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  1. Hi, Please, very basic tools or mod drawing. Especially the functions of creating one shape by means of many draw with a brush. Such a shape scuplt option with brush (auto merge). best regards brst regards
  2. Mariusz go

    Affinity designer: multi export

    Thank You Dan C.
  3. Hi, Delete node: grab and move the node high above the field. reset or undo last changes tap 2x on an empty field. best regards I appreciate very affinity for ipad for fast work. best regards
  4. Hi, it would be very practical if I could open ipad help in a web browser. best regards
  5. Ups... it already exists. thank you and sorry. you can delete the topic. Best regards
  6. Hi, It just is very practical It would be beautiful if duplication would remember more modifications. e.g., vector shift, rotation, variable scales. best regards
  7. Hi, ‘Transform studio” as fx plus the option of duplicating with the number of copies. best regards
  8. Hi, Vector persona. tap and select object: new functionality: the object has a visible pivot point. I touch this point and I hold 2s. the point sticks to the touch and I move it to a new place, I touch the object's rotation handle and rotate the object according to the indicated new pivot point. extra function: gesture holding two fingers, automatically creates a new copy of the object... Best regards
  9. Hi, Example Use: Vector persona rectangle tools Draw rectangle 1 Draw rectangle 2 tap and select rectangle 1 there is the possibility of transforming the object new functionality: gesture. I touch my finger and hold I touch the center of the selected object and move the object to a new place. In this way I have quick, temporary access to the move tool and transofrmation from another tool for creating shapes and others. best regards
  10. Example application: Pattern brush in vector persona „Calligraphic line styles” in existing brushes Vector persona New effect in existing brushes. Little modification is completely new possibilities?
  11. I know, therefore my suggestion, I would like to add such an option. This is a very important option. It opens up completely new possibilities, especially when the "repeat" option is enabled.
  12. Please, very useful. Thank you and best regards.
  13. Mariusz go

    iPad pro Affinity Designer - Gird, snapping problem.

    Hi Gabriel, I guess there's no bigger iPad, I definitely know what I'm working on. I do not have any application on my iPad. I do not think that you are the only case. I am? But you're right. The Zoom option was enabled in the iPad Settings> Zoom & Brightness> Display Zoom preferences. This increased not only the icons in Ipad and the view of messages in Mail, but also the operation faked Affinity Designer. Surprising, thank you very much. Now it works very well! Thank you for your help. Topic is closed. Problem solved. Best Regards.
  14. Hi, during vector work there is often a need to quickly switch the outline / normal preview mode. Ideally, if it was a separate icon. Best regards.