resize the panel.
  4. 17 hours ago, AdamW said: Paragraph Panel layout fixes the paragraph panel seems to work better now but some elements still get out of viewable area when the panel is smaller in width (Leading, Use space before...). APub_Studio_Bug-H.264 für Video-Podcasting bis 1080.m4v
  5. hi, I don't know if this has been reported: when using psd files with spare channels it is really hard to load these to pixel selection. You have to right click on a very special point over the channel name to get the dialog. Right clicking on thumbnail or name is not working. I made a short video where my clicks are marked with a blue circle. can anyone else confirm this behavior? MacOS 10.14.6 / Affinity Photo 1.7.3 right_click.mov
  6. system settings or the ones in AP?
  7. ok I tried my best to capture it on video. deleting the complete AP Beta preferences folder didn't help. Resetting user defaults and restarting brings all back to normal. But as soon as I change something in settings and restart AP the fields are out of view again... is there something else I should reset? Strange-H.264 für Video-Podcasting bis 1080.m4v
  8. Still Mojave 10.14.6 due to my "favourite" magenta colored layout software... This is weird. When I reset user defaults and restart AP everything looks normal. If I again restart AP then the fields look wrong. Let me see if I can catch that on video...
  9. I noticed few strange positions (my opinion) in paragraph studio. are they expected to look that way? (Reported in it's own thread here)
  10. ahhhh ok it works fine when I activate secondary mouse button in system preferences... but actually I really don't want to have that option turned on...
  11. Hi MEB, I'm using an Apple mouse + CTRL click
  12. Hi, I just did some work for a client and found a bug (I think). I have a lot of logos as .ai files and placing them in publisher works really good so far. Except for one thing: if the logo uses open type features in illustrator such as stylistic sets, they will not appear in publisher. instead the basic typography is applied. To me this looks more like a bug than an expected behavior. Am I right?
  13. what setting do you mean with embedding the whole font? I normally set the value in every software to 100% (see screenshot from illustrator as example, other software is similar). As far as I know this should embed the whole font, right? but this does not solve the problem... wether out of illustrator nor designer. can you eventually make a screenshot of your settings? creating a custom font from a normal font to solve that behavior.... I don't know but that doesn't seem to me as a practical all day solution i solved it with converting the text to curves for now. this works quite ok for logos and smaller files. What I actually don't really understand is why an .eps file works... If I save the Logo as .eps file then everything looks as it should. But isn't eps basically the precursor of pdf?
  14. that's really interesting... I did a bit of testing, too. when I place the logo in InDesign it appears correctly. I can export this document to pdf and within this pdf file it also appears correctly (using acrobat). but as soon as is open this exported file in illustrator/designer I have the same "wrong" typeset in both applications... how do the stylistic sets survive in a PDF then? what a weird thing... but regardless of this opentype letter thing, InDesign in that case does behave the right way for a layout software. publisher should also have an option to preserve placed layouts. hopefully serif will find a solution for that. thank you for investigating!
  15. in my case it's the raleway bold font from the google webfonts library. you can simply download it there. let me know what you find out.
  16. just tried that with no success... they still are changed to the default versions. If I replace those characters with the glyph browser, they are automatically set to the specific stylistic set. I guess thats how opentype fonts should work. if I open those files in AD I also have to set the stylistic alternates/sets again within AD. When I save and place it as afdesign file then, everything looks as expected. that may be a good work around strategy but, in my opinion, not a permanent solution. If there is no passthrough option for PDFs (the gold standard for professional file exchange at the moment in my opinion) designers will have to spend a whole lot more time checking the results of placed files. let me give you an example where this is really annoying or makes it impossible to use APublisher: think of a magazine with 60+ pages. layouting the content in AP is easy and really fun – as long as you don't have to place ads from external service providers. you can check one ore two ads for sure but in normal cases you have to place a ton of them... at that point I really have to be able to rely on my layout software to handle those PDFs as they are (passthrough?). So for that kind of projects, I sadly can't use AP at the moment...
  17. ok, thanks for the info. hopefully there will be a passthrough or place as it is option in the future... how does publisher handle .eps files? are they passed through?
  18. yes I can apply stylistic sets (and all other options). I hope you do understand what I mean: when I place a file it should be handled as it is (no changes). when I import a file then I would expect that there are maybe some changes. according to your info with that pdf stream thing I tried the following: I saved the logo as native PDF 1.4 without any extras from illustrator. when I open that pdf in Acrobat and Preview everything looks good (screenshot 1). When I place this pdf file in publisher I have the same problem again... If I save the logo as old style EPS everything looks good. so again this looks to me that publisher applies changes to or ignores information of the placed pdf.
  19. thank you! just exported my test document to pdf and now vectors are not rasterized anymore.
  20. Hi, I hope this is not a double report but I didn't find something via search. I just did some basic posters in publisher with images and logos. As I exported the publisher document as PDF for print the logos where rasterised (which is not so good as they loose sharpness). I did a bit research and found out that this only happens if the logos are placed inside a picture frame. If I take the same vector file and place it as simple image the export is not being rasterised. To me this doesn't look like a normal behavior so I posted it in this forum and I attached some of the files. Test_Publisher.pdf Test_Vector.afdesign Test_Publisher.afpub
  21. I did a bit research and experimented with different ways for placing the same vectors in publisher. The more I test the more it looks to me that there is something not right with flattening(?)... there is no need to convert a native vector (moved inside a rectangle) into a pixel graphic... I used a low 36 DPI export just to see quick what is being rasterised. Test_Publisher2.pdf Test_Publisher2.afpub
  22. hm... I'm using picture frames for placing content like logos mostly because of the way easier positioning (scale to max fit, center point positioning, etc.) and cropping. This way I've been doing it for years now in other software like InDesign or QuarkXpress. That's why I thought it may be just a bug or so
  23. Hey there, I don't know if this has already been asked so sorry if I missed something. I like using raster systems when designing or refining logos / graphics. In this case I started with a grid system 30mm / 5mm steps. Then i needed one 5mm grid divided into 3 parts for a border construction. So I drew a circle and divided it by 3 using the transform panel. For the second, larger circle i cloned the smaller one an multiplied it by 2 (again using the transform panel). This gave me the 3 circle sizes I wanted to use, to construct the other parts (see screen1.jpg left/right/bottom/top). I cloned the circles a few times but somehow the middle sized one didn't fit to my guidelines which I set using the inspector to get exact positions (see screen2.jpg). After some research I found out that the size of the middle circle was not what I thought. I should have had a diameter of 3.3333... but it actually has 3.4. Can you please tell me what I did wrong?

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